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Update 3

Neverwinter on PS has been unlocked. We sincerely appreciate your patience. We will be planning a makegood and will provide details when the plan has been finalized.


Update 2 - September 20 @ 9:30am PT.

PlayStation maintenance for Neverwinter has been extended. We do not have an ETA at this time but will provide updates when available. We appreciate your patience.

Please note that the EBS timeframe may not reflect the most updated schedule.



Patch Notes for PC and PS are available. Xbox will receive this patch at a later date.



All Cryptic games will undergo extended maintenance on Tuesday, September 20. For Neverwinter this will impact Dragon (PC), Drider (Russia PC), Lich (Xbox), and Balor (PS).

PC - 5am PT to 10:30am PT (when is this for me?)

Console - 5am PT to 9:30am PT (when is this for me?)

Patch Notes will be posted when available.

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