22 Dec


Event Period Dec.22, 2022 ~ Jan. 11, 2023 UTC

Store Updates New discounts have been added to the Store.
1st batch starting Dec.22, 2022 UTC, items included:

Feria Shen Exclusive Pack [Mystic Mechanism]:
including Feria Shen’s Legendary Outfit [Stowaway Shawl], Musket Legendary Skin [Heaven's Broken Heart], Feria Shen’s Epic Hairstyle [Violet Braids] and Feria Shen’s Epic Ornament [Aviation Goggles]

Now: 2880 Gold; Pack Standard price: 4200 Gold

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24 Oct


Prepare Your Sweet Tooth
The spooky season is upon us! We set up some decorations in our spawn area, with big jack-o’-lanterns and other spooky festive decorations for players to see and interact with during the preparation phase.

Prep your Halloween costume by interacting with the friendly ghosts in the preparation phase and dress up as one of them!

Trick or Treat! Go trove to trove and collect some candy while you loot, and get even more by countering other players in every match.

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26 Nov

With the Holidays fast approaching, what better time to sit back, relax, and tone up your skills in NARAKA:BLADEPOINT. In the notion of ‘sharing is caring’ and all that, we are pleased to say that NARAKA:BLADEPOINT is up for another nomination! This time, it’s the ‘Best Game You Suck At’ award and let’s be honest here, sometimes we too suck at our own game, but hey, the game wouldn’t be as fun as it is if it was easy right? Embrace the challenge!

Nominate us for "Best Game You Suck At" at the Steam Awards now!

17 Sep

안녕하십니까, 생존자 여러분?
지옥에서의 끝없는 혈투 나라카 입니다.

저희 나라카: 블레이드포인트가 생존자 여러분의 관심과 사랑에 힘입어
현재 플레이위드가 정식 서비스 중인 스팀 PC카페에 나라카: 블레이드포인트가 등록이 되었습니다.

■ 스팀 PC카페 x 나라카
현재 스팀 PC카페를 이용하게 될 시 나라카를 무료로 플레이할 수 있으며, 추가로 바이퍼 코스튬 스킨을 무료로 제공하고 있으니 생존자 여러분의 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드리겠습니다!

■ 스팀 PC방 찾기
네이버 검색창을 통해 "스팀PC방찾기" 검색해 주시면 생존자님 주변에 가까운 스팀 PC방을 찾으실 수 있습니다.

스팀PC방찾기 바로가기[pcbang.steam.... Read more

15 Sep

Dear players,

The servers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will be suspended for maintenance from 09/15/2021 23:00 (UTC) to 09/16/2021 02:00 (UTC). We suggest that you log out in advance and enter the game again after the maintenance.
The upcoming updates are as follows.

New Hero: Valda Cui
A new hero, [Valda Cui], is now available!
Players may unlock Valda Cui by 600 Gold or 12,000 Tae.
[Valda Cui] Trial Vouchers have been added, granting players 3 chances to try her out in battle.
More info on [Valda Cui] can be found in-game.

New Event: Mid-Autumn Festival
A new event, [Mid-Autumn Festival], is now underway!
The event rules are as follows:
1. Gain [Mooncakes] by completing quests during the event. [Mooncakes] can be redeemed for great event rewards.
2. During The Herald's Trial's preparation stage, as Morus Isle's night falls, players must gather their efforts to release all 10 lanterns within the time limit. If this ... Read more

08 Sep

Dear Forerunners,

Starting this week, we’re running a weekly FAQ, where we will look to answer our community’s most frequently asked questions; we’ll also offer updates on the continued development of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. We’re doing this because we want to create a more open line of communication between us (the developers) and you (the players).

Q1: How is 24 Entertainment handling teaming, hacking and other forms of unfair play?

Keeping NARAKA fair for everyone is absolutely one of our top priorities. We take reports of teaming, hacking and other forms of unfair play very seriously. Last week, we launched a new feature on our website where players can report suspicious activity by uploading video clips and images.

To reward players that help us keep NARAKA fair for everyone, we have started a rewards program where players can earn chests and even a Legendary Spear Skin: [Righteous Polearm] for successfully reporting hacking and teaming ... Read more

18 Aug

Q: Are there new heroes being released? How can I unlock them?

