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0s I bet you have a spreadsheet.
2s I do.
2s I do have a spreadsheet.
4s It's like a to-do list.
4s I worry that if I did that, it would become like too much structure.
8s I'm never going to get to the fun moments or the more immersive moments.
18s Hey, everybody, I'm Scot.
19s Normally, we'd be here today doing a New World Dev update, but we want to try something different.
23s We have a new show called Forged in Aeternum, where we're going to be talking about all-things New World.
28s Today we're going to talk about different playstyles.
32s And I'm super happy to be here with Dave V, the Creative Director, and Drew, our Product Manager.
36s When I play, I like to go out and just kind of get lost in the world and do the experience.
40s Sometimes I'll, you know, drive hard for the endgame gear.
44s But when we talk...
46s why don't you talk about how you play a little bit?
47s I would say the there's so many things to do in New World, sometimes I feel like when I'm logging in, I want to always have an objective.
54s Like, this is what I'm doing this session that helps me a lot.
57s I want to get all my Gypsums for the day.
59s I want to raise a Trade Skill by 5 - 10 points.
62s I want to complete five Expeditions for the night - something like that.
65s I've been playing on fresh start worlds.
67s Obviously, I drove very, very hard to get level 60 as soon as possible.
72s Almost at 600 Gear Score a few days in.
75s Yeah, just try and optimize my time just because there's so much to do and I feel like there's never enough time to play New World.
82s I bet you have a spreadsheet.
84s I do have a spreadsheets.
85s It's like a to-do list.
87s When I started on the team, I remember people were like, "You know, what do you do to like optimize?".
91s And I remember linking a spreadsheet to some of the leadership and people being like, "Oh, you like, really like to optimize." I worry that if I did that, it would become like too much structure.
102s Like the other night, I wanted to just go get some Orichalcum.
105s And, you know, in Shattered Mountain, down in the pit?
107s Where you're fighting with four or five people?
109s That can be fun for 5 hours or that can be fun for 5 minutes, depending on how it's going.
113s And the other night, I got stuck down there for like an hour, hour and 20 minutes.
116s And it was a blast, though.
117s Like it was a lot of fun and competing, yet helping each other.
120s You know what I mean?
121s Yeah.
121s But I feel like I miss if I had to do these other things.
124s And if I only have an hour and a half to play, I'm never going to get to the fun moments or the more immersive moments.
132s Yeah, it could definitely be tough.
133s I think for me, one of the appeals is that I always feel like I'm making progress in my game session.
139s So I always feel like I accomplish something, which for me helps a lot of like, "Oh, now tomorrow I want to go accomplish this thing.".
146s It's like almost like a checklist every day.
148s Like I said, I have a spreadsheet that I fill in often.
151s I think I'm a little in the middle.
153s Like, there's a couple of things I like to do, like Crafting Cooldowns every day.
157s I like to do a couple of dungeons.
159s But then I sort of see what people are doing.
160s I go on a Chest Run and see what my Company is doing and sort of like go with the flow a little.
164s One of the things I think's neat about playstyles is using the Marketplace or not - the Trading Post, because some people I know are very averse to using the Trading Post.
174s I actually read an interesting thread about someone who was trying to do a no-Trading Post playthrough.
178s And I think that's sort of interesting - where you're completely self-sufficient; you gather and craft everything yourself.
183s I use it a lot.
184s I think it's sort of fun.
185s It's a good way to make a little extra coin and to sort of get things quickly.
189s When you looked at me and said, "No, some -"
193s Some people, some people - "
195s I don't like to drop hundreds of thousands of coins on items.
197s I feel...
199s It feels more rewarding when I either craft or get those in the world.
202s I'm not at all averse to selling stuff on the Trading Post.
205s I spend a fair amount of time - Just not buying?
207s I'll buy things if I'm trying to level up Crafting or focusing on, you know, one of those, but I'm not going to -.
214s Shouldn't say "not.".
215s It's a rare day where I'm going to spend big coin on a on a piece of gear.
218s Sometimes just to fill out, like if I have a hole in my build and I just sort of like, I'm sick of waiting for something.
224s But I'll put a cap at like 4000 instead of 40,000 because I want to go for - 4000?
229s You can't buy anything for 4000.
230s Absolutely.
231s You can buy a 600 pair of shoes, boots, for 4000.
235s You probably get some pretty decent two-perk pair of shoes.
238s Something to carry me until I go and solve the problem myself in the world, which is, to me, that's where I get that excitement when I when I get that drop.
246s And when I go buy the best thing, I'm basically telling myself, "Oh, you're not going to you're never going to beat this moment in the game." Interesting.
254s For me, I see it as, I'm beating that moment in the game because I manage my money well.
260s And then money is just a currency and a way of acquisition of some of the best items in the game.
266s And so for me, it feels like such an accomplishment to pick up that piece that I've been waiting for in my build, like a Shirking Fort Resil Third Perk Chess Piece.
275s Like I got a Shirking Perk...
276s Shirking...
278s Say it five times real fast.
279s Fort Resil Freedom Medium Chest that I saw on the Trading Post for, like, you know, 200,000.
285s I'd be thrilled to pick that up.
286s And it's just going to work in so many builds for me.
288s Yeah, I would prefer to buy trophies and things like that, when I'm spending my money, I lean more toward those things.
295s All right.
296s Well, it's time for the Community Question.
297s You know, we talked about how we like to play.
299s We'd love to know what your favorite thing to do is in New World.
302s And if you like the show, you know, let us know by commenting and subscribing.
306s We really appreciate that.
307s That will let us know to do more.
309s Thanks again and goodbye.