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17 May

16 May

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Your first look at the latest RuneScape novel!

15 May

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Ahoy there! We’re thrilled to be sharing a much-awaited progress update on Sailing, Old School RuneScape’s first new skill.
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This week’s update brings further changes from Project Rebalance!
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In the mountains of Varlamore, an ancient monster awakens...

14 May


Hi all, I know this has been a longstanding request now that many of you are using the launcher and we've been doing more regular maintenance.

Whilst we do have the status page and socials, you rightly point out each time that they have their flaws and they're not the ideal solution.

I can't give you a date just yet, but I am happy to confirm that the team working behind the scenes on the Jagex launcher have confirmed they're working on getting this information made visible from the launcher itself.

Until then, please do keep checking the status page as we update that as soon as we're able to!

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Additional RuneFest tickets will be made available from 5pm BST on Wednesday, May 15th!

10 May

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Last Chance for these Official Plushies Sporting Iconic Outfits!

09 May


Originally posted by BabylonDoug

Can this be added to the news post?

I'll see if I can, gotta love a chracter limit 🙃

EDIT: Added


Originally posted by DRTwitch1

Is there a particular reason it was changed for Sandstone and Granite?

This method with the Gloves was giving XP rates higher than a lot of other methods which for something that is very low intensity goes against our goal of making the Mining Landscape better overall.


Just gonna copy this over for anyone who didn't see it:

We’ve made some recent hotfixes from the latest Game Update:

  • Fixed an issue where Brimhaven Ticket dispensers XP rates were wrong
  • Removed the ability for the mining gloves to work on Sandstone & Granite
  • The Pirate Hook is now correctly adding to the Collection Log



yeah the tagging xp is off by a factor of 10 currently, will look to hotfix this today.

08 May


Originally posted by biggersausage

Any chance we could get our 1000 slayer points refunded if you had previously purchased task storage?

we didn't change the unlock fee, only the actual storage fee.


Originally posted by Doctor_Monty

do you like hot dogs sarnie? urgent time sensitive question here

Yes, but Sarnies > Hot Dogs


Originally posted by LostSectorLoony

I'm guessing that you're correct, but it could also be read as referring to where the alchemy spell is being cast from. "Players will no longer be warned when casting Alchemy [...] from within this room."

Don't worry, this only applies to Mage training arena items. Your rune pouch is safe.


Originally posted by The-Swahn

Love that you guys updated slayer task storage, but is there any chance of making it possible to swap tasks?

It'd be cool to swap my current task with my stored one.

would be nice qol to do in the future for sure


Originally posted by pastwarrior

I got assigned earth warriors from Mazchna before this update, will that task be canceled or will it still be my task?

it will still be your task


Originally posted by Aunon

This is an amazing update with some potentially far-reaching and long lasting effects

Agility xp/hr buffs, Falador hard only needs prospectors helm, Efaritay's Aid might be useful?!, Guthix Rest aren't cancer to make, useful shortcuts

How faster are the shortcuts

at least 1 entire tick