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30 Jul

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Choppo is correct. Next update, the game starts with you selecting the starting position. :)

26 Jul

Originally posted by GabrielBucsan

Wow, that's amazing. Can't wait to see that in action. Congrats man, the game is looking fantastic.

Thank you so much! Your support all these years is truly appreciated. :)

23 Jul

21 Jul

Originally posted by SilentDereck

This is beautiful

Thanks my friend!

Originally posted by quohogsdad

Odd realm x adventure time vibes. Sick art. I really like how vibrant it is.

Thanks! I have been enjoying the marker/ink combo because it produces such vibrant colors. Glad you like too. :)

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Originally posted by choppo: What I specifically meant by build new ancients was not to have new ancients but build a melee defender or labourer . A summoner could summon them and needs bones to keep them upright and moving. Could be cheaper/ easier to summon then the imps

It could possibly solve ravens issue of being weak early game but still steps off the path you have planned for them . Guess we’ll have to see where the game goes once the next update comes out :)

Oh ok! Then we are on the same page. I have a bunch of new summons planned, several of which are defenders. :)

Anyone recognize Greg?

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Ancients are intended to be rare. Being able to get more of them through some creation process would take away their value and also wouldn't make sense in the game's narrative. I think the main issue, one that I will be addressing in the next update, is that they don't have many options to defend themselves. The intention, as development progresses, is that they are powerful magic casters and summoners. They would use their magical strength to protect themselves. So, in the future, they will have more summoning and building options to help mitigate their losses in battle.
Now, that said, I will be adding some additional ways to find Ancients outside uncovering their underground tombs. Namely, you'll meet more of them wandering the overworld. This won't be super common--again, I want them to feel rare and special--but will be frequent enough to introduce some new, interesting characters.

Originally posted by Ramdoyen

Truly amazing, if you need any extra hands with coding feel free to PM me any time

I appreciate that! Thanks!

20 Jul

Originally posted by Ramdoyen

Just discovered the game, it is refreshing to see. Not sure if it is one man dev game but this is awesome.
I hope it gains a bigger audience.

Thank you! I do the coding, art, and design, but a musician by the name of Matt Creamer does the game's music. :)

Originally posted by DWLlama

This is so exciting and I am eagerly anticipating. Hopefully I can spend a week in early september building a wee little odd realm ;D

But, take as much time as you need!!

Thanks, friend! I'll be happy to see you play the new update :)

17 Jul

16 Jul

Originally posted by winter_woods

This looks amazing ! Cant wait to play the game again !

Thank you for supporting the game!

15 Jul

Originally posted by 3magic4

Looks great!


Originally posted by aewtech

Well done!

Hey, thanks!

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Originally posted by Commisar Jon ♥♥♥♥♥♥: Doing the same for Z-levels would be nice, too.

In the settings there is an inverse option for z scroll. Just not for scroll bars on UI.