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Hey all!

Like always, this thread is here for any comments, suggestions, constructive critiques, or feedback of any other kind - and we definitely rely on it for improving the game and "steering the ship" in the right direction, so to speak. Of course, I won't forget the usual disclaimer: please keep things on topic and be civil to one another - insults or arguing doesn't help us improve the game. Thanks!

Anyways, dev notes from our meeting today! It was a bit of a short one, but there was some good stuff involved.

  • We've seen (especially with the last feedback thread) a pretty positive response to the latest update, which of course is good. The main things we've gathered is that the community generally likes more interactivity on maps and a bit more stuff to do during a match aside from just running and slicing, and that the increased level of detail on Dungeon in terms of gameplay makes the maps more replayable. Please let us know if we're off base on this, thanks!
  • Speaking of the above, we're looking at ways to integrate some of our newer interactables back into some older maps that we've released, to add a bit of depth and some more stuff to do. This was a pretty big complaint we had around Arid especially, so we're seeing how to accomplish this without messing up map flow. As of now, we don't have any confirmed list of maps that we're guaranteed to revisit - I'll keep you updated when we have a bit more complete of a picture.
  • We're also experimenting with some potential game mode additions to the Brawl playlist; ideally, we'd like to allow for both fast-paced matches on condensed maps (think TDM), but also integrate another mode or two that is more in the party-game style. A little less about pure competition and instead having a different experience than normal. Some ideas we've been thinking about, but haven't committed to are things like infection-style or gun-game styled modes. Let us know what you'd like to see added to brawl!
  • Of course, we're also working on new maps. The next one, working title Forest, is in development. We're taking lessons learned (interactive stuff and slightly less expansive maps) to heart, and incorporating bits of that into this map as well. The map itself began its earliest stages of development a patch or two ago, which allows us to take our time and really nail down the layout and such. At the moment, the bulk of the work is focused on the art side of things (making the assets), which is pretty much the biggest part of making a map. We'll be sure to keep you all updated on this, but you can expect the next few dev notes to be about us still making art stuff for Forest. Rome wasn't built in a day :)

That wraps things up for this week - thanks for reading! If you'd like to see our last post, you can find it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/yprjlq/mordhau_bi_weekly_feedbackdiscussion_thread_118/

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