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Hey all!

As always, we'd love to hear what you've got on your mind. Please let us know any feedback, suggestions, critiques and anything else that comes to mind. Let us know your thoughts below!
Lots of notes this week, read 'em below:

  • Hit a bit of a snag with how we're doing a new party list/friends list, but we'll probably implement this in the patch after this one, as we're not trying to hold things up any longer.
  • SDK is awaiting verification from Epic, but there isn't really anything left for this. We're also looking into mod compatibility and there could be some issues with existing mods, which we're investigating. As for the SDK itself, we do have the ability to launch the SDK independently of the patch, so if necessary the update can come and then the SDK when it's cleared to be released.
  • Development wise we're looking at testing as the main focus now, and we'll be doing a content hold to get things sorted out quickly.
  • Side note, this patch isn't going to be content-heavy - mostly tech fixes and improvements, as well as some balance.
  • A little bit of talk about 2XP/Gold events - we've separated gold/xp gain so we can alter the multiplier without having to update. :)) We're planning quite a few events in the future!
  • Level optimizations for Grad- Castello, and other maps will also receive the same treatment. We started this a bit later on in the update cycle so we're going to hold until the patch after this one, we don't want to break anything and have to delay an update. These optimizations take weeks for a single map, but preliminary testing shows a big reduction in draw calls, which are the things that makes your GPU cry :) We'll need to test this, so it won't be coming yet.
  • Audio work on catapults, weapon draw, and misc. sounds and attenuation settings are being worked on.
  • Optimization work on textures, etc. affecting characters which are planned for the future.
  • New animations have been done for polearms, which are planned for the future. Crushed is implementing them on characters and making sure the blending, misc. cosmetic things on them are good to go. These are going to come in the future, as attack animations are a massive gameplay change and we want to make sure they are as good as possible.
  • We've fixed the server join/leave spam when a banned person attempts to join.
  • Misc. backend fixes.
  • Lots of good work on Noria, tweaking the color grading and some long-distance, background assets. (Noria is the big desert map we showed off)
  • 3D work on level assets, the small castle wall details on Castello were very resource-hungry, which are being. This is planned for a future build.
  • Update on me, I'm up to date on everything and I'm focusing on improving things on the moderation side. Expect to see some more in-game admins and moderators around on our different platforms!
  • Development on other maps that are yet to be announced ;)
  • UI, armory rework: some icon implementation and perk display changes.
  • Some mockups and potential changes for armory customization, to get rid of the endless lists we currently have. It should end up prettier and more useful in the future!
  • Refactoring siege engine code, so this might make things work a bit better with 'vehicles'. This is a work in progress.
  • Other misc. tweaks and fixes.

Thanks for reading, you can catch last week's thread here:

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Originally posted by Nair0

Some mockups and potential changes for armory customization, to get rid of the endless lists we currently have. It should end up prettier and more useful in the future!

Speaking of suggestions. I made a post a few weeks ago, proposing changes to how armour purchases work, making it more like weapon details/skins, where you just buy different guards, blades, etc. So that we don't have to purchase the same helmet 3-4 times just to raise/lower a visor or add some paint to it.

Seeing how you're already thinking something up, and how an onslaught of new cosmetics is on the way, I thought maybe this would be a good time to mention it again.

Cheers! Looking forward to new updates

The unlocking system will be the same as before, changing it this late after the game's release is out of scope, unfortunately. That being said, there will be more options for searching and filtering items.

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Originally posted by Spook-

The unlocking system will be the same as before, changing it this late after the game's release is out of scope, unfortunately. That being said, there will be more options for searching and filtering items.

To expand on this a bit for those reading (also thanks for answering Spook), I believe to do this would require a huge change in prices and would break the 'economy', doing gold refunds or whatever else would be needed to accommodate changing the system.

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Originally posted by SilverXSnake

*please* give us folders to organize our Mercenaries. I only have about 30 different ones, but other people have a loooot more. Maybe even a search function for our merc's? a search function for gear or armor?

Also, there should be the ability to hide certain categories of armor, because going back and forth having to scroll through aaaaall that second level armor is hella annoying just to get a glimpse at how the overall merc looks

Already implemented internally with the armory rework. This will be coming (most likely) with the next major update after the upcoming one. We're mostly complete and testing the current update set to release soon, and the armory rework still needs some visual improvements and bug fixing, general polish that is in-progress.

