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1s foreign
5s welcome and welcome everybody uh it is
8s 2023 and we are back we are back I know
11s this is my first stream back anyway it's
12s been a while it's been a while how is
14s everybody doing I hope you are well uh
17s today if you haven't guessed because of
19s the guest we have on uh I am joined by
22s the wonderful mod Ed to talk all things
25s lore secrets of the north and more so
28s first off Ed how we doing
30s good good very good yeah it's uh it's
33s good to be back
34s um
35s it's been quite a while since we lasted
37s a law q a so uh very excited to be
39s talking about uh potentially some uh
42s some fun merger at antics
46s indeed indeed I always love these ones
48s as well because especially when you get
49s to go to town on all things Law related
52s I think it's uh some of the best ones we
54s have uh so yeah uh how what have you
57s been up to this week or is it all uh or
59s quite hush hush
62s oh well uh
64s I suppose this was it's not Hush Hush to
67s say that uh let's see with secrets for
70s North having gone out uh last week but
72s uh now the uh the next big thing for us
75s is uh is indeed desert treasure two so
78s uh this week has been the first uh
82s it's like first first like proper week
84s of the uh desert Treasure 2 project
86s we've done like sort of like little bits
87s of design work here at this or
89s inevitably like working on secrets and
91s off and stuff like that you come up with
92s ideas and open them down but this week
94s is kind of a first week properly uh
96s beginning uh the design work on uh on
99s desert treasure two so uh yeah really
101s exciting stuff obviously I can't say uh
103s any more but looking forward to sharing
105s uh sharing that with people very soon
109s yeah I'm not gonna lie me and uh me and
111s Goblin had some sneak peek earlier when
113s we was uh working through some things
114s and it looks very interesting uh I'll
117s just leave it at that so yeah so before
120s we uh jump into all things law let's
122s talk about some announcements so
124s exclamation mark game update uh this
126s week's update saw some tweaks to secret
128s to the north alongside some new quests
131s to uh Quest speed running uh not only is
134s there uh some that have come out of beta
136s but there's some new ones that have gone
137s in to Beta so see how fast you can clear
140s below Ice Mountain and Temple of AI and
143s in beta at the moment there's x marks
144s the spot and a kingdom divided so you
147s can check out all of that and some
149s funkiness uh in this week's update by
152s using that command uh the next one is
155s exclamation mark
157s s-o-t-n uh the martial art storyline
159s continues so unraveled the secrets of
161s the north and take on an otherworldly
163s boss in this brand new Master Quest so
165s you can check that out that exclamation
167s mark there uh animation Mark hole 78 so
172s the first of 2023's quality of life poll
174s is here with poll 78 you can check out
177s the new space to see what we have in
178s store as well as a survey to let us know
180s not only what changes you want us to
182s prioritize but also uh what TOA
185s improvements you'd like to see as well
187s as any future quality of life
190s whole questions you'd like us to
191s consider and I will say after this
194s stream I will be updating it with a
196s little list of stuff from your feedback
198s changes uh I'm not I'm just gonna
201s um say that don't expect any major
204s changes to the questions the questions
205s are staying the same there's just some
207s updates we want to share with with you
209s all so and finally we've got exclamation
212s mark accounts so we've got an update on
214s the jagex accounts which came out today
216s including info on the first of the close
219s beta's coming soon so you can learn more
222s about our plans for the jagex accounts
224s in our News Post there's also a handy
226s FAQ within the blog so check that out
228s before sending your questions over okay
231s so I think Ed we should just go straight
234s into the questions
237s um I hope you're ready for some uh
239s martial art related Mysteries
243s all right
245s good good stuff all right so the first
248s one we have is I've oh there's no names
250s on this one okay interesting there's no
252s names so they've all been kept a secret
254s okay uh I've really enjoyed secrets of
256s the north what was your inspiration when
258s creating secrets to the north and
260s there's a sort of follow-up question to
261s say did anything uh in particular
264s Inspire The Narrative behind it
267s so with secrets of the north uh a large
270s part of it came out of uh actually sort
273s of like for planning for Desert treasure
276s two
277s very like pretty much like very early on
280s desert treasure too it's sort of like
281s decided for
282s not only should it be a sequel to death
284s treasure one but also very much I'll
286s feel like a spiritual successor so uh to
289s like retain some of the iconic elements
291s like four new bosses in four new areas
295s uh that you have to uh defeat to unlock
298s some treasure in the desert
300s and then once that has sort of been
302s established uh
304s we moved on sort of starting to labor
306s groundwork for um
308s four of those four bosses in areas which
311s we started doing with other quests so
314s the first one was uh below Ice Mountain
316s uh then we did a temple of the eye and
320s uh the garden of death as well uh just a
322s just end of last year and so from that
326s sort of setting up these areas uh like
328s four areas we needed four quests and
330s that's sort of went conversation around
331s like well the fourth Quest could
332s potentially be
334s uh
335s and for that one
338s we're quite keen on uh not just having
340s it sort of human free where it just
341s introduces the area but also making it
343s in itself a major at Quest as well and
346s sort of like with it having been so long
348s since we've last uh seen any of them as
350s you're at uh sort of easing people back
352s into the March storyline with a smaller
355s but hopefully still quite impactful uh
357s addition to the storyline before the fun
359s really uh really kicks off in desert
362s treasure too so that was sort of like
364s the how the conversation on secrets are
367s not started and then as for like the
369s specifics of like what happens in it um
373s with it being
375s although it very much designed to set up
377s desert treasure too it is a very
379s important quest in its own right because
380s it is our first continuation of the
382s majorette storyline it is very much
384s setting uh
385s hopefully setting the standard for uh
388s all of our future major at work so one
391s of the things we did was uh looked at
394s be a large request we don't have in Old
397s School the ones that are in RuneScape uh
399s that sort of came out like um I mean
401s anytime after 2007 backup up until uh
404s ritual homage you're at in uh 2011.
