7 days ago - Zin_Ramu - Direct link

We tend to agree that with all the other changes introduced in the PTR and how the Blunderbuss was untouched, it was a bit too strong in some aspects. Because of that we are going to make some changes before the S1 launch:
• Fixing a bug on claw shot cancel windows that was allowing some combos we didn’t want
• Reducing the stamina damage on ASB
• Reducing damage of consecutive pellets for ASB

We’ll also be keeping an eye on the Blunderbuss after release, and make sure these changes are sufficient.

5 days ago - Zin_Ramu - Direct link

Hey all, love the passionate conversation on BB. A lot of varied opinions here, so I want to give a little more detail and context on our thinking.

We don’t think the BB is very over tuned, or in need of major changes. We are mostly concerned with its burst damage in extreme scenarios. The weapon is designed to be bursty, and we have no desire that change that. But with the damage mitigation changes we want to ensure its 1-shot potential isn’t too strong. The changes we are planning for S1 release, are really targeting that and some “extreme” combos.