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Hello! I don't have a lot of time to give you a full response this weekend as I'm a bit busy. I'll write up a better response tomorrow when I'm back to my office. :) Unless someone else responds first.. hehe
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Ah, my apologies for not following up on this one until now. Thanks for bumping.

Skills only provide a bonus to the output for jobs and combat. So, if you're fighting an enemy with melee weapons, you'd get +9 to the damage output if your Melee Fighting skill was 9. Likewise, for jobs, you'd get +9 to logging a tree with a 9 Logging skill. This means, you are either doing more damage to an enemy, or complete a job faster.
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Good catch. Summoning does increase the starting level for the summon.

As for window resizing, it's not the easiest thing to add, otherwise I would have a long time ago. It is on my list of polish tasks though.