407s and
409s it was very important to stay but we
411s wanted to stay true to
414s what the majorette storyline was
415s especially a storyline like that where
418s it's incredibly iconic it was incredibly
420s well received most of it was all written
422s by the same person who was you know Paul
426s Gower himself uh so it's not it was one
429s of those ones where like we need to make
431s sure we stay true to it but at the same
432s time
434s it still needs to
436s doesn't want to just be a rehash of
438s what's happened before people already
439s know that story so how can we
441s simultaneously stay true to Paul gowan's
444s work but also introduce uh some old
447s school elements so we looked at those
449s quests and uh
451s the one that stuck out was a tale of a
454s muscle which uh was a like a small
456s novice Quest that came out um
459s I think it was actually the first Marge
460s request that came out after a while
461s gothic's sleep so at that point dimar
464s storyline RuneScape was in full swing
466s but it's still quite a bit of a
467s backstory if it was unknown and tale of
468s a muscle I was a short Quest that was
470s used to like establish some of the
471s elements it would be key in like the
473s following majorette quests and uh that
476s sort of kind of made a lot of sense so
478s it must be in a similar place of like uh
479s we've got these marjack quests they're
481s quite cool not the one in a long time we
483s need to
484s reintroduce people to the story get
486s people back into it again and sort of
488s like introduce the key elements like
489s they can expect to see more moving
491s forward so taking some elements and tail
493s of muscle made a lot of sense but also
495s adding our own uh our own twist on it uh
498s by uh taking elements from a place as
500s well adding a few new things here and
502s there
503s um obviously in particular the stuff
505s with uh Hazel and uh the connection to
507s devious minds and uh and yeah sort of
510s the end result uh was a secrets of
513s enough
522s I'm double muted apparently so yeah
525s there we go
527s yeah I was I was just saying yeah it's a
530s I mean it's a fantastic West I really
532s enjoyed it it both Within the play tests
534s and uh doing it on my on my main account
536s again so it was a it was nice to to do
540s that and we even saw some graphical
541s improvements to the the uh the Margaret
544s returned which was quite nice to see
546s actually so
547s yeah
548s all right so uh we have sort of
551s something similar uh on the next
553s question Ed but which quests have been
555s your favorite to work on is secrets on
557s North one of your favorites
560s so I guess the word in the question like
563s favorite to work on which is an
565s interesting question because like not
566s necessarily the same as which quests are
567s my favorite uh I definitely say that
571s there's some quests that
574s we're just really enjoyable to create
575s and even if they're so like the end
577s result isn't necessarily sort of like a
578s quest I look at her and go like oh like
580s that's one of the better ones I've
581s worked on that sort of thing there might
583s be some like small novice quests or
584s something like that
585s but
586s I think the the ones that are really fun
589s to work on are um
593s I think they are to be honest they are
594s actually ones like secrets for enough
596s where you're sort of doing actually
597s doing a lot of setup for future because
598s you get to have a lot of fun with sort
600s of like little teasers and stuff like
601s that and uh
602s putting things in that you know people
605s can speculate on and that sort of thing
606s they can actually sometimes they can be
608s more fun to work on than the actual sort
611s of like really big ones where lots of
612s stuff starts happening because uh
615s because what you could do afterwards is
616s you even just sit on uh on social media
618s and watch people speculate on what did
619s this mean what did that mean so uh I
622s don't actually know what I'd say with my
623s favorite quest to work on but I
624s definitely want to say secret to North
626s it's definitely up there
629s excellent excellent all right so was
631s there a particular part of Secrets from
633s the north outside of the building up for
635s bigger things that you you particularly
636s enjoyed
638s uh I'd say um
641s really enjoyed doing stuff with uh Hazel
644s uh he's a character that was one of the
648s things sort of very early on in
649s development sort of uh
652s decided that we want to do more with
654s that character in RuneScape he's one of
656s the ones that isn't really explored due
658s to the whole uh whole thing of a
661s diverting storylines of uh is he uh is
664s he back or is he not so
667s that was one of the things that like we
669s do want we do want to bring him back and
671s do more with him so that was one thing
673s that was really fun but on the flip side
674s another thing that was actually really
675s quite fun was working on the uh on the
678s puzzles at the end uh we've talked for
679s quite a while about uh like it would be
682s fun to do like some more escape room
684s style puzzles in Old School a very like
686s a lot when you look back at a lot of
687s like the really like old quests to sort
689s of like those kinds of pulls like really
691s seen as a like classic uh classic Quest
693s puzzles but we've actually really done
695s too many in old school so it was really
697s fun doing some sort of like very like
699s traditional uh style puzzles
703s yeah I'm not gonna lie in terms of the
705s puzzles lately Garden of death I adore
709s The Garden of death and just the way we
711s did that like just like no hold hand in
714s just sort of like here's what you need
716s to do and you go and figure out all the
717s steps along the way like I I was I was
720s doing the quest
721s on my main next to uh my wife and she
725s was like oh this is really interesting
726s oh what's going on here and just like
729s you could see her leaning like closer
731s and closer to the screen as I was doing
