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If you want to appeal, contact a moderator or myself via discord DMs. We can take a look at the situation.

EDIT: We're unbanning, usually we temp-ban exploit spots that are actually gamebreaking, this 1) isn't really a gamebreaking thing and it's accessible normally. Sorry about this.

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Originally posted by indie404

No one should have to waste their time making an appeal for a mods mistake

The reason why we do appeals in private is that it's hard to tell the context of what's going on and the reason the moderation issued the ban. We usually have people send in reports privately, and we don't want to out people that report griefing, racism, etc. as that opens up them to harassment. With appeals, the person can send us their ID and we can look at our logs to determine what happened.

In this case, it was a moderator's error, and we've resolved it, but oftentimes people will claim they've been banned "for no reason", and our logs show video evidence of them TK'ing or having a racist username, etc.

Manual moderation isn't perfect, and we definitely make errors - what's important is that we correct them.

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Originally posted by The_Salty_Spitoon456

What server are you on if it's NA east there's a admin that's particularly shitty I can absolutely see doing this. I'd call him out but he loves to get ban happy

If you want to, DM me on Discord - Jax#0553. I'd be happy to take a look and see what's going on.