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Originally posted by Wardens_Guard

Its nice to hear about more double gold events, although I still believe itd be nice to beef up the gold gain in some other ways, like bonuses for winning or weighing points more heavily would be nice. A "Quest" system like others have suggested could also be nice, but I dont know how well that would mesh with the game.

The way gold is set right now is that you make ~ 1k gold per hour if you maintain an "average" score in your matches. This can go up or down a little, but I think right now the biggest issue is that none of *how* you make gold is visible for the player to see. Once we get that sorted, I think people will understand the process a bit better. We can look into tweaking it a bit, but we don't want to inflate the 'economy'.

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Originally posted by Danubinmage64

Thanks for the update. I'm still going to push forward that there needs to be auto balancing, and it needs to be high priority. One of the games biggest issue is many gamemodes are ruined by imbalanced teams resulting in a frustrating steamroll, this makes the smaller gamemodes nearly unplayable as if you get 1 or two extra veterans you're going to have a very one sided match like in skirm or team deathwatch, invasion and frontline are suspect to this as well.

I think a good method would be to have a 1min startup for players to join in and maybe have ffa before the real game starts, then using some method based on level, kd, etc to balance the teams as reasonably equal as possible.

I also think many maps need to reconsider spawn locations like many in camp invasion, sometimes the player is forced to walk a boring tredge to get to the combat, and for new players who are dying and respawning often this is a good recipe to get new players quitting in the first couple hours.

This is something we've noticed, the objective modes do tend to be really team-sensitive. We have stats on completion and such so we get to see completion % for each objective and most maps are pretty balanced, but that's assuming balanced teams. We can potentially look into an auto-balancing system going forwards, but I'm not sure how involved developing that would be.

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Originally posted by BeejsterTTV

After the SDK is released, is there any way we could integrate custom maps into official servers? I understand that there would have to be a vetting process, perhaps we could have votes on whether a map should be incorporated or not. I think doing so would really keep the game fresh, as I think most players play on public servers and there frankly aren't a lot of maps to choose from as it is now. Either way thank you for all of your work on the game <3

At the moment we aren't planning on it, but we haven't ruled out the possibility in the future. Right now the focus is just on getting the tools out for people to play with :)

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Originally posted by charlysotelo

Make horses have rdr2-like ragdolling when they hit obstacles -- instead of just stopping. It's funny and it allows removing other boring nerfs.

We're briefly talked about some options, maybe horses deflecting or "ricocheting" if they hit at an angle potentially. This being said, right now horses aren't the main priority when it comes to gameplay, but I think it's safe to assume that they'll get some improvements in the future.

One thing we actually did (which will be in the next update) is remove horse bumps from flinching players that are parrying. This solves a pretty big issue of people being able to bump and then kill you with essentially an un-blockable attack.

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Originally posted by rocknin

I played a bunch at launch but lost interest because frontlines wasn't my deal.

invasion is a massive improvement, but I feel like it's absolutely grueling playing attack on invasion.

pushing a cart/siege tower works well enough. kill the peasants is fun. burn stuff works well enough.

pickup and walk stuff is just a slog. instead of having fun or having to fight tactically, you just have to start walking and hope your team has your back. obviously the core of the issue is you're defenseless, but another is that dropping it to fight someone off only brings out your fists, so you have to drop the obj with enough time to swap weapons, win a fight, then pick it back up and keep moving. making it so you'd auto pull out the last weapon you were using before it would be a big change in the right direction without trivializing the objective, IMO.

fighting the nobles is an odd bag, because design wise it means that defense on a map that ends with the objective should 100% focus on KD, so they can play the noble, which is fun. then, for attackers, due to the no flinch/nearly instakill thing, it's really unfun, and that's compounded by the fact the person who gets it likely has 800 hours more than you. Personally I like the noble escort map, having it so they can't just hole up behind a wall of players and defenses is significantly more fun.

rescue downed allies doesn't feel good on attack or defense. on attack, you have to kill everyone in the area or have enough allies to hold them off, and then just have to be a sitting duck for like 5 seconds. on defense, due to the very swingy nature of the objective, it feels like any mistake means you lose that objective.

Finally, something I'd really like to see is objectives on multiple fronts, where accomplishing any of the objective sets moves to the next phase. for instance, push a cart of explosives up to the west wall, or burn down a palisade on the north wall.

most importantly: as a noob who needs the help, I'd appreciate if i didn't have to tick the show swingboxes option each time i load it up, and it saves the toggle.