732s bits and pieces and it was uh it was
734s fantastic
736s um yeah the garden of deaf is a really
738s uh it's a it was a really fun quest to
739s make uh it's one of those things where
742s I think sometimes when doing quests like
744s that like a smaller quests you get the
746s opportunity to try something a little
747s bit different and it's definitely not
749s going to be for everyone but yeah you
751s get the opportunity to like think
752s outside the box a bit and like what what
755s what could we uh what could we do here
756s but we don't normally do and
758s conveniently The Garden of death is one
760s of the four setup Quests for uh desert
762s treasure two so if you haven't already
764s played it
766s yeah I'd highly recommend Garden Of
769s Death 100 not just for the setup but
772s everything else is fantastic West
775s um all right there's there's one here
776s which uh I suppose
779s maybe like development time or just in
782s terms of you setting up law wise Ed but
784s how long did you spend creating secrets
786s to the north
787s uh so actual development uh
791s it was it was a fairly short project
792s this one it's not it's not it's
795s a hugely long Quest I mean it's not
797s super shot either it's not like a mid
799s sort of medium length one I'd say when
801s you compare it to a request uh I mean we
803s started development on it in uh October
806s and finished in uh December so it took
809s about just just over two months to make
811s a so
813s leaning towards sort of like I guess
815s sort of like
817s it's not like middle ground with regard
818s so how long it takes us to make quests
820s uh
821s I guess that's the actual development
823s though uh as sort of mentioned we sort
824s of been thinking about this and planning
826s a lot of this stuff for uh quite a bit
827s before then we first started uh thinking
830s about desert treasure to uh
833s about like three and a half years ago uh
835s that's when the first teaser started
837s appearing game with uh with gnome child
839s at via VIA birthday event and then
842s obviously as mentioned with a below ice
843s mountains so so like a lot of the like
845s ideas and stuff are sort of being like
847s potential designs when you're sort of
849s floating around for a while uh quite a
851s bit before development started
856s all right nice awesome uh and it's I
859s suppose to compared to like the previous
861s Quest Garden Of Death how long how long
862s did that take to make
864s so Garden Of Death was uh was actually a
866s that was a game Jammer project so that
868s one took a took a week to create a on
872s the whole we did do like a little bit of
873s tidying up afterwards so very of anyone
876s if anyone has ever done anything like a
877s game Jam they'll know but uh
880s those things can often be quite um
884s I want to say uh just just make make
887s anything but um
890s it they sometimes need a little bit of
891s Polish afterwards so uh focus on the
893s game channel is very much let's create
895s something that works and nurse it's
896s often quite fun about game Jam you get
898s something that's a little bit rough
899s around the edges and then you refine
901s afterwards so yeah Garden Of Death it
902s was about a week to making the game
903s German a few extra days afterwards to
905s actually polish up and make it
906s releaseable
909s I mean just just speaking on on related
912s topics the game Chan there is something
913s else that Ed created within a game Jam
916s that's uh also on the thing so people
918s should check out the pulsory ad block
920s for that it's very cool uh all right
923s next uh Law related question then uh
926s someone said I really like that Callahan
928s I hope I pronounced that right
930s uh is having another challenge and
933s that's how I think
934s Jalen okay all right cool yeah he's he's
936s not actually he's not one that I've made
938s he's a he's a character that appeared in
941s RuneScape as well so I believe that
943s pronunciation is uh Jalen uh
946s we need to say it is it's Canon now
948s that's a pronunciation in case it wasn't
950s there we go Jalen there you go you heard
953s it here first we need another mods uh
955s pronounciate James must pronounciate
957s RuneScape words
960s um all right and and that's how the
962s Phantom musfa manifests can you tell us
964s more about how you approach this
965s storytelling
966s yes I think sort of like kind of covered
968s us a bit of one of the other questions
969s and that we talked a bit about how we
972s looked at tale of a muscle in particular
974s and this is one of the things that we
975s wanted to uh
977s retain from RuneScape so like while
979s quite a bit of a quest like takes a very
981s different turn like
983s Jalen Mustafa was one thing we did want
985s to keep the same
986s but we wanted to make it feel more um
991s impactful like uh in in television with
994s being a novice Quest there's not
995s actually really any combat in that Quest
997s you just you find John as a musbar and
1000s then he just turns back into a major
1002s atom we wanted to make it sort of a bit
1004s more intimidating that this is a
1007s creature of a must VAR is something that
1009s the Mars are out of themselves fear to
1011s the point that Maja having nightmares
1013s about them and accidentally
1014s shape-shifting into them and turning
1017s that into a full boss fight was uh a
1020s really good way of showing it it's one
1021s of those really fun places where like
1022s sort of a game playing The Narrative
1024s combined like we knew we wanted to do a
1025s big boss at the end of a quest and we
1027s wanted to make the muscle feel more
1029s intimidating and what better way than
1030s sort of combining that make the muscle
1032s of a boss itself
1035s I mean it's a very cool looking bus I'm
1037s not gonna lie this is very cool uh
1040s speaking on I suppose the tales of
1042s musfire uh are there any future plans to
1044s follow the major art story uh outside of
1047s uh what we've already presented I
1049s suppose especially with stuff like wild
