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0s silent death team
2s those are really dark and greedy but
5s believable yeah I'd say our artists
8s really love the dark and pretty stuff I
10s don't know if we've done as much of it I
11s think we want to do a lot more of it in
13s the future
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20s unfortunate tournament the show where we
21s talk about all things new world today we
24s thought it'd be great to talk about
25s outfits and skins and some of the
26s process behind that so I'm joined today
28s by sojin and Gabby so we're going to
31s talk about skins
33s so maybe to kick it off I think it'd be
35s great to talk about maybe just some of
36s the process like what are the steps we
38s go through when we're designing skins
39s like who looks at them what kind of
41s stuff do we talk about when we are
43s designing skins we want it to be
45s something unique and interesting so play
48s it when players can be really proud of
53s um and we also understand how important
55s it is for players to customize their own
59s characters absolutely we have like a lot
61s of different kinds of players right like
63s different things always resonate with
64s different people I think that's always
66s interesting when we're coming up with
67s ideas because we're thinking about like
69s okay there's this group of people and
71s they're really into this stuff but
72s there's this other group of people and
73s they hate that stuff and they're really
75s into this stuff and like so we have to
76s come up with a lot of different ideas so
78s we're always trying like new and kind of
79s unique stuff with the skin designs or
81s with the outfit designs trying to come
83s up with something special trying to push
84s the envelope I think that's like our our
87s aesthetic in general is we're always
88s trying to like figure out what's the new
90s push try trying to push the envelope and
93s like get sometimes we get into
95s interesting spaces that way yeah
97s um and not just pushing the envelope on
99s on these signs but also on our like
103s um
103s limitations and how we can improve and
106s evolve our systems to keep growing and
109s make new ideas out of the current ones
112s that we have or like new ideas
114s completely with different
116s um I don't know ways of
118s owning something or having a weapon or
120s having a skin in like an armor yeah
123s stuff like that it's funny I'm seeing
125s the game a lot people mix and match gear
127s a lot too or we design we usually design
128s things as sets so we're like okay this
130s is a full outfit top to bottom it's
132s boots gloves helmet and chest pains it
135s all kind of goes together but then we
136s see a lot of players are like Oh I like
138s that helmet but I like these pants and I
140s like this chest piece and there's a lot
143s that forces us to think about a lot too
145s like how do these sets go together we
147s have all these metrics about like where
150s the pieces fit like how does the helmet
152s fit to the neck okay well what if you
153s put a different helmet there oh no it
155s clips and like okay let's make sure that
156s it doesn't clip yeah those are the type
158s of limitations that we need to always
160s take in into account when we create
162s designs and um different type of funny
166s because um when we are communicating
169s with concept artists we always encourage
171s to shoot for the stars
174s it can cause yeah some issues that we
177s always sometimes we have to dial back
180s but luckily we have really talented Tech
185s art and in engineering team they are
188s always working to improve our tools and
190s such yes as like as a mantra that's
193s always we would push like let's just
194s shoot for like let's make something
196s really cool and interesting and then we
198s get into the nitty-gritty of like okay
200s how do we make this actually work well
202s there's like oh this is like too many
203s texture sets and like oh my goodness
205s well we have to figure out how to like
206s balance that all like oh now there's the
208s scene with like 100 players all at once
210s and it all adds up and like okay how do
212s we make sure that the game is still
213s performant and so there's all these
215s things we're thinking about but I don't
216s I think our goal is that like that's all
218s kind of under the hood we're peeling
220s back the curtain a little bit here but
222s the players they should never even have
224s to think about that they're they're
225s focused on like how do I look cool
226s what's an outfit how do I express myself
229s I I was going to say for me this time
231s period the game is set is always really
233s interesting because we're pulling
235s reference from Real World cultures all
237s over the world we want a tournament is
238s this like island where all these
240s cultures all come together and clash and
242s then they they sort of evolve and have
244s different looks and there's like
245s Supernatural stuff so like I think an
247s example really early on that I really
249s liked was how we designed the Roman
251s outfits that came in Brimstone Sands and
253s we hinted at this even way before
254s Brimstone Sands came out but like what
257s do Romans look like because they came to
259s a tournament they encountered you know
261s these various Supernatural things and
264s like how did their gear evolve what did
266s it look like over time did they have to
268s like do stuff to like I gotta reinforce
270s because there's like a horrible monster
272s that's attacking me so my my plate isn't
274s really gonna like defend against that
276s that was the point where it it's still
280s based on historical elements but we made
284s reimagining
286s um what's going to happen between a
288s tournament
289s I think there was a pivotal point point
291s yeah reimagining the current designs or
294s like the current cultures that we have