A: We’re currently developing several new heroes, and we will be releasing the next hero in September. Players will be able to unlock new heroes in-game using Tae or Gold.
We’ve also extended the Yoto Hime special offer. New players will still automatically unlock Yoto Hime on purchase for the foreseeable future.

Q: You’ve mentioned network hubs for players in South America and Oceania. When will they be available for players?

A: We are currently testing the new network hubs in South America and Oceania. Some South American and Oceania players are likely to be playing across those new hubs, and seeing a great improvement on network connections.

We want to reiterate that, with enough South American or Oceania players in the queue, the game server will be hosted on local network hubs in São Paulo and Sydney.

Q: There are some high ping players in my...
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17 Aug

Dear Forerunners,

Since NARAKA: BLADEPOINT launched, we’ve been thrilled (somewhat ecstatic, actually) to see so many new players arrive on the Island of Morus, full of anticipation; looking to experience everything the game has to offer. However, we’ve seen some confusion around the use of bots, so we thought it best to publicly address the topic.

To be clear, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT does deploy AI-controlled opponents. We believe they are a useful tool for welcoming new players to the core gameplay of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, without other, more experienced, players eliminating them early on. This way, people learning the ropes can be eased into NARAKA’s ultra-competitive environment — ideally, avoiding a frustrating first impression.

Bots, however, will not be a constant presence in the game. As players continue to play the game — and their skills increase — bots will be replaced with other players at a similar skill level. By the time someone is familiar with the g... Read more

13 Aug

To the Oceania and South American NARAKA: BLADEPOINT community,
Following the global launch of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, we’ve heard from players who are eager to jump into the game but are frustrated at the lack of official servers in their respective regions.

The team at 24 Entertainment is hard at work implementing a solution to bring those affected the optimal NARAKA: BLADEPOINT experience. The team is currently establishing network nodes in both Oceania and South America, which players from those regions will automatically connect to. These nodes are connected to the South East Asia server (for Oceania) and North American Server (for South America). When matchmaking begins, the nodes will prioritize players from the Oceania hub and South American hub, delivering low-latency matchups.

If there aren’t enough players from Oceana or South America in the matchmaking queue, the nodes will redirect players to the main servers in North America or South East Asia res... Read more

12 Aug

*We've received reports that the 'Top Up' button is unresponsive, as nothing happens when clicking it.
To solve this issue, we recommend that you try one or both of the following:

1. Make sure you have Steam Overlay enabled while in-game.
2. Close FRAPS recording software if you have it running.
3. Relaunch the game.

1. Global Launch Schedule
Q: When will the servers be up?

A: The NA/EU/AS/SEA servers will be open at PDT 8/11 19:00.

Here's the detailed schedule:

2. Launching the Game
We advise all players to turn on the Windows Virtual Memory settings to avoid lag or flashback issues in game.

Step 1: Rig... Read more

20 Jul


30 Jun


We’ve noticed that there have been some discussions about Kurumi's skills in the Final Beta. We've made some rather large changes to her [Binding Prayer] skill, and hope that they will make the battlefield even more thrilling while also improving Kurumi players' experience.

The effects of this changed version are currently undergoing testing. The duration and effects shown here aren't necessarily the final versions.

Shortened the backswing time for the animation played after left/right-clicking during [Binding Prayer].

Shortened the window in which you can right-click during [Binding Prayer].

Kurumi can no longer heal herself with [Binding Prayer].

[Binding Prayer] no longer restores armor.

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22 Jun

Dear Forerunners,

Thank you everyone for participating in this beta. We appreciate your continued support and feedback for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

In this beta, we identified a lot of problems with low frame rates and game stuttering. After agile feedback collection and technical investigation, we keep releasing one or more new patches every day during the beta and finally implemented a series of optimizations such as:

Optimized the graphic memory management logic, greatly reducing the graphic memory occupation on the premise of ensuring the visual quality. Solved the problem of insufficient performance of some graphics cards, improved the utilization rate of graphics cards, and made the FPS smoother and more stable.
Solved the problem that the FPS of some graphics cards can drop significantly under certain circumstances. Solved a number of problems causing the in-game stuttering. Currently, there are still a few situations that may cause short-term stut... Read more

21 Jun

Dear Forerunners,

Through a careful inspection, the development team has identified the cause of the game stuttering resulted from the default settings of NVIDIA Control Panel. We strongly recommend you to change your settings under the following instructions to make the game run more smoothly.