1052s Gothic sleeps and ritual the majora
1056s so
1058s I guess that's sort of like a sort of
1060s kind of uh semi answer this earlier but
1063s uh like as a question well the question
1065s says tangents to other Mustafa which uh
1068s sometimes quite a word I'd use but it
1070s definitely there definitely is sort of
1072s like a connection to tell them as well
1073s as the quest we looked at the most but
1074s we also wanted to make sure we added
1077s plenty of old school unique elements uh
1079s and hopefully sort of like people that
1081s see those elements that sort of gives
1082s you an idea sort of like some of the
1084s stuff we're planning for the future
1086s and hopefully sort of shows that um as
1090s sort of mentioned earlier but while we
1092s do very much intend to stay uh stay true
1094s to sort of like the
1096s feel of a of the original marjak Quest
1099s and sort of like the characterizations
1101s like individual characters and stuff
1102s like that that
1104s this isn't just going to be a copy and
1107s paste uh there is it is going to move in
1110s a little bit of a different direction
1113s um
1114s and as part of that I realize I'm
1115s probably going to probably answer a few
1117s questions in one here that might come up
1118s later but it also have interlinks so we
1120s can talk about it a bit uh I suspect uh
1123s assuming we don't run off time later in
1125s the Stream we might talk a little bit
1127s about uh Quest backboarding about the
1130s survey because I know if there was a
1131s question about that uh
1134s um and one of the things that was on
1135s that survey was while Gothic sleeps and
1137s basically with what our sort of feeling
1139s is when looking at the marjack quest
1141s there's a few from RuneScape that we
1143s want to follow relatively closely like
1145s the Lucy inside with valkyr fix Loops
1147s it's something that we'd like to say
1149s fairly true to if nothing else uh
1152s it's considered one of the most iconic
1154s quests of all times and uh there's a
1157s there's could be dangerous to try and
1159s perfect uh what is already close to
1161s Perfection uh so uh with how the loved
1164s wall Gothic sleeps is I think I wouldn't
1166s want to just change that story for the
1168s sake of it just to try and do something
1169s different and so when it comes to doing
1171s different things uh the hope is that
1173s they add to the storyline so Quest like
1177s Walger fix sleeps uh
1179s I'm very much hopeful that we can see
1182s our owner versions of folks in old
1183s school at some point but stay fairly
1185s true to those stories but other aspects
1187s of the majorette storyline I think
1189s there's going to be some quite
1190s unexpected twists and turns there and as
1192s a result I don't expect we will do
1194s ritual for marjorat in old school
1196s because uh ritual of a major app with it
1199s being the
1200s finale of a major storyline Where It All
1202s Leads to if we wanted to take ritual of
1205s Maja and put in Old School that would be
1206s basically us committing to
1208s doing all the other majak quests as well
1210s exactly as they were done in RuneScape
1212s which we don't want to do so
1214s we will have our own version of the
1217s Margaret finale and a ritual will of
1220s course take place in it but it will not
1221s be a ritual of a major app
1224s [Music]
1226s awesome stuff thank you Ed uh yeah I
1228s mean speaking of uh questions that you
1231s sort of answered already I suppose we'll
1233s ask this anyway because you might have
1235s something further to say uh secret stuff
1237s is very fun it has awesome lore with a
1240s great setup for dt2 can you explain the
1242s brainstorming process for this awesome
1243s Lord to tie it to dt2 and continue
1246s devious minds and uh Hazel cult easy or
1250s cult
1252s yeah so uh this is quite like convenient
1255s actually got to this question next to
1257s the devious lines of cult those are sort
1259s of the connections that we wanted to add
1260s for
1261s didn't that weren't present in RuneScape
1264s and uh sort of like they sort of like
1265s played a big part of the the old school
1267s elements we wanted to add to this but um
1269s so as I already mentioned Hazel is a
1271s character that was one of the Margaret
1273s that wasn't really explored too much in
1275s RuneScape at least not
1277s not the time when these quests were
1278s coming out um
1280s and devious Minds was one that while
1284s while it did play a pie it was quite a
1287s small part uh it was sort of like um
1291s had a small small connection to a
1293s template senderston but not not too deep
1296s on it was basically uh spoilers for
1298s anyone who hasn't played template
1299s Sanderson it's been uh it's been quite a
1301s long time so hopefully you don't mind uh
1303s like the assassin reappears in that
1305s quest uh and he uh gives the player the
1307s uh Relic that he stole so it could be
1308s used as part of uh as an address uh sort
1312s of like um
1314s ritual that he's doing to uh uh rest up
1317s hopefully re-establish contact with uh
1319s with zaros and uh
1322s again it's one of those things where
1324s devious Minds is part of a Margaret
1326s storyline it wasn't obvious in old
1328s school before but it absolutely always
1330s was he uh admittedly the developer of
1332s devious Minds who's no longer at the
1334s company didn't leave much documentation
1336s on what their plans were for a sequel to
1338s that Quest but one thing they did make
1340s very clear from some comments I left in
1342s the code is that devious Minds from the
1344s very beginning was always a major
1345s request just never obvious at the time
1348s so we took those comments and we we ran
1350s with it and tried to uh tried to link it
1353s into this we really wanted to
1355s feature the Assassin quite a bit more
1358s heavily than he was featured in
1359s RuneScape and making sort of like a core
1360s part of the story and make it feel like
1362s devious Minds is a is it is its own
1364s worthy part of the marjorat storyline
