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Hey all!
As usual, please let us know your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, comments or constructive critiques! This information is incredibly useful for us continuing development, and we'd like to be able to develop the game to make it more fun for you all :) Please keep things respectful in the comments, and avoid low-effort posts. Thanks a ton!
This week's meeting notes:

  • About 15ish or so cosmetics have been created which we'll be adding in with the next update - they're not themed items, but just some nice pieces we think you all will like.
  • The armory overhaul will not be in the next update, as the engine upgrade is the priority to fix quite a few bugs and issues - the engine update is actually going a lot faster than we planned, so we're going to patch that first and release the armory overhaul after.
  • Mountain peak is being opened up a little past the castle wall, since it was a bit cramped and awkward before. The new play area should have quite a bit more opportunities to get in fights without always being swarmed by teammates and enemies. We're also adapting that inner courtyard into an FFA/TDM/SKM playspace, so smaller modes won't have super long spawn distances from the action. We're also looking into some MP optimizations.
  • New environment sounds are in development, which should provide some more immersion.
  • Some more work on SDK stuff for the engine update, and ongoing development on it. We're still waiting on verification, so the SDK will release when we're able to release it. Some documentation work is also being done, so modders will have an easier time learning the ropes.
  • 1h animations are mostly finished, two handed sword animations are being tweaked, and additional animation work is ongoing.
  • Postprocess effects are being optimized - this is a minor improvement of about 1/4 of a frame at 60fps, but the idea is to stack a bunch of these changes to claw back some frames.
  • More editing on Castello - doors are generally larger, and we're still merging some assets and simplifying the geometry to optimize the map. We're also fixing that problematic window on the keep that everyone has used as the main entrance, adding some more entrances and just generally improving the map's flow.
  • Some development on AI improvements in terms of their attacking and defending logic, there were some bugs present. They should be a bit smarter and a little more responsive in some areas.
  • More work continues on the Armory upgrades, we've ran into a few bugs on the UI side, and ironing out issues with UI problems.
  • Some work is continuing on some other cosmetics, which we think you'll love.
  • A very chad armor set has been developed, we're sure it will be super popular :)
  • We're looking into adding multiple-limb amputations on fatal blows!
  • Ongoing work on AI and their objective logic.

That about wraps things up for this week - you can read last week's post here:

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