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Originally posted by Chreint

reddit admins == mordhau admins

Private server admins are totally different than official moderators. Our mods (and even us on the dev team) have no admin permissions in private servers.

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Originally posted by skyburnsred

The admin in Schizo's duels banned me for a month because I beat him, and then I got kicked and the only message was "f**k you k*ke"

This game needs moderators for their moderators

We don't have control over private servers, no perms or anything like that. As for enforcing our rules, we only take action on things that aren't bound to a specific server; for example, if we get a report of a cheater they'll get a game ban regardless of what server they're on, but someone teamkilling in a community server isn't something we would concern ourselves with.

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Originally posted by Past_Economist6278

That isn't what is being described. This is active racism against the user making the experience worse.

It seems that the last sentence suggests that our moderators are somehow involved - either way the meaning there isn't 100% clear.

We mute players for racism or toxicity and we've muted over 9000 players since release, most permanently.

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Originally posted by uhnwi

I feel like, and hear me out, as developers, you could if you wanted.

We could, and for some things we do take action - but when someone else is paying for the server, they're free to run it (within reason) how they want.

Certain things we do take action over, but it can get a bit messy when it comes to other issues.