1366s rather than just sort of like oh it's an
1367s afterthought uh let's not worry about
1369s that one uh so yeah like those two
1372s quests are like it was very key from the
1374s start that they play a big role here
1378s yeah it's very cool I mean the Assassin
1379s in itself especially is Iconic uh bow
1383s sword weapon I think is a
1385s quite iconic piece that it's nice to see
1388s return in its own right anyway
1390s and indeed uh maybe not the last we'll
1393s see of him
1395s oh all right nice T there's the first
1398s tease I was waiting I was waiting for
1400s the first Ed Ed teaser drop and we're 26
1403s minutes in that's not too bad that's not
1405s too bad sorry
1407s um all right uh question seven we have
1409s is there a law reason why the Phantom
1411s Mustafa uses corruption which is
1413s otherwise associated with the uh Arceus
1415s magic or is that coincidental
1419s okay so I'm gonna have to be probably a
1421s bit disappointing here and follow on the
1423s last uh fun little teaser with uh a
1425s rather boring answer that uh like the
1428s only reason corruption well before this
1430s Quest the only reason correction was
1432s considered tied to the Arceus spell book
1433s is because it was the only place where
1435s it was used but it was never the
1437s intention that corrupt shouldn't be some
1438s like archaeus or like Korean specific
1441s effect it was just meant to be designed
1443s as like a new sort of like General
1444s prayer draining effect that could be
1446s used throughout the game it's not
1447s similar to like poison or
1449s I don't say disease but it's not like
1451s diseases used anywhere in the game
1452s probably for good reason but along that
1454s sort of line so so no I'm afraid I'm
1456s afraid not uh there's not really meant
1458s to be any uh
1460s any secret like hints or tears in that
1463s it's just uh it's an effect that we
1465s expect to use in various places in the
1467s game
1469s it's a cool mechanic it's a cool
1471s mechanic it's nice to see uh see it see
1473s it come into Old School in like a nice
1475s nice way
1476s um all right the uh question a I mean
1481s will we be seeing more martial art in
1483s the future that haven't yet appeared in
1485s Old School like how Jalen was introduced
1487s in this Quest
1489s oh spoiler territory but uh but yes yes
1492s we uh
1494s we don't want to go overboard and start
1496s having larger reference Center one of
1498s the really nice things about the Majora
1500s is they're sort of like
1502s there's like there's just there's a
1504s really nice amount of them that like
1505s each one of them sort of has her own
1506s unique like unique distinct character
1508s that you can explore into like like
1511s reasonable detail like their quests and
1513s stuff like that if you start adding too
1514s many you sort of lose that and it starts
1515s to become more about just for Maja as a
1518s race rather than as the individual so we
1519s don't want to like introduce too many uh
1522s but there are a few more who haven't yet
1524s appeared in Old School who will do over
1526s the like uh future quests and when I say
1529s quests I do mean quests like I don't
1531s expect every single Marge wrap to appear
1532s in desert Treasure 2 for example will
1534s save others for like other other stories
1537s um
1538s but yeah we're not going to go overboard
1539s so it'll it'll mostly just be the ones
1541s that were sort of in RuneScape in the uh
1544s like 2007 to 2011 era so the ones that
1548s sort of appeared in those Post Old
1549s School quests uh prior to Ritual of
1551s majara rather than any of the uh others
1554s that are sort of like spoken about just
1556s in like history and stuff uh or any like
1558s new ones
1561s yeah don't don't expect an end game
1563s style all the all the characters are
1566s here now kind of things because I don't
1568s think I don't think that's gonna happen
1571s um all right and again this is another
1573s question Ed that you uh you've sort of
1575s touched on but I like the follow-up
1577s question that this is where you can be
1579s as vague as you want uh is there a plan
1582s at the moment for where the martial arts
1584s story line is going I wonder if you have
1586s a plan Beyond dt2 or the ritual of
1589s Rejuvenation if those are different
1590s things for where you'll take it and will
1592s dt2 be the end of the martial art
1595s storyline or the beginning of something
1597s bigger
1599s so I just kind of alluded to this a bit
1601s with some of the previous answers but um
1604s of course not give too much away but
1606s make sure we uh at least provide a
1609s reasonable amount of clarity uh so
1613s when it comes to planning storylines uh
1616s like we generally plan out sort of like
1619s the big like main key beats uh and then
1623s so like some of the smaller details uh
1625s often aren't uh properly worried about
1627s until it actually comes to developing
1629s the individual quest uh it's a good
1631s bounce I found that's like served us
1633s really well with like the quest we doing
1634s but like you always know where the story
1636s is going there's always room for like
1638s little extra elements to be added based
1640s on like feedback or uh like other
1642s developments are happening in the game
1644s that sort of thing
1645s um so for the Margaret storyline uh the
1649s fact that yeah we are now working it
1650s means that we have planned out the key
1652s beats of like where this storyline is
1654s going to go
1655s and as a tradition plays a core part of
1658s that but it is uh it's not intended to
1660s be the finale I put desert treasure two
1663s as a wild Gothic sleeps to your
1665s questions but it's going to be big it's
1666s going to be impactful it is a grand
1668s master quest uh but there will be more
1670s to come after that so just like what
1672s while Gothic sleeps is to Ritual homage
1674s consider this something similar there
1676s will be additional quests after desert
1679s treasure two uh and similar to the way
1682s uh the marjoratzarella has worked up
