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Hey all, sorry for the late post this week!

As always, we'd like to hear any feedback you have on the game, whether you're a new player from the recent sale or a 1k hour veteran :) Please keep things constructive and be respectful to one another, but aside from that anything is welcome!

As for this week, I'm not posting detailed notes (wasn't able to make the meeting) but our main priority was on investigating server issues and looking into ways to fix them alongside our server providers. We've identified our North American servers as having more of an issue than others, but we're going to see what we can do to improve server performance for all regions. Aside from that, the artists worked on some more lighting/weather variation experiments, Spook's been polishing up the new armory UI and adding a few more features, we've done a new 2H polearm animation (rowing is going away), and work continues on new maps.

That's about it for this week, thanks for reading!

You can find last week's feedback thread here:

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Originally posted by Chreint

Do you guys look in veteran suggestions and take them in thought and discuss about them? im curious.

Yep, we take feedback from everywhere :)

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Originally posted by Branko100

Weather and lighting variations would be dope as hell and the new anims sound exciting too. Great news!

For feedback : Could you revert the changes made to the axe throwers in horde mode? It doesn't make sense that they have such an increased resistance even though they aren't wearing a helmet and have tier 2 chest armor.

I'll be sure to have the team take a look at this, thanks!

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Originally posted by Hotdogmissile

Flesh wound - did shoulder punching get removed? It feels useless now

yeah we can look into this though, a bit of a touchy subject for most people

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Originally posted by TheSnarkleberryBlitz

So I just got the game about 2 days ago. It is nice to see the server issues being addressed. My feelings about the game so far are pretty positive as a whole. I will say there’s a bit of a high skill ceiling, but that’s definitely a good thing. The hit boxes are tight overall, the weaponry and armor looks great, and the aesthetic is pretty fantastic. I didn’t see anyway to raise your equipment slots capacity. While I do like the idea of hard hitting weapons being expensive, the limit does make trying to make more unique or hybrid classes a bit difficult. Possibly lowering the cost or middle ground weapons by just a little bit could make some inventive things possible. Also, there was no way I saw to increase ammo capacity. I do know there are resupply caches, but weapons that cost quite a bit, like the crossbow, only have 12 shots. It take about three to take down the average character I’ve noticed, so that’s not a lot of kill potential for how expensive it is in your equip points. Possibly instead of spending the full amount to grab a second crossbow as your only way of increasing starting ammo, you could look into adding an option with bows of all types that uses maybe 7-10 points to just add another quiver, and double your ammo so as to have a stronger initial start when dedicating yourself to a precision range weapon like the crossbow.

I think this is something we should look into, thanks for the feedback!

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Originally posted by Paracetamaul-AUS

I'm actually stupidly excited about the time/weather variations. If they do nothing and are just eye candy thats great. I can't help but think about how they might change gamplay. Lower range on seige weapons in the rain comes to mind and well as fire burning for a shorter period of time. Are you guys thinking in that direction too?

At the moment, just cosmetic - mostly with weather I think we're focusing on clear vs foggy vs cloudy, and time of day. Rain would be great but it would probably have to be made for specific maps, since we'd need textures and stuff to work with it. Also, you'd need mud instead of dirt sounds, etc. so that probably won't be coming for all maps.

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Originally posted by GreenGaunteletJester

Can we have "offline" horde mode reward gold/xp? Maybe at a reduced rate?

I have always enjoyed horde mode as a way to just chill and play solo after a busy day. Offline offers a 0 ping experience but the same challenge. Obviously a connection would still be needed to obtain rewards.

If people are going to exploit it, they already are on the modded servers. The gold/xp earned could also be reduced. Id just like to earn something.

Love the game, been playing since alpha <3

It's something we can consider :)

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Originally posted by GreenGhost95

Continuing from my last suggestion about color patterns for armor in team-based game modes, I have a suggestion for improving how your mercenary looks in said modes:

What if when you switch between the preview options (Free Guard/Iron Company) you are given the option to customize exactly how you will look when placed on said teams(only team colors of course), say for instance you want your Free Guard mercenary's primary color to be white on the chest but you want the arms primary color to be blue, this would allow more variation in pieces that would look good together(looking at you cloth arms).

If you see any issues with this system feel free to point it out.

We would like to do something like this eventually, but I'm not sure on when it will be possible for us to dedicate time. I'll ask the team what we can do at the next meeting 👍

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Originally posted by [deleted]

I think we really need "goodbye" voicelines

Adding new lines is very unlikely, we'd have to track down the same VA's and hope they record in the exact same conditions.

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Originally posted by TellMeWhatThisIs_

Since the new armory UI comes out soon, it would be cool to have the option to lock a specific loadout for your menu. Right now its unfortunately random. I would like to lock my main loadout for the menu.