Yeah so these are some good points. Touching on the nobles, we're probably going to shift new objectives a bit more away from them as they aren't really even that fun for the noble themselves; personally, whenever I get it I decline because I'd rather go run around and hit things instead of holing up and not playing so my team can win.
We might have some VIP concepts for objectives, but we're looking into different mechanisms of doing it.

Also, the reason hit tracers go away is because they're more of a debug/testing thing and they actually reduce your FPS a decent amount if there are a ton on screen.

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Originally posted by EpicOverwatch

“Side note, this patch isn’t going to be content-heavy” If Grator has a bunch of content already finished and ready to ship, and a look at his Digital Coalition page shows he clearly goes. I get some things like the Islamic and Cuman armor, as well as the tabards, but what about the renaissance stuff? The tier 3 Kettle shown off, et cetera. Assuming this patch ships sometime in April, and Eastern expansion comes in the next 3-4 months, that’ll be damn close to a year between major content updates. Why hold back armor sets and content that is visibly ready to ship when the game is already gone a fairly long time without a major content update?

Okay so some things will be coming, but we plan on doing a big eastern/crusader patch in the future, followed by a renaissance or later medieval patch afterwards.

We've kind of come to the realization that bigger, themed updates are a better bang for our buck and are received better - that being said, we're not abandoning the idea of some interim items, because they do let us be a it more flexible with how they're released.

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Originally posted by MinimumCritical4058

MinimumCritical4058 6 days ago

Is it possible to increase attribute points so players with tank perk and full 3/3/3 armor can also use a spear?

Thank you sir.

needlzor Young 3 days ago

That's a bad idea, but OTOH the spear costs way too much for what it is. It's a worse halberd, it should cost between 20 and 25 points at most and not 27.

Wardens_Guard 6 days ago

Could you rebalance the point costs so weapons dont arbitrarily cost more for no apparent reason, if there is actually a reason why a spear should cost 27 points and then something like the war axe only costs 15 points, id be happy for an explanation. Point costs just really dont seem to make much sense to me considering a lot of weapons dont seem to be balanced around their point costs.

Reposting the above from last week's thread; hope the devs see this as it shouldnt be too difficult to implement

We're not looking to let tank use that combo as far as I know, but we do plan on some balancing to point costs and weapon attributes already. I think the war axe is getting an actual nerf so it is more in-line with the point costs, but don't quote me on that. Either way, we know some weapons are problematic and we're going to adjust them.

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Originally posted by SirXarounTheFrenchy

You spoke about folders being implemented for the the armoury. When do you think this will come live ?

We have an update that is coming very soon (pretty much content locked on it), but the armory rework still has a decent amount of work needed. Atm it's mostly feature complete with the backend code but it needs quite a lot of testing, polish, some design improvements and a few other various things. So with that being said, it won't be in the very next update, but most likely in the one afterwards.

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Originally posted by MusicalNoises

Thank you for all the hard work!


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Originally posted by Theoulios

I know it's selfish, but as an estoc main I feel the weapon is in a awkward spot, I do find the damage on the strikes(lvl 3 armor) completely understandable, but the damage on the stabs should for no reason be 38(cause 38+38+20=96)the same as the bastard sword. Therefore I think the damage should be at least 40(lvl 3 torso) and, although it would need testing, 60 in the head (lvl 3 head) cause landing a thrust at high lvl duels is harder than landing a strike.

P. S. My thanks to the team for making such an excellent game!

Yeah so I think the reasoning (I haven't specifically asked crush about the details of every weapon) is that it's pretty long and overall just good in terms of handling, so it's a lot easier to get hits in with it when compared to other weapons. Stab weapons in general are in a weird spot due to a bunch of things like animations, chamber stuff, etc. so I think the balance of the estoc will change a bit more once those fundamental gameplay issues get sorted.

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Originally posted by MaximusProxi

I think you should do a cost overhaul in general, it's quite lame to have the majority of skins sitting at 5k and below but then put a plume on it and make it 10x-20x the value.

There are so many cool skins that can be unlocked on the fly, increasing cost would make people much more appreciate them..

And yes having visor open/closed as 2 different helmets is a bit silly in my opinion...

What I don't like is having different parts of weapons hidden behind "skin unlocks". For example the Battle Axe where you can buy the raider skin for example and only after that u can get different heads and shafts which you couldn't see before. Would be nice if you could show these additional options all the time but add a note that you have to unlock that and that beforehand. Because I don't wanna unlock all skins so that i can see what else there is to buy..

The reason to inflate the plume prices is so that EVERYONE isn't wearing the plume - it makes the items have more 'value', as the rare/fancy looking items aren't always the most common.

