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Hey, I'd just like to add a disclaimer for those who see this thread and peruse the slides.

These were given as part of a presentation on our 'Discord Stages' today which included a lot more detail than is written on the slides from design philosophy, further explanations etc.

We'll release a blog next week with a more full-on deep-dive and a lot more information on this, so keep your eyes peeled!


Originally posted by VoxDeCaele

It IS now working, thank you for the help!

Appreciate the confirmation :)


Originally posted by rikkieher

For sure Steve. I appreciate it. I didn't see this earlier but I know you guys will fix it in due time. The King is very forgiving. I would appreciate it if you gave me a custom user flair indicating that I am indeed the King of RuneScape.

Thanks your highness



Originally posted by Zaino600

dirty dirty west

Haha, that was my predecessors work! I wouldn’t dare


Originally posted by VoxDeCaele

Same for me, I eventually got them but was several hours past link expiration

Urghh! Nobody wants to wait that long! I'm told the problem with Yahoo is now fixed - sorry for the hassle and let us know if you are now OK


Originally posted by Marhfg

Hey there ModSteve!

Thanks for the Update here! I was figuring this may have been an issue with Cloudflare at the time of my post as I was getting error codes from them. Looks like it has been resolved.

Hope you have a good day and thanks for the reply!

Glad to here you are now sorted, thanks for sticking with us :)


Originally posted by CasualKennyOsrs

Still not working for me , been since last night and all day today, cant get it to send any code whatsoever. got a few last night after like 3 hrs but said it expired already. and nothing at all today so far and its been 8+ hours

Sorry for the hassle - it does look like this is now resolved, let us know if you are now OK


Originally posted by noturcute

My jagex launcher doesn't show any of my accounts anymore.

Wouldn't be surprised if they messed up jagex accounts and now someone else can log in to my OSRS accounts :)

Thanks for another update of pure liquid shit jagex.

Try completely logging out of the Launcher and logging back in again. Please let me know if that doesn't work!


Originally posted by anygoats

Good to know - I was able to get back in after trying to install the launcher again so it does work sometimes at least but thought I'd brought this on myself for a moment...

The Launcher issues have been resolved now, and it appears RuneLite have just released a new update so everything should be back to normal. Please let me know if that's not the case!


Originally posted by anygoats

I had this bug but when I closed my client my launcher will no longer open, are these linked issues?

They're not linked no - separately from this the Launcher team are looking into why it won't load! Sorry about this, we'll get it back up asap!


Chatting about this with the team at the moment and it does appear to be specific to RuneLite. I'd recommend using the vanilla client or RuneLite in limited functionality mode for now until an update is deployed for the client.

Edit: The Launcher issues have been resolved now, and it appears RuneLite have just released a new update so everything should be back to normal in terms of interacting with in-game objects.


Originally posted by RondeyGod

Ah thanks for the reply. I was worried there for a bit haha.



It looks like you used our form to delete your data and permanently disable your account, which is your legal right. When we receive those requests we send a message back that clearly outlines what is involved and offer a 72 hour period in which you can change your mind. We do this because sometimes people regret their decision or have not grasped the implications of permanent erasure. You don't have to reply, and if we don't hear back we will process the request.

However, as you replied within that 'cool down' time and redacted your initial request, your account will be fine. Your reply will be tagged to your original request so it can't be missed.

When your ticket gets to the front of the queue, we'll also reply again just to let you know that we are cancelling your request for your peace of mind.

In terms of what you were actually trying to do, I'm afraid it is not currently poss...

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Hot off the press ... it looks like we have fixed the issues with Yahoo emails, assuming that is your provider, you should now be good to go


Yup - Jagex Accounts will use email login - that single login replaces all imported accounts old logins and that then gives you one click access to all characters under that account

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