Yeah, it'd be nice. :)

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Originally posted by Arcteryx81

Can you guys integrate Frankensteiner or something similar into the game ? With the amount of people using it and how Frankensteined faces are a staple of Mordhau, it should come with the game :)

No real need if people are already using it, and there are other things that take priority :(

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Originally posted by [deleted]

I really would love to be able to tell if a match is ending or what from the server browser before going in. ✌peace

I don't really see this being a terrible issue - if it does happen, you get a fresh game once the server swaps maps.

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Originally posted by DildoWilliumz

Kind of an odd one but is there any future plans for ranked rewards? Ranked currently is very unrewarding considering you gain nothing from reaching a certain rank. Would love to see an implementation of a piece of armor, or a tint for hitting high diamond/elite. Even a special emblem would be cool too. Just something to make the grind meaningful!

Ranked rewards are tough because at the moment the modes are pretty unpopular. Adding rewards might help, but they could also result in us spending quite a lot of time to code the feature in and ranked still being a bit of a ghost town.

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Originally posted by Wardens_Guard

Hey, so, something id like to inquire about:

Why do objectives such as pushing carts and planting bombs give so few points? Especially with how cart pushing objectives split the 50 points they give between everyone in the capture radius. The lack of points discourages actually playing the objectives, although since points barely matter in the gold equation I guess it doesnt really matter much.

Fair criticism, we should probably rebalance these at some point 👍

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Originally posted by Destralnar

What's up with the Huntsman perk? Using a longbow with the huntsman perk, it seems like you will guaranteed one shot ANY chest or head. Having a quiver with a tier 3 chest, you will still be one shot, which I believe is 35 dam up to 100 dam (285% increase). However with throwing weapons, you seem to only get a 50% damage bonus. This makes it so you can't even one shot one chest with a throwing axe (55 -> 83). Huntsman currently only changes HTKs on level 3 armor with the throwing axe, 1/3 chest with javelins (good), and level 2/3 armor with throwing knives (still a 4 HTK, so kinda pointless). Most thrown weapons don't change in a meaningful manner either. Given that most archers wear level 1 or 2 armor, huntsman really doesn't change much in these interactions. Most players looking to use huntsman as a counter to archers probably don't wanna play archer themselves, but it's not very effective with throwables. I think huntsman's power with throwables should be buffed to a similar level as it's power with bows, to better capture the purpose of the perk. (If you think this makes archers too fragile, maybe you can give them a buff too. I honestly think the bows feel a little weak right now, especially the crossbow)

The point of huntsman isn't to counter archers per se as a melee player, it's to allow archers to be able to get kills on each other quickly without making them one-shot melee players.

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Originally posted by Strider2126

The servers had problems also in Europe! I reslly don't understand why you mention only North america

Also : has the team ever thought to integrate ingame frankensteiner and lutebot?

They are having different problems, which we're working on as well.

No real reason to integrate them at this stage - there are great mods that do this, instead we're focusing on other objectives :)

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Originally posted by Oggnar

I would really love some more historically accurate emblems. We already have french fleur-de-lis and a vaguely Spanish castle, what about English lions or an imperial Eagle?

It would be nice, maybe we can look into it :)

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Originally posted by Er3st0r

Ok, so to suggest some minor changes mainly for QOL:

  • Commander/warden/noble does not experience the red flinch thing in the corners of the screen and no grunt either when getting hit by teammates. This is to prevent teammates just accidentally hitting the commander, and the commander struggles to recognise whether it was an enemy or an ally.
  • A perk that makes ANY bow you pick up have full ammo for that weapon, instead of the usual 3-5 that you get currently.
  • Being able to queue for ranked while playing other gamemodes. In less populated regions such as Oceania (where I play in) it takes a while to find a ranked match. It would be really good to have a matchmaking system like team fortress 2 does, where you can queue for a certain gamemode (ranked duels in this case) while playing on a duel server or a frontline match.

I am really looking forward to the Eastern invasion update, so keep up the good work!

I'll talk to the team about these, thanks!

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Originally posted by Pygex

Hi there, long time toolbox player here, been loving the changes to structures so far (fire pit, new wall and bigger spikes).

If there is one thing I would change it's the Blacksmith Hammer and Smith.

Blacksmith Hammer costs too much and takes up one loadout slot. For fast repairs it's better to take the Heavy Handaxe as it is safer, has better reach and nearly the same repair speed and for some off action repairs Mallet does the job. The Blacksmith Hammer should be merged with the Warhammer or then the cost reduced to 2 points so that it is just a straight upgrade to the Mallet taking twice it's point cost.

The Smith perk is absolutely useless for anything else than trolling. If one would increase the repair effectiveness more it would just make some random structure stalemates even more stale so I don't think that's the way to go. I would change Smith so that it allows you to break down weapons on the ground with a repair strike for 2 supplies. This would enable an offensive risk and reward style toolbox play and synergise well with Scavenger for example.

That could be neat re: smith perk, i'll ask if it's even possible :)