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Originally posted by faredelisi

Will there be a teaser for the new big patches

Yes, for content updates we'll have trailers. We can't really make a cool hype trailer out of SDK stuff and bugfixes, though :D

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Originally posted by DrScienceSpaceCat

u/Jaaxxxxon anything about ddos fixes? Servers are crapping themselves (at least in EST) multiple times a game, for some reason it always seems to mainly affect one team as well which is kind of weird

The engine update we do after this one will have DDOS protection - we'd like to roll it out sooner but this update has taken longer than expected, and there are some improvements we don't want to wait on implementing.

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Originally posted by Kryptografik

Invasion needs a TK forgive button that negates TK % or something. Or only allow kick votes at a certain threshold % of TKs. Maybe abused isn't the right word, but the vote kicking is starting to get rampant, and not in a good way. I'm not that smart, maybe there's a better way to do it, but I think it something that needs to be looked at.

We're looking into changes to the team damage calculation, as well as vote kick stuff as well.

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Originally posted by Destralnar

With the amount of massive gold sinks already in the game, and the numerous shown in the preview stream, the raw game time required to get these cosmetics is becoming a little ridiculous . Are there any plans to update the gold system to accommodate for this? Personally, what I'd like to see most are quests, both daily and weekly. They could be "Get X kills with X" or "Do X in X gamemode" or some more creative ones using utility items like bear traps or medkits. I'd like to see them random, but there should be a limited re-roll system in case you get the quarterstaff. I think it promotes diversity in the game, gives incentive to return daily/weekly, and lays out fun challenges. Beyond just quests, there are a number numerical changes that could be made that I think incentivizes trying other gamemodes or trying to win. You could give more gold for wins, give more gold for more kills/higher scoreboard placement, give more gold for duels/3v3 at higher ranks, and just more gold for those modes in general. You could make horde give more gold per wave, and probably make it the best gold farm if people wanna grind it. Another thing I'd like to see is getting gold at level ups, maybe more at every 5 or 10. triternion please add

Well, the idea is to "pick and choose" the cosmetics you want, instead of collecting all of them. We don't want every player to get all the fanciest looking stuff, because at that point nobody would feel special - if that makes any sense. We do plan on doing more 2X gold/xp events in the future though :)

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Originally posted by ChilliadMan

Allow us to gain money from Solo Horde Mode. When ping is too high I have to play "offline" so I go to a horde with bots. I might kill 400 enemies alone and it sucks to not receive any money. Also more money from all matches and horde, the store items are very high priced so either lower the price or raise the amount of money we get. 21 rounds and over 1k enemies killed I should receive more than 1-3k. Oh and a revive friend or lives system would be nice too. Other than that still LOVE THIS GAME!

Doing gold for offline isn't something that's possible, because people would be able to glitch the system and get infinite gold if that was the case. Right now the servers make sure you're not cheating in gold, so we can't change that. :(

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Originally posted by Healthy_Yesterday_84

Kill cam please. The game has a high learning curve and this would help with improving and knowing what you did wrong or what another player did right. Having played FPS games, it makes the game feel like in early release.

A kill cam would be cool, but it might end up not displaying what actually happened correctly (since it would come from the POV of the server, not the other player). We can look into it, but at the moment I don't think we'd be able to work on this :(

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Originally posted by Lefty_Gamer

A Visby style brigandine would be pretty cool cosmetic to implement, having more T2 chest options would be great...

We're adding something similar with the Eastern Invasion / crusader update!

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Originally posted by Simple-Snow

Back with my reminder that I've used the billhook for almost 100 levels now, and would love a flashy billhook skin. Thanks for everything you're doing!

I will annoy the development team again for you :)

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Originally posted by VoevodaGorbunov

Hey! There are a few suggestions here:

  1. When choosing a shade of armor, it is not clear which shade is currently selected! It would be nice to highlight the current shade!
  2. Maybe it is worth introducing the cutting of the body in half, as well as the simultaneous cutting off of two legs, if the blow landed in the right direction with a heavy sharp weapon, for example, Zweihander, Halberd, Berdysh etc.?
  3. I would like to get a pop-up menu that will display a comparative analysis of what is currently wearing a character with a new outfit when you hover the mouse over him (mostly weapon).
  1. We should be fixing this :)
  2. Not possible with the way we set up the character models, armor and animations, unfortunately.
  3. We're reworking the armory, there's a possibility of us adding more stats that you can see there!
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Originally posted by ETERCRY

