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Hello everyone, happy new year!

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, suggestions, critiques and any thoughts you might have! Please make sure to keep things constructive, polite and be respectful to one another. We're back to normal, and we have a few good things we discussed today! Some of the things we talked about are:

  • We discussed a few issues going on currently, such as server browsers not showing the correct ping, causing issues, especially in less populated regions.
  • We are investigating issues with crashing on the main menu.
  • Marox is working on a major refactor to some of the game's code. This should help a bit with stability and let us do things easier, as well as remove some restrictions.
  • Tying into the above, this means that we're able to differentiate animations in some instances - before, all feint animations for each weapon type (1h/2h/polearm) were identical, however now we're not locked into it being hardcoded. Crush is looking into making some weapons have more readable feint animations.
  • Marox also has done quite a bit in terms of squashing bugs, and the team is also doing some investigation into performance impacts.
  • New emotes are in development. (Check the discord 😉)
  • We're looking at improving the default loadouts, as they're a bit outdated.
  • Crush is working on some experimental changes, which he's calling "combat 2.0". A lot of these are centered around more ability to punish feints, which allows for other things (recovery windows) to be changed dramatically. This will allow a lot more freedom in how we can balance the combat, should shake up the core combat of the game. There should also be a riposte rework in the future as well. These changes are experimental - Crush is tinkering with the combat, and we'll most likely test it extensively, both in-house and in closed servers. If it doesn't feel good, we'll change or scrap the ideas. None of the combat stuff is set in stone, and we don't have an ETA as of now.

Anyways, that wrap things up for us this week. :)
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