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It might not be in keeping with the developer's vision, but I'm having an absolute blast with my multicultural settlement. I'm not up on the lore, so I suppose there's a certain amount of Stockholm Syndrome going on here.

I'm running an Ancients colony, but I've got a lot of traps up and I've "tamed" a number of Human and Ardynian raiders, and then I bred humans and grew Ardyn in captivity so they think they're part of the team. It's working great.

I've got Nyctium buildings and Imp miners and Void Woken haulers and an inexhaustible pool of human farmers, anglers, archers and warriors. The Ardyn make for terrific immortal tradesmen, as long as I keep snapping up raiders in my cages to feed them life essence.

I think maybe I won the game for now.

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That's awesome! It is intended to be able to have lots of different races in your settlement if you choose. However, I will be making the management of captured entities more challenging. More psychological stuff, escape attempts, diseases if living conditions aren't great, etc. Also, if you treat them properly, you'll be able to make them full citizens. So, take advantage of how easy it is now! haha