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Originally posted by Roasted taters: Serious question: how does one learn how to mod? I want to learn and am willing to take serious time to learn programming, but have no idea how to even start or what the best path would be for me to take. If it's even feasible for me of course, only having an engineering background in another (very different) discipline.

Maybe you don't know but I hope someone can help point me into the right direction.
It is definitely possible to get into modding for you - just a matter of having time for and fun with it.

Official documentation https://moddocs.bannerlord.com/
Official forum modding section https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?pages/modding/
Modding Discord https://discord.gg/ykFVJGQ

Any of these can act as a starting point. Just like Action Man noted, there are also many community resources beyond this. For example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOziMRXJ7tM

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