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Event Period Dec.22, 2022 ~ Jan. 11, 2023 UTC

Store Updates New discounts have been added to the Store.
1st batch starting Dec.22, 2022 UTC, items included:

Feria Shen Exclusive Pack [Mystic Mechanism]:
including Feria Shen’s Legendary Outfit [Stowaway Shawl], Musket Legendary Skin [Heaven's Broken Heart], Feria Shen’s Epic Hairstyle [Violet Braids] and Feria Shen’s Epic Ornament [Aviation Goggles]

Now: 2880 Gold; Pack Standard price: 4200 Gold


Tianhai’s Legendary Accessory [Colossus of Sunwing]

Now: 3200 Gold; Standard price: 4800 Gold


2nd batch starting Dec.29, 2022 UTC, items included:

Tarka Ji's Legendary Accessory [Zhurong's Jadeball]

Now: 3050 Gold; Standard price: 4600 Gold

Grappling Hook: Flying Squirrel

Now: 3000 Gold; Standard price: 4200 Gold


40% Off Discount Voucher We will send out [Legendary Outfit 40% discount voucher] and [Legendary Weapon 40% discount voucher] via in-game mail during the Christmas Season. Take a sneak peek at the items that can be purchased with these vouchers!

● Viper Ning’s Legendary Outfit [Operatic Legend·Madam White Snake]
● Justina Gu’s Legendary Outfit [Operatic Legend·Madam Green Snake]


● Takeda Nobutada’s Legendary Outfit [Spring Blossom]

● Matari’s Legendary Outfit [Longmen·Flying Immortal]


● Legendary Katana Skin [Soulbloom Gem]

● Legendary Spear Skin [Blastburn Spear]

Other items that can be purchased with the 40% Off Vouchers are:
● Kurumi’s Legendary Outfit [Cirrus Fairy]
● Ziping Yin’s Legendary Outfit [A Chinese Ghost Story·Floral Shade]
● Tianhai’s Legendary Outfit [Ivorius]
● Tarka Ji’s Legendary Outfit [Ill Omen]
● Longsword Legendary Skin [Winter's Savor]
● Greatsword Legendary Skin [Longmen·Longmen Guardian]
● Bow Legendary Skin [White Venom]
● Repeating Crossbow Legendary Skin [Wind Blast]
● Cannon Legendary Skin [The Cinnabar King]
● Musket Legendary Skin [Heaven's Broken Heart]

We wish you a Melee Christmas!