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For the latest CDP, we are running two topics concurrently in two separate threads. The topic for this thread is Neverwinter PvP. This includes:

The current state of PvP (what PvP options are available vs what modes you’d like to see)
The purpose of PvP (what motivates different players to engage with PvP)
PvP Rewards & Leaderboard
PvP Campaign
PvP Seasons
Intersection between PvP and PvE in terms of classes, gear, builds, etc.

The goal for this topic is to work together in identifying the needs, priorities, and potential action plans for Neverwinter PvP. The first phase of this topic will be the discussion phase, followed by a second phase where people will identify their top 3 points. From there, a summary/proposal will be put forward.

For information on the purpose of CDP discussions, please go here.

Note: Using the feedback format below allows us to better identify commonalities/differences and generate summaries and proposals more efficiently. As a reminder, the format is for feedback proposals, not for discussions/replies to another user’s proposal.

Feedback Format
Feedback Overview (short description of the proposed feedback)
Feedback Goal (what this feedback would target and accomplish)
Feedback Functionality (how would your feedback work in relation to the current design of Neverwinter)
Risks & Concerns (what problems can you foresee with implementing your feedback that you would like input on from members of this subforum)

Topic Discussion End Date: March 11, 2020


We will not disclose information regarding unreleased or in-development content. This includes specific business-related metrics, dates or timelines, or licensing agreements.
Game development is the primary focus of the team - developer presence on these subforums cannot realistically be as frequent as the community would like. This does not mean the team is not invested in this initiative; it is taken very seriously. Thread summaries and actions plans developed once a topic has concluded its run are extremely valuable in maintaining the development team aware of the focused feedback, discussions, and community sentiment.
These subforums are meant to be a collaborative discussion where we all learn from each other, share perspectives, and come to the table with ideas for the improvement of Neverwinter. This does not mean that we will take action on every proposal or that positive comments from the development team are to be construed as promises.
Keep comments and discussions on topic and follow the CDP Conduct and Expectations.

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Hey folks! Heads up that we are hoping to have a Driftwood Tavern stream on Tuesday, March 10, where @"rhroudadev#5641" joins in to discuss this CDP and take some questions.
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Hey folks! Both @"rhroudadev#5641" and I are following this thread so thank you all for the great comments so far. Special shout out to those who work with the feedback format - even when not used exactly as stated, it really does help when there is some sort of structure to a comment!

There's a lot here already (I have 2 pages of notes just from this first page of comments!) but there's a couple points brought up by various people that I'd love to hear more on:

1) Issue: Equalizing/Balancing the game/Making PvP more accessible but also not hurting/hindering/punishing long-time PvP players. I've heard some proposals like have different tiers/modes of PvP but could folks expand more on how they would approach the issue in a realistic way?

2) Solo Queue: This was actually a feature that was made permanent soon after I started at Cryptic. Initially it was offered as an occasional weekend event and a number of players clamored for it to be permanent. Could players on both sides of the argument (remove it/keep it) give specific examples on how it impacts the PvP landscape?
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Hey everyone - I really appreciate all of this feedback and suggestions.

I have a question for you folks though, based on your current opinion of PvP.

If you do not play PvP, what do you feel it would take to get you to try it out for a bit?

If you do occasionally play PvP, What do you feel it would take to make it more of a daily routine for you?

If you play PvP frequently, do you feel like the time you spent in there isn't wasted? And if so, what do you feel would make your time investment feel more respected?

Again, thank you everyone for your posts. I love seeing this discussion.
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Thank you to folks who gave additional insight into Solo Queue. From a personal perspective, I've always been hesitant to remove features once they are introduced - yes, it happens in every game but I'm likely the one in meetings with counterpoints to removal, preferring to first explore how something can be modified to make it feasible. Only after reasonable options have been exhausted am I ok moving towards a removal decision. Again, this is just my own philosophy!

@trgluestickz made a comment that has really stuck with me and I'm mulling over:

"Solo que is currently the only active PVP type right now and puts 2 different groups of players with incompatible interests in the same que as each other."

And that gets to the crux of one of the biggest issues (for me) - incompatible interests among the different existing PvP, potential PvP players, and PvE players.

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