Mordhau ma boi!! <3 ok, I think that the general feeling of violence and gore, the weight of the weapons and swordplay, that sense of impact and brutal "crunch" sensation with ragdolls and dismemberment is the very heart or Mordhau, that's what has kept us playing all this time besides cosmetics and maps: the "crunch" reward, voices, the sense of a brutal battle, the gore etc so I would like a gore system 2.0 as ridicule as the game itself can be ;D people crawling and screaming, limbs or heads used as weapons (throwable or like one-use like metal pipes in Street of Rage), profuse bleeding on certain wound or when we take throwables from our bodies (or at least a pain scream like "ouch!" idk), once in a while or idk if you're wearing tier 2 or 3 armor and if your being killed by a thrust / stab how about the blade getting stuck on you so people have to kick it off? It would be brutal, funny and possibly dangerous while you lose control of your weapon but you could accelerate that by switching weapon at the expense of leaving your sword stuck in the body (being able to recover it of couse but it would take time).

Punches to the face should have some according visual effect like bruises, back eyes, that kind of shit. Same with blunt weapons like Dead Island did, a zombie could have broken arms. Etc. etc.

Do you remember soldier of fortune 1 & 2? Well, those were great bc of that deatails.

Unfortunately the gore system is more or less as far as we can take it do to everything being hardcoded, and armor/etc being set up the way it was during early development. There isn't much more we can really do at this point :(

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Originally posted by HumanBeingThatExist

make so horse/projectile cant enter enemy spawn zone, reverse couch nerf for the lance

We've been adjusting protection zones a bit, not sure about this exactly but it's something to consider if we haven't done it already

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Originally posted by SoomRK

" A little bit of talk about 2XP/Gold events - we've separated gold/xp gain so we can alter the multiplier without having to update. :)) We're planning quite a few events in the future! "

Will this affect non-official servers as well like the current events do?

I believe it's just a global modifier, so it should :)

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Originally posted by Gomer-san

Can you please allow chain boots to be equipped with the latest T2 legs (cuisses, greaves, etc)?

If something can't be worn with something else, it's usually due to clipping reasons. I'll still take a look at this.

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Originally posted by DrScienceSpaceCat

u/Jaaxxxxon Can we do something about siege weapons being nearly untouchable behind kill walls/spawn protection? It's been an issue on several maps, for frontline the Ballista on Mountain Peak can easily just spawn camp and pick people off, you can have a chance at running up to it and hope they miss or try an chuck a firebomb/set up one of those weird angle fire pit spots, but I don't see what the reason is that you can't walk up and take it out yourself. If there's no fair way to counter it then it shouldn't be in the frontline mode. The biggest issue in my opinion is the Catapult on Camp and Fetoria in Invasion mode and mildly on Red Grad invasion, and I only say mildly because the castle is a bit more protective there.

All of these have catapults that can easily hide behind the spawn protection kill wall while being able to safely fire on the objective, I've seen several games of camp where the person on the enemy team was on top of the board with 1 death and 40+ kills just from spamming the cata on the Camp spawn and objective, we, of course, lost because we couldn't get on the obj without an enemy AC-130 dropping an exploding rock on us every few seconds. This gets even more frustrating when you have a team of people guarding the catapult with smoke bombs and some sort of weapon or tool that repairs. If someone manages to successfully defend the catapult from an attacker then good, they were better and deserve to win, but if their defense is backing up a few feet into a killzone where the attacker will just die then they didn't win because they were the better player, they won because the janky game mechanics reward hiding behind a kill wall.

You can use fire arrows or mini ballistas to kill it but most of the time you'll be taken out by another archer or someone else will come along and kill you while they out repair any damage you've done. Not to mention good cata players will be able to snipe you wherever you're shooting from. We also have this issue, you manage to land a firebomb on the cata, great! Except it's not going to do damage unless you land the bomb on the very front of the cata because the catapult hitbox against fire is scuffed (note the lack of damage points on the screen), especially since the firebomb radius nerf, he was out of bounds and I had to cheese to get 3 firebombs because that's the only way to combat the stuff being out of bounds and people having smokes and the general weaker damage the bombs do versus someone with a repair perk and/or good repair hammer.

If the person with the cata on camp especially is good then they can easily stay safe from the enemy team until the final objective just by hiding out of bounds.

We're working on this, trying out some solutions and we'll see which one works the best :)

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Originally posted by HomelessAristocrat10

Here's a suggestion: Rework matchmaking so that new players aren't paired with level 200s who demolish them every 10 seconds. Maybe players within 20-30 levels of each other are put in a match through matchmaking, at least on some servers.