1684s until this point where it's rather the
1685s linear storyline it's sort of like
1687s crisscrosses over a bit and like comes
1688s back and forth not all of us quests were
1691s required as a treasure two there'll be
1692s some coming from like different areas
1693s focusing on marjorette but we haven't
1695s seen much of yet or haven't done much of
1697s in a while then there will also be ones
1699s that directly uh follow on from dt2 as
1701s well and that sort of is uh X going back
1704s to ensure about backporting that's how
1706s we feel that we can do back ports of
1708s quests like while Gothic sleeps while
1710s still offering plenty of new things as
1712s well the major storyline is really well
1713s set up for that sort of thing with it
1715s being like lots of branching plot
1718s threads that then eventually come
1719s culminate together at the end rather
1721s than it being a linear storyline it
1723s means we can simultaneously do our own
1724s things and uh
1726s and um backpack quests as well so yes
1730s there's there is a rough plan it
1732s involves multiple quests some new some
1735s potentially backboarded and it will
1737s culminate in one big finale that will be
1739s the ritual of Rejuvenation but it will
1742s not be a ritual of a majak quest as you
1744s know it from RuneScape it'll be
1746s some other
1748s take on the ritual
1751s and to say anymore would be a spoiler I
1753s hope we've at least provides some
1754s clarity on what the plans are so for
1757s anyone who is who is thinking desert
1759s Treasure 2 might be the end uh I guess
1762s depending on depending on your take
1764s either
1765s side relief you've got plenty more
1767s marjorak coming or oh no horror plenty
1770s more Mars track coming
1773s yeah I think I mean I'm I'm in the
1776s camper definitely that's a good thing
1777s right so
1780s um I mean we've already spoken about
1781s this person but I the question in itself
1784s is pretty good so can we discuss the bow
1786s sword wielding Ninja Assassin who not
1788s only kills monks on entrana but also is
1791s messing up followers of zamarack uh is
1794s this a Rambo guffix agent a zerosian
1797s general three known children in a trench
1799s coat sliskay in disguise
1803s the best part about old school
1805s storytelling is that free dojo in a
1807s trench coat wouldn't actually be an
1809s impossibility uh for probably unlikely
1812s I've you know what I do like it though
1814s maybe we should make that true
1817s um so again don't want to give spoilers
1820s out what's happening in the future but
1822s uh so as we mentioned in an earlier
1823s question like we wanted to make the
1825s Assassin uh sort of like a much bigger
1828s character again some some of that was
1831s based on like the few small comments the
1833s original creator of uh devious Minds
1836s Left Behind uh but
1838s we wanted to explore him a bit more and
1840s we will be exploring him again in the
1842s future and uh hopefully providing some
1845s clarity on like who he is and what
1847s exactly is he up to and uh who's he
1849s working for
1850s is he working for anyone
1853s who knows
1855s ooh very mysterious very mysterious and
1859s talking of a more mysterious assassins
1862s someone asked with what's with the plot
1865s armor for assassins in Old School first
1868s akd and Now secrets of the north why do
1870s they keep killing people after being
1872s clapped by the player
1877s I don't think they have pla armor I
1880s think I mean
1882s I would I would say that wouldn't I I've
1884s made these quests uh some some person
1887s who wrote this question is now something
1888s like oh I've trapped him now come on Ed
1890s what are you gonna do here
1892s um I think like with akd like
1896s the assassins in that one um
1900s they were sort of written in that Quest
1902s sort of like very specifically be like
1903s uh they're absolutely terrible in a in a
1907s proper fight and that's why the player
1908s soil to effectively beat their their uh
1912s the advantage they have is their ability
1914s to be stealthy assassins and that is why
1917s variables do what they do at the end of
1918s the quest so that's obviously going to
1919s be it's obviously a huge plot point the
1921s current storyline is going to be
1922s explored very heavily
1925s but I say very heavily it is going to be
1927s the focus of the next quest of the
1929s correct storyline of uh
1932s why what I can spoil it can't I it's
1935s been a couple of years who killed the
1937s king who hired this assassin how was an
1939s assassin able to get into the castle
1940s what what how are they able to get past
1943s all the defenses both physical and
1945s magical and get into that castle anyone
1948s realizing and assassinate the king like
1950s that shouldn't have been able to happen
1951s what was the reasoning behind that and
1953s that is sort of like very much the focal
1956s point of the next quest in the current
1957s storyline when we come to doing that one
1958s so hopefully uh hopefully they don't
1962s have slot armor they just uh they had a
1964s very good plan and acted it very well
1966s and uh that might uh
1969s there's an interesting things in future
1971s quests and uh that's the secrets of the
1973s north you didn't you didn't clap him he
1975s just got bored and uh
1978s and cracked on that's that assassin is a
1981s he's definitely not your standard
1983s assassin that warning he's got some more
1984s tricks up his sleeve
1988s serious stuff I like this I like they
1990s said so I think we're gonna go from
1992s mysterious though to a bit more open and
1994s ask who's your favorite murderer
1998s oh who's the favorite
2000s um
2003s I don't know
2007s I do really I do quite like uh Hazel
2011s maybe I'm just biased because I saw what
2013s I mentioned doing like he's sort of like
2015s the the one of the main Majora in
2017s secrets of the northern one that wasn't
2019s exploding RuneScape so it was really fun
2021s like uh actually getting to do more with
2023s him
2024s um
2025s so he's on
