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Latest Patch NotesPatch - Uniforms, QoL, Fixes (4 days ago)

14 Jun

Happy Friday everyone.

Today's Production build (v0.8.4.2) has been uploaded.

Besides the Beta changes from a few days ago (Beta patch notes), it includes:
-Fixed a bug where the custom zones inventory panel would get stuck open.
-Added an option to delete gear sets from the gear set list on the uniforms screen.
-Added dupli... Read more

bug with custom storage

4 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
If you update to v0.8.4.2, that should be fixed.

Villagers being instantly kidnapped?

5 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Ok, thanks for bringing this up. I'll test it out to try to figure out the issue. Cheers.

12 Jun

Patch Beta - Uniforms

6 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey super fam,

I've uploaded the latest version,, with the newest feature, settler Uniforms, to the beta branch.

*There are new tutorial steps for this feature. You can reset the tutorial from the settings menu if you'd like the game to explain it as you go.

What is this new Uniforms thang?
A lot of people have expressed that equipping settlers is tedious. The Uniform feature is a way around the micromanagement and monotony of going through each settler, one-by-one to equip items and gear.

Here are the important terms to know:
Gear Set - a loadout of items that Uniforms use to determine what settlers should auto-equip. Many Uniforms can use the same Gear Set.
Uniform - a preset which determines the items settlers need to equip based on Gear Set and prerequisites. There are three prerequisite categories: profession, selection group, and individual.
Profession Uniforms - settlers will equip items from this U... Read more

10 Jun

Cabinet Storage Type Wrong?

8 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Oh, I see. You have a good point. I'll make that change. Thanks!

07 Jun

Friday Update - Uniforms Feature

11 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hey friends,

Just wanted to let you know I won't be putting out an update today as I'm still working on the new uniforms feature. It's actually very close to being complete but, as you'd expect with something with so many complexities, there are a lot of edge cases and UI feedback tasks for me to tackle first.

Here's a breakdown of the feature:

The Uniforms window is a brand new overlay where you'll be able to create gear loadouts for professions, control groups, and individual settlers.

Uniforms Window[imgur.com]

Settlers that fulfill the requirements of a uniform will automatically equip the items that are a part of the uniform's gear set. For example, you can create a gear set for your Miners which has them automatically equipping pickaxes. As well, within these uniforms, there is a priority... Read more

06 Jun

Wicker Basket Bug

12 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Thanks, Benata. This is fixed in the next patch. :)

04 Jun

Hello! I'd love to take a look at your saved game to try to help fix this. Would you mind following these steps to send it to me?


The questions ...

Read more

31 May

Originally posted by sc033182

Cool, I did play the game over the weekend and couldn't see marking option.. Should have checked reddit first.

I'll be up for checking out the Beta, can you submit crash reports through the game or is a log file somewhere? ...if the game crashed or something :)

Edit : I guess just put a description in the pinned bug thread or something.

The discord is also a great place to send bugged files.

30 May

Patch - Mem Leak Fix

19 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam - Thread - Direct

This is a small update to fix a memory leak which was occurring with UI text. Though, it may not be the fix for every mem leak in the game, this one is huge and should help with a lot of crashes.



Sand clod

19 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
I've added the desiccated wood trunk to desert biomes for you to log. This is a very small resource, though, and you'll have to rely on wandering merchants to get more wood. That's just the trade off for settling in the desert.

i had a small idea

19 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Love it! That's something we have brainstormed before so it's definitely on the table. :)

Sand clod

19 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
You can make sand clods from stone chunks at the work shop.

29 May

Patch - Tooltips and QoL

20 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam - Thread - Direct

Today's update focuses on our trusty companion, the tooltip. I've also updated some other UI elements such as the workstation window to communicate things a bit better. This patch also includes the changes from the beta branch version

Here are the notes:
-Fixed incorrect seed/item inline icons for cherry corn, chaga fruit, plant fiber, sweet root, stoneleaf, and skyberries.
-Stoneleaf will now drop husks when harvested rather than when cut.
-Fixed a bug where workstation blueprints would have 1 frame of showing incorrect default info.
-Updated blueprint, prop, plant, tree, block, item tooltips to show:
-Item yields for deconstructing/harvesting/cutting/logging/mining,
-Rooms that may require the blueprint object,
-Permitted seasons (planting),
-Hours to maturity (planting),
-Season yield (i.e., apple trees).
-Decay rates.
-Container permitted items ... Read more

Won’t cook?

20 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
All good! A lot of stuff isn't communicated very well yet, so it's understandable that you could miss something. That's on me, not you. :)

Also, for rooms, people with the respective skill should automatically take ownership so that you don't have to manually assign them. Hopefully that's what you're seeing? It's not immediate, but settlers will progressively do this.

28 May

Won’t cook?

21 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Does the campfire room have any owners?

Also, if you send me your save file, I'd be happy to check it out. :)

Here's how to:

Minor Bug with mouse wheel

21 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
It's likely not your mouse, I'm just covering all the bases. Thanks for all your help. :)

Some thoughts I've had while playing

21 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Ohhh, I see. Yea, settlers can fall into pits/canyons if they are digging/deconstructing a platform above. Possibly that happened?

27 May

Some thoughts I've had while playing

22 days ago - Sleipnir on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
1. No reason. The custom loadout needs to be updated and I just keep forgetting to do so. I'll write this down. to make sure it's added. Thanks!

2. Great idea!

3. I'm just about done updating tooltips to have more info for tons of things. So, things like rot, mature time, what rooms props get used in, what the health/toughness of an item is, will all be shown on the tooltip. :)

4. We have plans to let you choose where your settlers start on the map. This should fix the unfortunate cases where the random spawner puts settlers into holes or on small islands.

5. I think point 3 covers this too as the tooltips will show which seasons they can be planted. As for keeping them from growing, that makes sense for when you're using the farm. For manual placement, I think I could add a helper text to the tooltip.

6. Yes! Agreed. We have plans to allow you to select which factions can go through locked doors. That should help with the animal issue... Read more
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