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He was doing super suspicious attacks where his arms are breaking and I couldn't decide if he was hacking or not so I recorded a demo, I also have a video of the his playfab but I don't want to falsely accuse since I'm not 100% sure he is actually cheating.


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A little weird, but I can't see anything that stands out as undeniable evidence of cheating. I'll ask the mods for a second look, though. Please DM me on Discord as well so I can follow up with ya: jax#0553 (gotta be in the mord discord though to dm me)

Secondly, thanks for not posting info about the person - we don't mind if you guys are posting about cheaters (we're not trying to hide anything/suppress info on the sub) but we want to avoid posts that are showing specific people's identifying information, because it can lead to vigilantism/witch-hunting. Thanks for being cool about it :)

Lastly - if you report someone to our moderators and we don't find any evidence, the person isn't cheating, non-bannable offense or something, etc. we don't punish reporters. We'd rather people report stuff if they're feeling a little suspicious and it turn out to be nothing, as opposed to the opposite.

edit: added mention of op and extra info