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Hello everyone! We are rolling out the second hotfix to add the removed MOTD which we had to do to address a core security issue in the past. You can find the whole changelog below. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Patch #27 - Hotfix 2 Changelog 02/06/2023


  • Re-enabled the suicide functionality in the FFA and TDM Brawl modes.
  • Added a new Message of the day (MOTD) system that replaces the old system that was hastily removed with a silent hotfix to address a reported RCE exploit.
  • Addressed the ability to spam voice lines in rapid succession before they finish playing.

Party system

  • Improved user experience and stability of the party system.
  • Added the functionality to auto-join ranked matchmaking from unranked matches.
  • addressed the disappearing “+” icon.
  • added smooth-scroll to the Friends list.


  • [Swordgame] Getting a kill while mounted now counts toward the weapon progression.

Weapons & Equipment

  • [Swordgame] Addressed changing loadout on match-start cooldown giving the players loadout weapons and items.


  • Fixed a number of resolutions with uncommon aspect ratios affecting column visibility in the Server list.
  • Votekick and forgive popup windows enlarged.

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Previous Patch notes:https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/124i84e/mordhau_patch_27_live/https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/126h03b/patch_27_hotfix_1/

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