296s but making them work into a tournament
298s like
300s work in the world yeah in the designs
303s and in the type of like
305s um
306s culture that actually eternum is yeah I
310s think that's something I bring up a lot
312s with the art team as a whole they're
314s like oh that's a cool design what what
317s makes it new world designs how do we
319s make sure that it feels like it's ours
320s that it like fits in the game that
322s people understand it it's not going to
324s feel out of place
325s I think we experiment a lot with like
327s what does that mean but we're always
329s evolving that trying to grow it maybe we
331s can talk about what is even the
334s um New World look yeah what's our
337s signature I think there's there's a
339s bunch of aspects to it I almost want to
341s hear both of your take but I know for me
344s we always think about like what's the
346s story what's the name of the tournament
347s is this like mythical Island it's it's
350s all these different cultures coming
351s together it's supernatural stuff there's
354s the loss and the angry Earth and
355s Corruption so there's all these like
357s primordial forces that are all sort of
359s butting up head to head against each
361s other
363s um and I that obviously like factors
366s into the outfits you know do outfits fit
368s into each of these different themes are
369s they part of the lost or is it something
371s else entirely so I think we're always
373s trying to tell a story with the outfits
375s but then even a layer deeper than that
377s there's like trying to put the eternum
379s twist we call it like made in eternum
381s what's an outfit it's made in a
383s tournament how did it evolve
385s um it's kind of like it also putting
387s into the age of exploration like we
390s can't yeah we have magic and stuff like
392s that but also many of the outfits and
395s are more well weapons as well they are
398s made by hand they are made by people
401s actually in the world of eternum and
403s it's just not like it popped in there
405s all of a sudden so everything needs to
407s be also grounded and um into the time
411s era yeah I think the key is grounded
414s with some magical touch yeah yeah
417s there's like we really we put a ton of
419s effort into like trying to make
420s everything look handcrafted because we
423s want to in players because there's a lot
424s of crafting is a huge component of the
426s game right so we want players especially
427s when they're crafting gear to feel like
429s oh I like made that thing and it looks
431s like I made it and yeah it has that
433s evidence of craftsmanship but then
435s there's the supernatural aspect of like
437s okay if I had this magical gem and it
439s gave me super powers like how would that
442s affect my outfit I'd probably feature
443s that in some way and so then that goes
446s into the gear too
447s I think there's there's all these like
448s layers of thought process when we're
450s picking themes and outfits like what's
453s gonna resonate and what you know what
455s what makes sense in the world what tells
456s the story yeah it kind of all fits
458s together makes them look realistic as
460s well yeah yeah I think it's really good
464s important to be keep in mind diversity
468s and we are also trying to introduce a
471s lot of different culture but there's
474s always challenges because we want to be
477s respectful we want to represent the
480s culture the correct way so there's a lot
484s of research going into it yeah what kind
487s of research stuff are we doing when
489s we're making some of these sets or
490s looking at even outside of outfits just
492s we're digging into some of these
494s cultures
495s um we look at a lot of books and
498s of course Google but
501s um yeah it's just talk to a lot of
504s different people from different culture
506s we have a lot of people working in the
510s company who's from different parts of
514s the world so we are engaging a
517s proactively engagement conversation with
520s to really dig into that culture and get
524s more information yeah yeah we normally
526s also have like this meeting with a
530s couple of people in the team that will
532s let us know if like we're doing
533s something that may not be the best right
537s now or the best at all and then we can
539s move on from there and try to look for
543s other paths yeah that's more we're
545s trying to like you know we only know so
547s much about the world individual people
548s we're always trying to like let's find
550s experts let's make sure that our our
553s assumptions are correct or like making
555s sure that we're representing this
556s correctly and I think sometimes they
558s point out stuff that were like oh I
560s didn't even think of that like yeah and
562s I think we get idea from that too we're
564s like hey have you looked at this this is
566s how they actually do this in this
567s culture I'm like oh that's really cool
568s let's make sure that we like bring that
570s into our world because we want to make
572s sure that cultures is really represented
574s correctly
576s um but yeah I think any favorite outfits
579s are like designs you guys really liked
580s as we went along stuff that stands out
583s to you well
584s there's a lot but um
587s 10 tours of
589s um favorite more greedy and dark outfit
593s but actually there's a lot
596s um in new content coming up but we can
599s talk about that
600s but if I have to pick one from previous
604s release
606s um I think the silent death team
610s especially the light one and light set
613s and medium set those are yeah yeah
618s um those are really dark and greedy but
621s believable yeah I'd say our artists
623s really love the dark and pretty stuff I
625s don't know if we've done as much of it I
627s think we want to do a lot more of it in
628s the future yeah we're experiencing uh a
631s lot of that
633s of those type of themes so we are trying