We're tweaking the matchmaking a bit I believe. A lot of work has gone into finding solutions for new / less experienced players so they aren't thrown into a meat grinder while they're still learning.

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Originally posted by Baby-Eating-Bishop

As discussed on the facebook group, and by e mail. My idea would be to add a Battle Standard which appears at the base on Frontline. Once picked up, the player becomes the BSB (Battle Standard Bearer), and much like the moving wagons, there is a circular zone that follows him around. Anyone inside this buff zone circle , is conferred a +10-20% Strength bonus. When the BSB is slain, the banner re-spawns at base.

The idea would force team tactics, a group to form around the BSB, flanking , etc.

It's the simulation of a moral boost seen in battle when the Standard is held aloft !

We probably wouldn't do a buff like that, but it would be cool to make a banner that has some unique properties!

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Originally posted by -Helvet-

Right now, the nobles are always visible by the enemy team (with the indicator mark hoovering over their heads) and this promotes archery and thrown weapons to just aim at the indcator no matter if they can or cannot see the actual model (of the nobles). This makes smoke cover useless and in fact detrimential to the nobles as they cannot easly identify friends from foes (in smoke) while the opponents can always see where the nobles are.
Balancing issues of nobles asside, I think it's a small detail that could need some tweak.

What I propose would have a "tick" on the last known position of the noble:
Every 5 or 6 seconds, a "tick" happens at mark the position of the noble (preventing him from hiding). that marker can stay on him for a breif moment before fading. Then another 5 or 6 seconds pass and you get a "tock" which mark the position again. This would prevent "just aim for the marker" while still giving the information the whereabouts of the nobles.

Not a bad idea, we could look into some ways to combat using the marker as an aiming point :)

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Originally posted by Cobboolio

Will the mod folder issue be fixed next patch? As in having to delete the modio folder on a regular basis because you get stuck on "preparing to download mods". Thanks for the updates :)

I can't say 100% but there should be some improvements to the mod side of things, we are releasing the SDK with or right after this update.

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Originally posted by KasiFlow

Ive been extremely critical of mordhau in the past but the recent news has really started to bring back some hope for me! Keep doing what you guys are doing now. Kudos to the new artists, everything looks gorgeous!

As for questions

  • Who's doing the new combat animations? I know crush is testing them, but is he doing them too?

  • Do you think the art team would ever have time to rework the blood? At the moment blood textures look kind of stock and tend to look really messy on players. Maybe make it a little darker too, ive been a fan of the grittier medieval War aesthetic and would like to see some more in mordhau

  • Will female characters be coming in eastern invasion or afterwards? Have you guys figured out a vague plan to get voice actors? I'm sure you can find plenty online if that's an avenue available to triternion

  • Are there any plans to introduce more face models? At the moment character customization on the face and body end are really barebones for people that don't always go 3/3/3 and tends to make everyone look samey

  • Shields are in a really weird spot right now imo, only buckler and round shield seem to have a viable use while the others are pretty much reserved for cosplayers

- We have a dedicated animator, and crush is just implementing and doing smoothing, etc. on them :)

- Not a bad idea, we can look into it! We need them to be reabable, but it does kind of look like you took a dip in some ketchup :D

- Not sure on the exact timing yet, we'll need to get voices done and finding the right fit and style for Mordhau is a bit difficult.

- We're adding a new face model with the darker skin tones, but I'm not sure about other faces right now. It's worth us looking into!

- Yeah, shields have always been a bit of a problem area. We're looking into adding some combat mechanics in the future (maybe an offhand punch/shield bash) that could allow us to flesh out shields in a different way. At the moment there are only a handful of actual mechanics, so we just don't have that many tools to use to differentiate the shields.

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Originally posted by theshadowhost

why haven't you patched the out of bounds on castello yet? in invasion mode blue can run into red spawn and farm noobs over and over. I reported this last year and it would surely take 2 hrs to fix in the level editor.

Should be fixed with the upcoming update, I know some of our level designers went around and adjusted spawn protection and out-of-bounds zones on most maps :)

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Hello, Grator mentioned on stream that frog mouth helmet and helmets that have plates covering the neck make the metal plates twist with the movement of the head, is there any plans on reworking the head animations for implementing this types of helmets?

Not really at the moment - it's just a lot of work needed to add in one specific type of helmet. That's not to say it will never come, just that right now it's not high on the list of our priorities.