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Hey all, I'm taking over this one for a while as Goblin is on holiday so bear with me as I'm not as close to the project as he was!

We spent a lot of time going over your feedback and the survey results to come up with these changes, so hopefully they resonate with how you were all feeling and we can move forward with some positive changes to various skills :)

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Originally posted by MisterPulaski

Why no mention of having agility level actually impact run energy depletion rate or carry weight? Was looking forward to this after it was previously proposed.

It feels absurd to have the same endurance at lvl 1 compared to 99. A lot of players’ problem with agility xp rates is that the skill simply isn’t rewarding enough for the long grind.

We realise that we aren't able to deliver something that complex as part of this rebalancing project, but it was considered at the start and the team already have a solid proposal for how it'd be reworked. I imagine we'll be sharing news on that sometime, just no longer part of this particular project.

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Originally posted by Rexkat

Wait... You responded to people asking for buffs to agility by... nerfing the proposed buffs to agility?? What?

Project Rebalance was never about straight up buffing Agility XP by significant amounts. As we said in this updated blog, our aim is to make Agility more rewarding and varied to progress through, not just faster. This means that our efforts are concentrated on giving players a wider variety of entertaining and XP-efficient training options.

We do know that many of you want to see Agility reworked in some form, and I imagine it'll only be a matter of time when we look to focus on that, but we need a solid foundation to work off and there are some big improvements that can be made before then (while we have the time and resource to tackle something like this rebalance).

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Originally posted by doyouguyssellpaint

Is this project rebalance or project minimum effort bandaid? Cuz you might want to stop calling it project rebalance and start calling it what it is.

There's a LOT more to this project than just these Skilling related changes - next week we'll be talking about entirely different topics. We've had to be selective on how much time/resource we commit to each topic, but we feel like the complete set of changes will have a much better impact overall than focusing just on Skilling.