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Just uploaded Bunch of fixes in there for a few things mentioned above. Still working on a couple other issues. Patch notes added to the main body text.
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Can you send me your Player.Log and PlayerPrev.Log files?

They will be here:
Location on Windows: C:\users\you\appdata\locallow\Unknown Origin Games\OddRealm
Location on Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Unknown Origin Games/OddRealm
Location on Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Unknown Origin Games/OddRealm

I can take a look at the error.

If you are able to find those, send them to: [email protected]
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Hmm, very strange that there is no log file. I'll try to track this one down. Sorry this is happening for you.

Anyone else on Mac experiencing this issue?
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Originally posted by SilverGull: Mac user. There is no such folder. When installed, the game creates a folder ~/Library/Application Support/com.Unknown-Origin-Games.OddRealm, which contains only one subfolder /playersettings without a log file. I unistalled the game, deleted /com.Unknown-Origin-Games.OddRealm, reinstalled the game, the game launches, but as soon as I exit the game and start it again, I get stuck on the "checking mods" screen again.

Ah, I think Unity (the engine I use) moved the log file location recently and I didn't realize.

Is there a Player.Log file here?: