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19 Nov

Rotate utility makes the whole screen red

1 day ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Alright. I'll try to make it clearer.

18 Nov

17 Nov

16 Nov

15 Nov

Originally posted by QuillFly

Awesome. Keep up the good work.


Good day!

Really cool update for you today in version on the beta branch. I know I'm uploading another beta build but the last build had some nasty issues. I wanted to submit this as a beta again so I could get some help testing it out before pushing to production. This time around I'm only going to focus on making sure this build is stable so I can move it on over to production in the next day or so.

NOW, what's in this build? I've essentially done a huge pass on the art of the terrain. You'll notice that there's an added tilt perspective to blocks. This is to make the world fit in with the rest of the game art.

Also, there are several new blocks for you to build as well as three new brick types to build with.

OH, and if you ever had trouble understanding what is on the layer your camera is on, I've added a button and hotkey to only render the stuff on the same layer. You can hold ALT or press the little toggle button on the bottom ...

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