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why link it to an osrs website asking you to log in?

Edit: I clicked on the link and it led me to a website that looked exactly like the old school login page. I exited the page once i saw that, am i safe?

Almost right after posting this, the twitch steam was suspended and unavailable.

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Yes, it's a phishing attempt. Check the...

  • Incorrect username
  • The myriad of typo's in the description
  • The destination of the URL - right-click to get the URL, head to somewhere like https://wheregoes.com/ and paste it, and see that it's clearly a fake RS site

The good news is that when reported they're taken down relatively quickly. The bad news is that Twitch aren't too interested in preventative measures. This also routinely affects FFXIV creators too. A while ago we took matters into our own hands and made a tool to help identify them nearly instantly, but I believe changes to the platform meant it isn't as effective anymore.