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Hey all,

Like always, your feedback is worth its weight in gold! We'd love to hear any comments or ideas you have, whether that be constructive criticism, suggestions, general feedback, or anything else. Please remember to keep things civil, be nice to one another in the comments, and be constructive with any suggestions.

Also, for this post - if it's possible, we'd love to hear more general feedback or suggestions if you have it; while there are tons of objectively great ideas we get, a lot of them are very specific/niche requests that we just don't have the development bandwidth to focus on. Things affecting most players are things we're more likely to be able to take a look at.

As for development notes:

  • The past few weeks have been about monitoring the newest patch and taking care of some housekeeping; it seems that you all like the newest update, so that's good! Of course, any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Going forwards, we've been planning out patch #27. We plan on looking at some game mode tweaks or new modes entirely, and this patch may or may not contain a new map. As you can tell by the incredibly vague wording, we're still in the earlier stages of planning out what we're exactly wanting to do.
  • Mostly, we're working on our next map - Forest is the working title - for an upcoming patch. It has a pretty cool vibe and it's been in development for a while now. It's more complex than a map like Dungeon, however, so it will take a bit longer to complete. With this map, we're taking lessons learned from Arid/Noria regarding a feeling of having a lot of interactivity - the plan is to make a more detailed level with fun things to do scattered about.
  • Aside from that, we're preparing for some more voices. At least some of these voices will be paid, just as a disclaimer.

And that about wraps this up for this week! Thanks for reading - if you'd like to see previous posts, you can find them here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/y7wb85/mordhau_bi_weekly_feedbackdiscussion_thread_1018/

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