2027s and I uh I've got a bit of an
2029s interesting I've always found act for
2030s Knuckles quite interesting but he's got
2032s a head of a camel like uh
2036s who goes right
2039s I'm going you've got the ability to
2041s shapeshift into anything you want you're
2043s a part of a race that has this magical
2045s ability to shape shift
2047s and you go
2049s I could be anyone
2051s I'm gonna be a camel
2054s I I find that fascinating and I really
2057s hope we get to explore more about his
2060s curious uh
2062s choices
2066s I get it for a day right just like I
2068s wonder what it's like I wonder what it's
2070s like ah it's not always cracked up to be
2072s and then move on to something different
2073s it seems like he's been in cam mode for
2076s a while at least I think it might have
2079s been quite a few thousand years he's
2081s been doing this so
2083s it's really quite the thing for him
2086s the man just loves camels camels
2092s uh all right cool actually chat what if
2095s you were a margin you could transform
2096s into anything what would you be what
2098s would you be at actually the first thing
2100s what would I be uh not a camel
2103s um
2106s I don't know is this is this
2108s transferring into another person or an
2109s animal or
2111s whatever you like we'll keep it open
2113s let's keep it open
2116s I don't know you've really you've you've
2118s really caught me out there you go
2121s trapped me
2123s I think that idea or something if it's
2125s like if the the transformation is like
2127s fully
2129s then I'd want to do something that can
2130s swim probably
2135s can you not swim
2136s I can swim but I sink it's my biggest
2139s you're on a swim swim
2141s I want to swim swim I want to like
2143s explore the depths of the ocean you know
2145s okay fair enough we'll say something
2147s like a like a like probably like a bird
2149s or something just go go for a little fly
2151s around just just to say you've done it
2154s yeah I think that's nice I think that's
2156s nice someone asked someone said they
2157s should they they want to turn into free
2159s known children in a trench coat which is
2161s very fitting
2163s um which one would you be would you be
2165s all of them though or would you just be
2167s the top one
2169s now now we're getting into the
2171s intricacies of how how do how does shape
2173s shifting work like what are the rules of
2175s shape-shifting
2177s yeah maybe presumably explore like when
2181s they shapeshift into humans they get a
2183s bit smaller so they can presumably
2184s change their Mass while shape-shifting
2186s what's the limit of that how big can
2188s they make themselves
2189s oh man these are all the questions of it
2193s I think we need to write a quest about
2194s this
2196s yes cancer too we need to focus more on
2198s the intricacies of how does shape
2200s shifting work and what are the rules
2202s I think we should just get rid of
2203s everything else this year and just focus
2206s on on that do everything to do with that
2208s I'm sure I'm sure the players would love
2210s that
2213s um all right uh the next question we
2215s have in is uh will the Easter egg
2217s connections between Karen Zurich and
2219s zaros pay off in desert treasure 2. I
2223s feel like that would be telling
2225s well the thing is this is quite an
2226s interesting question because
2229s I didn't think there were really Easter
2232s eggs directly connected to and I guess
2234s like some of the question I had earlier
2235s I said hopefully not disappoint people
2238s to temper expectations of uh
2241s I don't think we've been putting that
2243s many Easter eggs in about some big
2246s secret link between Zurich and zaros so
2250s if we if I did I would I didn't realize
2253s um
2255s so I will say is there are links between
2258s the Margaret storyline and current like
2261s we've already you know said as much with
2264s like there's a treasure 2 requiring uh
2267s the uh The Garden of death Quest um so
2269s there are definitely links there but
2271s we're not talking links to a point where
2273s the Korean storyline is actually
2275s secretly part of a major storyline and
2277s the two are going to combine into as you
2279s mentioned earlier the big epic end game
2281s style Quest where all the storylines
2282s combine like that's very much not the
2285s intention we want to just not strong
2287s about these surroundings in general with
2289s all of our storylines uh
2291s we want to make sure we stay true to all
2294s of them and like keep them all like
2296s their own storyline and not just try and
2299s like start combining storylines and
2300s stuff like that to try and make it feel
2302s more big or epic or anything like that
2304s there's a lot of crossover there's a lot
2307s of like little links here and there
2308s there are little links between the major
2310s and the current storyline but you will
2312s see a fair amount of in uh desert
2314s Treasures two some of those links are
2316s quite significant but this isn't some
2319s like secret uh oh it's all going to
2322s combine and it's going to be revealed
2323s that Zurich was behind everything uh so
2325s that's not the direction we're going to
2327s be taking it in
2330s I mean this might give you uh more
2333s context that the the last question we
2335s have related to Secrets enough one of
2337s the new NPCs in uh user Oasis at secret
2341s North mentions uh Sidious are these new
2343s areas desert treasure two related
2348s uh
2349s when they say new areas I assume they're
2351s referring to the user Oasis
2353s deciduous isn't new um but I guess I'll
2356s answer both uh so
2359s yeah here we did add a little uh Oasis
2362s uh alongside uh secrets for now if I
2364s wonder how that got there
2366s um
2368s some of it some of that area is
2370s definitely
2371s desert treasure two related that's not a
2373s spoiler if you watched the uh does it
2376s Treasure 2 trailer you'll already
2378s recognize the uh the uh Vault that is
2381s located in this new River desert as
2383s being from the trailer and if you
