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i got this game in an itch.io bundle a while back and I played a little bit when i first got it but kind of abandoned it because i had a hard time understanding game mechanics. recently got back into it and I am determined to figure it out. Any advice for a beginner on how to best enjoy this game? I understand how to do most stuff now but I kind of just don't know what I should be doing.

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Start planting crops ASAP. If you can, get your hands on some wheat or potato. You can make flour from these and flour does not decay.

The economy is currently way too generous, so you can sell a lot of the things you don't need for Ren when merchants stop by. Then use that to buy anything you need.

Castles are indeed fantastic (as stated by Stornwald), but keep in mind that making a fortress underground is usually quicker and easier to lockdown when attacked.

Each biome provides specific challenges, but keep in mind that Taiga and Tundra have cold seasons which can kill crops. Again, flour is nice to have because it can last you into the winter. Tropical biomes are quite easy with their seasons, but they tend to have more difficult pirate encounters.

Good luck and have fun!