1.Right-click the Windows Desktop, then click and open NVIDIA Control Panel from the context menu.(Please do this when the game is completely shutdown!) If you cannot find NVIDIA Control Panel from the menu after right-clicking the Desktop, please download the relevant software from NVIDIA website.

2. Select Manage 3D settings on the left side, then click Program Settings on the right.

3. Click “Select a program to customize” and select “Naraka: Bladepoint”.

4. Scroll down the page to find "Power management mode", then double-click "Prefer maximum performance".

5. After finishing the previous steps, please click "Apply" on the bottom ... Read more

16 Jun

Optimized overall performance and environmental interactions:
1. Forward jump (holding forward + jump): Trigger interactions with objects around you, such as through wall running, tree climbing, jumping atop eaves and beams, vaulting through windows, etc. (These were triggered by pressing the jump key in previous versions. We've changed this in order to prevent accidental interactions.)

2. Jump (without pressing any directional key): Perform a 'back roll' to exit from certain interactions (such as climbing walls or trees, hanging atop eaves, etc. You could drop down from these with the 'C' key in previous versions, and has been changed to simplify controls.)

3. Climb up: Hold a directional key to climb up while hanging from eaves. Releasing the key before you've completed the action cancels it. (The jump key was used to climb up in previous versions, and has been changed to make less key-presses necessary in gameplay.)

4. Check: Hold a directional key w... Read more

The Final Beta demo is now available for download! You can now visit the Steam Store page of NARAKA BLADEPOINT and click "Download NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Demo" to download the game!
Here we’ve prepared a Beta FAQ for you.

1. Final Beta Patch Notes
This is a huge update with many new features and optimizations.
Details of the Patch Notes can be found at our official website.

2. Beta Schedule
Q: When will the servers be up?
A: The NA/EU/AS/LATAM/SEA servers will be open on 6/16, 10:00 AM PDT.
Here’s the detailed schedule:
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13 Jun

Q: What will be the business model for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT?
A: NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a Buy To Play game featuring Unchained Multiplayer Combat. Players will need to purchase the game in order to have access to the provided content. Additionally, the game will also include purchasable cosmetic items like skins, battle passes, name-change cards, and other upcoming DLC. However, the in-game purchases will NOT affect the power of in-game characters. (i.e. there is no Pay-to-Win)

Q:How to activate my purchased game?
A:After purchase the game will be automatically added to your STEAM Library. You don’t need to activate the game.

Q: How do I redeem the Final Beta Gift Code I received through Pre-order?
A: For players who have pre-ordered on STEAM, the reward of Final Beta Gift code can be directly claimed in-game during the Final Beta period. If you can’t find the pop-up for the reward in-game, please quit the game and re-login.
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28 May

May is coming to an end, and next Beta is not far away. It’s time for a Dev Blog to talk about something NEW which will be going live in the Beta of June. So, keep your eyes peeled and let's roll!

Temulch Temulch's ability "Zephyr Wisp" has just been iterated. Now Temulch can lift himself and maintain aerial while summoning three wisps wards around his body.

Here attached a preview video. Check it out!

P.S. We’re also thinking about adjusting the Talents for Temulch. If you have any suggestion, feel free to shoot us with your idea!

Tarka Ji Adjustments of Tarka Ji focus on further enhancing his combat capability. His iterated skills will grant him unique moves, and slightly increase his agility in the battlefield.

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20 Apr

Dear Forerunners,

Beta Schedule:
PDT 4/23 11:00 - 4/26 11:00
UTC 4/23 18:00 - 4/26 18:00
GMT+8 4/24 02:00 - 4/27 02:00

We've prepared a series of events during Beta. Here is the summary:

  • Content Creator Contest
To further help the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT community grow and reward the hard work of passionate content creators, we are introducing the Content Creator Contest.
Post your video in the #video-contest-only channel in our Discord (https://discord.gg/narakabladepoint). 24 Entertainment will be the judge, review all the videos, and single out the Top 20.

1st place: $250 Amazon Gift Card (or equivalent Steam Gift Card)
2nd place: $100 Amazon Gift Card (or equivalent Steam Gift Card)
3rd place: $50 Amazon Gift Card (or equivalent Steam Gi... Read more