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Mod Arcane said that he doesnt think releasing drop rates is fun. Are we gonna accept the fact that he decides what is fun or not for 100k players? Disgusting..

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about 1 year ago - /u/JagexHusky - Direct link

If the team didn't like what "Mod Arcane was doing" then we would be pushing against that. I think he has some very good points and his opinion is completely valid. That said, it's a team decision and not his alone.

Even with that opinion, it would be very irregular (aside from Nex) for us to release drop-rates so soon after the release of the content.

about 1 year ago - /u/JagexHusky - Direct link

Originally posted by Flagship_paperclip

I understand in that last QnA Arcane said there wasn't really a timeline for when you guys would release rates. With that being said, has there been any further discussion on this? Weeks/months? I wasn't playing when CoX/ToB were released so I'm not sure how it went with releasing drop rates for those raids.

I believe he also said on that same QnA that he didn't want it to be as long as you guys waited for ToB and that he would want to release them eventually.

Droprates are a strange and difficult thing because we do change them and we need to be able to change them as we observe how players are interacting with the content. If too many of an item are coming into the game and prices plummet to the point that the content doesn't feel worth doing then that's a bad thing. On the flip side if they are too rare and no one is enjoying doing the content and don't feel rewarded for doing it then that's also a bad thing.

There's a lot of talk about whether or not they need to be hidden but the truth is that even small changes to the drop-rates can upset players (as we've seen since ToA has launched). Maybe we just release them anyway and tell the players to deal with it? I don't know which approach is better but I can certainly understand why there is a desire internally to keep them hidden at least until we're confident that the rates aren't going to change moving forward.

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