636s to move forward into making more of
638s those any favorite thing you who you saw
640s come through there is one which I know
642s the internal name of it but it's not the
645s external name of it
647s um it's the
650s um describe it paint a picture with your
651s words yeah it's called Invasion invasion
654s is curvisher but I think outside in the
657s game it's called Champion Defender and
661s um it's the one that they use for a lot
662s of promos
663s the one with the spikes in the shoulders
665s and the spikes in the helmet yeah I like
668s I like that one
670s I think it's it has very like dark
672s colors but it's I don't know the
674s materials are pretty cool yeah something
676s you said I want to touch on like I think
678s we're always looking at you know what
681s since resonate with people what things
683s they react to there's a lot of like
686s there's skins that drop as rewards and
688s their skins that drop you know through
690s MTX and some of this other action and
692s there's like just gear that you get in
693s the game I think we're always trying to
695s like find a nice balance to like all
698s both of those those categories are
699s really important to us but I think we're
701s always looking at their feedback trying
703s to see like what kind of sets sort of
705s gravitate towards people and coming up
707s with new and interesting sets is like
709s that's the new thing I want to chase
710s that's you know end game MMOs it's
712s fashion this is this is all about
714s fashion right Cosmetics yeah
717s I mean
719s um
721s the armored armors that creation it
725s doesn't always process doesn't always
727s end up the same way but
730s we sometimes we Face challenges and
732s sometimes we make mistakes but what's
735s most important thing is we always learn
738s from the mistakes and try something new
743s the whole game as well I think we're
745s always looking at like how do we grow
746s what's the next cool thing we can add
748s what are players asking for what are
750s they looking for
751s so I think that's important but it's
754s important like you said not just for
756s um
757s the the store but also for like the
759s drops we just try to see it as a whole
762s and not necessarily like all the coolest
765s things for here or the coolest things
766s for there it's just like everything as a
769s whole and we try to go and learn through
771s the process of what the players like and
773s then we move from we we move towards
775s there on both sides drops and stores as
778s well do you guys have any thoughts on
780s cosplayers like like people taking your
782s art and uh making it real like have you
786s seen any cosplayers that you really like
787s you yeah I've seen a few of cosplayers
791s uh there's actually one person in the
794s team that did a cosplay of a very cool
797s outfit and I'm very excited when I see
800s those yeah when I see that it's always
802s exciting yeah like wow how did you put
805s that up you know I'm not cosplayer
806s something you uh your contact comes to
808s life in in the game but and then you see
811s it in real life yeah amazing it's very
814s exciting it was very fun yeah I think we
816s even some of the outfits I know some of
818s our signature characters we were in
819s thinking about like we've had the design
822s and we're like this is going to be a
823s little complicated if someone tries to
825s make this as an outfit maybe we should
826s make this a little a little clearer yeah
828s because it seemed like we wanted people
831s to do that like we want to encourage the
833s community to get involved yeah you know
836s um so how about we talk about dice yeah
838s yeah I think that's an interesting part
840s of outfits as a whole is players get
842s these dies in the game they can apply
844s them to their gear I've seen some crazy
846s colors in the game but in a good way in
849s a good way I think it's it's just like
850s another layer of player expression and
852s like right along with that transmog is
854s our upcoming feature you know soon to be
856s coming to the game I think I'm super
857s excited for that because there's so many
859s outfits that players have especially in
862s early levels that they just sort of like
863s they wear it for an hour a couple hours
865s and then they get another piece of gear
867s and that Gear's gone but there's a ton
869s of really cool looks in that early stuff
871s that now I think we can see players can
873s express themselves even more they can
875s swap out what their visual is and not
877s worry about what the stats are so much
879s yeah I know that there's a lot of um
882s skins in the store too that we have that
885s are not currently dietable and I know
886s there's a lot of desire for this so
888s that's something we're looking at for
889s transmogous can we get all the Skins to
891s be dyable so that it's a sort of full
893s expression across all the set which I'm
895s pretty excited for we'll see I remember
898s are seeing a player with the boy band
900s armor some time ago and everything pink
902s I'm like that works that kind of works
906s it looks cool
908s um yeah definitely looking forward into
911s how we we are
914s experimenting about the dice and the
916s transmog for the things in the store I
919s think I think it'll players will be
920s excited for that
921s so that brings us to our community
923s question of the week and what we want to
926s know is are there any themes or outfit
928s ideas that you have that you'd love to
929s see in the game what kind of outfits do
931s you want to wear what kind of outfits do
932s you like to wear on your player
934s um let us know in the comments below and
936s uh don't forget to subscribe if you want
939s to see more of this kind of content and
941s with that we'll see you in a tournament
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956s thank you
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