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Originally posted by ATCQ_

Sween I thought you left Jagex? I took a break from the game but are you back?

Yea! In August I started consulting for them, along with a couple of other studios. I enjoyed it so much, and I’m so confident in what the game is going to achieve, that I accepted their offer to rejoin. My first ‘real’ day back was last Monday!


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I think to keep with the thematics of the true 2007 experience, we should have a banner ad, featuring a game in which the player is prompted to swat a loud, buzzing mosquito. If ignored, the mosquito perpetually loudly buzzes. Upon swatting the mosquito, the player is redirected to a website to download a virus.

I like it! Maybe AIM and MSN built in too so you can NUDGE! your pals when they’re offline?

It’s funny how everybody has their preferred version of the sites. I have fond memories of 2004’s appearance, simple buttons in the middle of the page that then descend into a labyrinth of other pages. I remember discovering the forums and having my mind blown that it was there for months without me knowing.


Originally posted by Ukkooh

I just googled runescape and the first link was play.runescape.com. It's a site with link to RS3 on left side and OSRS on the right side. I don't understand what the issue here is. Picture

Edit: The first result is actually www.runescape.com but it redirects to play.runescape.com.

Yep, the split landing page will allow players to choose RS3 or OSRS. Much better than taking up space on RS3's homepage imo. Yes, it's for first time visitors (or those without cookies), but that's who it's for. Beyond that, it isn't really needed again!

EDIT: Coming back to this! I wouldn't be opposed to see more OSRS visibility on the RS homepage, but I don't think it's the most crucial thing. We have a pretty good idea of traffic coming in, where we think they want to go, and whether they made it. However, I'd love to see - braces for impact - changes made to the OSRS homepage to bring it a bit more in line with what you'd expect today. Keep the themeatics, they're key. Don't flood it with banners and ads and whatnot. But I'm sure there's more we can do to make it work better for us, you, and new players.

28 Jan

27 Jan


So far so good! A few hundred Jagex Accounts made. We're discussing scaling the invites before we go to Open Beta. A few minor bits of feedback we hadn't seen in our internal staff test, but nothing major.


The answer lies in the rest of that Ideation Update article. Lots of 'this is just ideation, there's no guarantees it'll ever make it further than the pitch stage'. It's worth noting that since then ideation has been replaced by a game jam set-up that the team seem to enjoy more, and culminates in more detail being shared with players on livestream and surveys!


Originally posted by AshCan10

You might already know this but the Warframe Developers from Digital Extremes had a great format in the late 2010s with using streams to announce stuff and have community interaction. They don't do it well anymore, but it used to be really well done. Might give you guys some inspiration/ideas on sprucing up your own set up at least

Warframe's YT channel was something I took some inspo from when drafting up initial thoughts. Similarly I think Riot, Blizzard, GGG do a pretty good job, and Coffee Stain do a phenomenal job with their YT content. Lots to learn and hopefully improvements to make!


This is something we started talking about towards the end of last year. For me personally I'd love to set up a second channel for the full Q&A VODs and long-form things, and be able to focus on more bespoke, short-form content on the main channel (including just offering more cool behind-the-scenes looks on YouTube generally). The Q&A VODs are still valuable for people looking to catch-up (since a lot of US people can't tune in live) where Twitch VODs aren't quite as user friendly as YT uploads (in my experience at least!)

Nothing specifically in the works yet because there's a lot to get in place content-wise for 2023, but if anybody happens across this thread and might have any loose thoughts about our YouTube channel in general then I'd be keen to see some of them!


At least give me some examples :(


Originally posted by Angrry_

Yall should look at the rank 2 hcim trying to get his account back

He’s back on the account and the Support team manually assisted him in regaining access.


Yes, it's a phishing attempt. Check the...

  • Incorrect username
  • The myriad of typo's in the description
  • The destination of the URL - right-click to get the URL, head to somewhere like https://wheregoes.com/ and paste it, and see that it's clearly a fake RS site

The good news is that when reported they're taken down relatively quickly. The bad news is that Twitch aren't too interested in preventative measures. This also routinely affects FFXIV creators too. A while ago we took matters into our own hands and made a tool to help identify them nearly instantly, but I believe changes to the...

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Originally posted by WeakM1nD

Rabbit 07, omg ty ive been only using hdos these past month idk if that matters

I have unbanned you.


Originally posted by dmmnoob

RSN: "Souls battle".

I was falsely banned and would appreciate a response.

Feel free to smack me down. I truly have no idea what the anti-cheat team thinks I did.

It's been 5 months and I have not received any response from you.

Have some empathy.

Souls battle

Pretty sure someone replied to this. Real world trading, ban correct.


I can have a quick look if you provide your display name

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This week's update brings the much-anticipated Wilderness Boss Rework to Old School, along with a host of powerful new rewards!

26 Jan


Originally posted by Baby_BearRS

Unacceptable. Imagine forcing people to touch grass and interrupting our 16 hour daily gameplay. =c

im sorry :(


Originally posted by AlecSween

Hey'a, this is being looked into now, sorry for any inconvenience!

Woops, wrong account. Anyway, yep, being looked into.


Originally posted by AlecSween

Hey'a, this is being looked into now, sorry for any inconvenience!

Woops, wrong account. Anyway, yep, being looked into.