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Hey all, hope you had a happy holiday!

As always, please let us know your thoughts, feedback, and general suggestions for MORDHAU!
Once again, please keep things civil and constructive :) As for this week, unfortunately most of the team was on holiday vacation, so no meeting. We'll get back into the swing of things in the new year, and we're excited for our upcoming content and features.

Last week's feedback can be found here:

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Originally posted by Jael89

I know you guys are going to work on Horde mode at some point, and I have a few suggestions. Currently Horde mode is long, tedious, boring, and fairly difficult in later waves if you don't resort to cheesing the AI. I think borrowing a page from Killing Floor 2's book would fix these problems;

-Less enemies at a time. Waves are broken into mini-waves, so you aren't overwhelmed, but still kept on your toes. Instead of fighting 60 men at a time, you'll be fighting a constantly-refreshing 20 or 30 at a time. This would reduce the amount of kiting necessary in order to survive at later waves. Kiting is f**king boring to watch and it can take way too long.

-Fewer, but larger waves. Instead of 21 waves of 60 enemies , how about 10 waves of 120 enemies? If you break them into mini-waves (as noted in the previous point), it won't be overwhelming, and won't take as long, since less kiting will be necessary.

-Smaller Arenas. For example, on Feitoria, instead of using the entire map, restrict the play area to inside the castle walls. Massive maps take forever to traverse, and there's plenty of places for AI to get stuck. We don't want to drag waves out unnecessarily. Smaller arenas are also better for smaller, refreshing waves.

-People joining on later waves should get more gold to spend, or let us drop them gold so they can gear up.

-Player spawn should have all (or at least most) weapons and armor available. having to run across the map in between waves to get what you need is tedious and sometimes means you get your item as 15 enemies spawn next to you. Getting headshotted by a longbow as the next wave starts because you needed X item is counter productive.

-Boss enemies (great mauls, Ogres, Seymour) could use some work. I don't know exactly how to fix them without neutering them completely, but they shouldn't be able to damage you through your parry. We should be able to fight them with melee weapons, in my opinion.

-Speaking of bosses, it would be cool if we had more than just Seymour, if there were several "big bad" bosses to choose from, and we got a random one at the end of each game. More Variety is always good.

That's all I can think of for now.

EDIT: I thought of another thing. Bonus objectives. Accomplishing a certain task during a wave (King of the Hill, or push the cart) for bonus cash/gold, and experience.

I like these ideas, thanks for the suggestions!

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Originally posted by theshadowhost

Please add a weighting or bounty system to point per kill in invasion & frontline during a match. Why? because the high skill players can easily farm noobs for same amount as killing best player on enemy team.

If killing a player with more points (leader board position) gave more points than killing a lower position player this would incentivise some new behaviours:

  • would be harder to rise up the leaderboard by just farming noobs as they would give less points for killing them than someone who kills high position players
  • people ganging up on high skill players making it more difficult for them and enabling more opportunities 1vX outplays
  • encourage high position players to seek each other out on the battlefield (like in Highlander movie or some shit)

I think this would enable more emergant gameplay.

IMO, I think this takes away from the objective focus, and it seems like the point is to try to somewhat address skill disparity. Player matching and autobalance, soft MMR etc. are all more effective ways to achieve that, and we're looking into ways to make things better in that regard.

This being said, that's my own opinion - it's still an interesting thought, and I'll be sure to share it with the team. :)

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Originally posted by needlzor

  • Either remove or rethink the blue ballistas in Camp, Taiga and Grad because they are useless for everybody except the red team (less so on Grad). Ballistas should not point towards a spawning area.

  • Camp is a ridiculous map. Red team starts with a useful ballista, a catapult, and trebuchets bombing the other side and blue starts with a useless ballista pointing at their spawn that can only be temporarily useful at a stage of the match where you have lost anyway. I like the map but it could be a lot better.

  • Once again, well done on the horses. The recent balancing has made them a lot more tolerable.

  • Any news about the Horde revamp? I have tried it again recently and it's incredible how it's fun up until wave 14-15 and just becomes more and more obnoxious towards the end. It would be nice for horde to be more than a cheesing competition, either with objectives (a mix of horde and invasion) or with fewer, smarter opponents.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Horde is something we do want to change in the future, we're just not sure exactly when we'll have a bit of a gap. We're looking to do some technical / general improvement patches and then a larger content update (hopefully) in the shorter term, but past that there are a few ideas we have that are in contention. With Horde, the team pretty much all agrees that it's worth improving, we're just trying to find the time for it. 👍

As for the ballistae/vehicle placement, we're looking into some tweaks. :)

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Originally posted by Slop-Slop

I think it's time for a billhook skin!

I agree :)

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Originally posted by the_user_games

Can we get more utility items? Movement is really important in managing your attacks and defences of objectives, and utility like fire bombs, bear traps, and toolboxes can slow and speed up the flow of the match.

Things like movement slowing caltrops, portable/buildable ammo crates, trip wires, lutes giving a slight stamina regen in combat etc. might be fun.

Still loving the game!

WE talked about this quite a bit, and have some things planned :)

As for lutes, probably a negative on any gameplay-affecting buffs. The fun of the lute is that it's useless and just something to enjoy - if it becomes useful, there will just be lute spam and IMO take away some of the charm.

