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Unfortunately, we need to postpone the Mobile UI Beta. During our final tests, we encountered an issue that only became available after today's Game Update went live.

Before we get on to the technical aspects of what actually happened, the core of the issue spans over two key things. The good news with this issue is that it's already fixed - but regrettably, we can't implement the fix until next week's Engine update.

So, to get into the specifics, with today's update the stream that the Mobile TLI Rework was built inside has reached a limit that would cause players to be unable to login.

After meeting as a team and discussing any other solutions we had a previous version of the Beta Worlds without the new content from today's update still available. However, after testing the new Beta Save conversion on an older content build, it would only transfer over about 70% of your data, with the remaining 30% being the most crucial elements needed to play on your 'save' - the levels and items.

This means that yes, we could still run the Beta tomorrow, but every player would have to start from Level 3, with no viable way to easily level up their stats or get equipment.

The team is still exploring options to potentially launch the Mobile TLI sooner, but if we can't the Engine update will at least allow us to launch on Thursday, September 21st.

We will look to keep you updated on our progress and we can only apologise to those of you who we're looking forward to testing out this long-awaited Beta.

Thank you for your patience.

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