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25 Oct


That isn't the jewellery store. Go South. :)


You were banned for botting barbarian fishing for 6 hours straight and the ban is indeed correct. Three-tick barb fishing bot.


Do you have a display name for the account I can have?

24 Oct

23 Oct

22 Oct


Great feedback, have passed it to the team working on the game client. Thanks!


thank you
it was great to be had by you all

21 Oct


Originally posted by kukkelii

Idk if he took it seriously, but I still find it hilarious that he pointed out that it wasn't the reason for him leaving.


Flippy been on the duel arena schemes with Sween and now they both retire when the 10m cap comes out. No more protection money coming in from the sand casino mafia. I knew it. Smart move, would be a bit more sus if you guys left right after the cap.

I was being super serial


Originally posted by valarauca14

Mod Flippy was leading Wilderness revamp & leagues III. The dude bounced lmao

Wilderness revamped is now Winter-2017-pilled.

More devs than me are working on wilderness. My jobs will be transferred to another dev.


The accounts in that image have been banned for a while now, barring one which is a players alt account.

To confirm, the majority of the accounts that mine runite ore are players on alternate accounts although there are a small number of gold farmers that real-world trade using this method. The accounts that use runite as a method of gold farming to real-world trade are banned reasonably quickly after investigation.


Originally posted by CraftyScotsman


Maybe we're throwing it across the party room (due to our over exaggerated spooky dancing)!