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Originally posted by TuckerBuck

Hey Jax, in regard to Blasto's comment from last week's feedback: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/kiewpj/mordhau_weekly_feedbackdiscussion_1222_1228/ghcjkv2?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

I agree with him 100% and this needs a looking. A whole region, Southern Central US (including the majority of Mexico), is being left out with bad ping on official servers because of the broken server browser. The browser shows the Central Chicago servers and even some East and West servers as having better ping than the Central Dallas servers for this region. However, that is not the case when you join in. It is off by like 20-30 ping. Players from this region do not know about the browser issue, so they assume that it is Mordhau's "bad servers" and continue to join these servers instead of the Central Dallas servers.

I have heard that the devs are trying to fix the server browser issue but the status is TBD. I would like to suggest temporarily putting a side note on the browser acknowledging the issue and highlighting the Dallas servers. Maybe even renaming US Central to US North for Chicago and US South for Dallas. Like this we can try to populate the Dallas servers again.

Yeah, we're aware of it and taking a look at why it's going on.

The thing is hotfixing to put a little warning could very well set back progress on getting an actual solution out. Any update we do to the game requires testing, whether it be one day if things magically work on the first try, or it could be 2-3 weeks. I will post meeting notes in the next feedback thread, explaining what we've found and the status on this. <3

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Originally posted by Igor369

I would just decrease all damage all over the board to make any fight last slightly longer, imo devs made average ttk a bit too fast.

Longer htk is worse, fights get messy and drag on way too long. It also makes the skill gap more painful - if you're worse than someone and get 2-3 hits before they get 2-3 hits, you win. Since you're worse, your odds are worse - but if it was 4-6 hits to kill, you'd have an even worse chance to kill a better player.
On top of this, it would eliminate the ability to fight multiple people, as you just simply wouldn't be able to kill enough of them in time.

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Originally posted by OfficialAMCT

Feedback: Make heavy and medium armour more viable. Decrease sharp weapon slash damage to medium and heavy armour. Stab damage would be the same or decreased slightly. This would make a blunt weapon strong against heavy armour and swords weaker against heavy armour.

Also decrease the arrow damage to heavy and medium armour. E.g. make heavy torso 7 hits instead of 3 hits to kill. And medium torso 5 hits instead of 3. Make light armour 3 shot and no armour 2 shot. (Just examples)

Armour seems very weak in Mordhau and provides little benefit when you can run around naked and still get as many kills and if you die you just respawn and rush in quickly. These simple changes could improve gameplay drastically. Mordhau isn't a realistic slasher but armour should have a lot more effect than what it does right now. 1500+ hours in and still playing. Keep the updates coming!

We're looking into armor, but I don't think we need to do anything insane - just a few tweaks here and there, to armor and weapons.

We wanted to avoid going too realistic in the sense of blunt / blade weapons vs armor effectiveness; not for avoiding realism but instead because it could actually make the gameplay worse. If all you have is a sword and the enemy is wearing t3 armor, you've already kind of lost the fight before it even started. That type of stuff works in slower paced games like Mount and Blade very well, but with the speed of Mordhau it would probably just feel out of place and a tad clunky.

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Originally posted by HotdogNationalism

Waxe, exe, and maul are by far the best weapons for team modes and nothing else even comes close. They are boring 2 shot kill weapons that devolve the meta into caveman gamblers, stamina dumping, and rats who only go for flanks. Literally using anything else is laughably suboptimal. I would love to see these weapons toned down or other weapons toned up to add diversity to invasion. Specifics on each weapon as follows.

Waxe: low cost, can take bloodlust with heavy armor easily. Combos, with great drags and accels, great feints. This weapon is absolutely duel viable, only losing out to meta duel weapons, and even then can easily still win. This is the best weapon for team modes right now, and nothing else comes close. This is evidenced by how hard it is getting spammed right now. This weapon should at a minimum, cost way more in the armory than it does now, or it should get compensatory nerfs in other areas. This weapon as it stands is just too flexible while maintaining 2 htk on top of duel viability.

Executioner: The move speed nerf was a great start. My problem with this weapon is mainly in its handling. The exe sword has handling comparable to a greatsword, and imo has some of the most unpredictable neutral attacks in the game. This thing can do cocaine accels with the best of them, and while there are many weapons in which that is the case, this thing 2 shots, has good reach, and can also drag very well. I don’t like weapons that can 2 shot having duel level release phases. I have seen many people on high level duel servers use the exe to great effect, and I think it’s ridiculous for a niche heavy weapon to also be duel viable.

Maul: My only gripe with the maul at this point is I think it deserves the heavy weapon debuff, and I think it’s accels are a tiny bit too good, but that probably ties in to the overall issue with accels in general. The maul wasn’t an issue in chivalry, and if you remember, this is because it was restricted to knights, who were slow. This forced maul players to be smart with attacks, and limited their ratting ability. I think the maul rat play style is inherently unfun, as it revolves around cheesing people. You shouldn’t get to be fast as hell with the heaviest hitting weapon in the game, while other far more balanced weapons get the heavy weapon debuff.

I’m just tired of heavy weapons being the absolutely dominant choice in team modes. There’s a lot of more fun weapons that simply don’t stack up since they don’t 2 shot. And for the record I can absolutely pop off without these 3 weapons, but it is 2x easier to top out with these 3 than anything else. Something to consider.

Good feedback. I agree that a lot of the meta 2-hit weapons can reduce the game's variety in a lot of ways. More conditional 2-shot weapons (head+chest hits) could work nicely. I'll forward this to crush and the team and see what they say. :)

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Originally posted by WHATTheyPutThanosIn

Will feedback from the previous two weeks be taken into account?

Just in case I'll link my suggestion from the previous week because it's very important to me https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/kiewpj/-/ggqib1q

Yep, I'll make sure to forward this to the team :)