2385s haven't watched visitation 2 it did too
2387s the desert Treasure 2 trailer yet
2391s go and watch it because it is quite a
2392s good trailer and you might see a little
2395s uh a few little teasers here and there
2396s uh so yeah some of that stuff like that
2399s vault is absolutely setting up treasure
2400s two but also um
2403s there's also some other stuff in that
2404s area as well that isn't uh there's a
2406s treasury related
2407s some of that stuff is still marja
2409s related which is quite fun so some stuff
2411s there setting up other things we like
2413s we'd like to do with a major storyline
2415s in the future for Aunt as a treasure too
2417s and some of the stuff there is just not
2419s Margaret released at all it's just some
2421s nice uh it's a nice little bit of flavor
2422s to add some life to the area and
2424s potentially be explored one day but
2426s doesn't have to be in future quests and
2428s stuff uh so yeah I guess to answer
2431s something like that it's a mixture of
2434s yes maybe and no depending on which bits
2436s you're looking at
2438s all of the above essentially right
2441s that's exactly
2443s yeah we were actually surprised I
2445s remember Ed in the call when like the we
2448s always have a weekly update called while
2449s the game update goes live and I remember
2452s two hours in you've been like why has no
2454s one mentioned this new area that we've
2457s dropped I don't understand how they
2459s haven't seen it yet I was keeping an eye
2461s on the uh on like the wiki Discord
2464s having a little nosy like for watching
2466s them sort of like update everything and
2468s find all the little stuff they were so
2470s focused on secrets to the north and like
2471s everything like in the north but nobody
2474s had even opened the map and looked at
2476s what was happening in the South and then
2477s it's not quite a few years that someone
2478s just suddenly went hang on this wasn't
2481s here before
2484s yeah it took it took a lot it took you
2486s guys a lot longer I know you might have
2488s probably was interested in the quest and
2490s the boss which is fantastic but it was
2492s quite surprising I will say
2495s um all right oh we haven't even got long
2496s left this time has flown by so I feel
2499s like we should get a couple of General
2501s law questions in and then we'll show
2502s some uh lovely uh play Creative content
2505s to finish off uh so the first one we
2508s have Ed is when creating the Loft
2509s request what's the process like between
2511s you and other Developers
2514s uh it really depends from uh from quest
2518s to Quest To be honest uh
2522s I mean the actual process of creating
2523s the law itself varies from quest to
2526s quest uh depending on a lot of things
2527s like some like oh we're just talking
2529s about the secrets of the north where
2530s we'll like look to RuneScape see what
2532s they've done make sure we're being
2533s respectful of that but I'll also adding
2535s on its own elements obviously with
2536s something like adding a new Corinne
2538s Quest it's uh you know has no texture
2540s would say whatsoever so like we're like
2542s not looking at RuneScape at all
2544s particularly so the actual process of
2546s creating law itself could vary quite a
2548s bit
2549s and then
2550s I guess on like working with other
2553s developers uh that also depends sort of
2555s like the type of project it is like some
2557s quests that are Standalone uh
2560s in the sentence that sometimes that's
2562s very bad word to use I mean standing
2563s over sets like Standalone Quest but more
2564s as in Standalone pieces of content uh
2567s where uh
2568s we'll just release a quest and nothing
2570s else so for example like uh you know
2572s Garden Of Death was like but the release
2573s was just the quest uh
2577s most cases normally just myself working
2580s on them uh then once we uh are working
2583s on things like seeks North or desert
2585s treasure two and there's a like
2586s post-quest content big process contact
2588s bosses and new areas and stuff like that
2590s uh then there's only quite a few of us
2592s working on it and uh
2594s it's myself normally like taking a lead
2596s on the law and then uh with the uh
2598s working with other developers is often
2600s like a it's often a fun back and forth
2602s of uh like you might have somebody who's
2604s thinking more about sort of like the
2606s gameplay the mechanics of the boss fight
2607s and I'm there going uh
2610s oh it doesn't quite fit with a law
2612s they'll go but it's really cool and I'll
2614s go
2615s crap all right let me see if I can make
2617s this work the ultimate example of that
2620s it wasn't actually a quest was uh
2622s theater of blood so for the theater of
2625s blood
2626s uh we decided quite early on in
2628s development that we want to do it in
2630s Mauritania at a time we hadn't really
2632s done much content in Mauritania so it
2634s was in mauritan obviously it's going to
2635s be vampire themed and then soon after
2637s that the suggestion came up of uh
2640s like let's let's lean in heavily on uh
2643s like for like vampire Society aspect of
2646s the law of like uh
2648s like the wavy sort of like uh Lords and
2650s Ladies act let's make a theater this is
2651s a place of entertainment and then what
2654s sort of those things have been
2655s established it sort of fell to me to
2656s sort of like fill in all the detail like
2659s uh okay we want to do a vampire theater
2661s in Mauritania Ed what what is the actual
2664s law for that so I think with like lots
2666s of characters and like ideas and
2668s backstories for the bosses and then we
2671s were Midway through development and we
2672s were sort of under the impression that
2673s all this had been finalized a mod ghost
2676s he comes along he goes
2679s I've got an idea to make the final boss
2681s versic
2683s to give a more month
2685s at the time mod Kieran who was working
2688s on it he wanted to do an additional
2689s phase at the end we were we designed her
2691s as a two-phase boss it's like it's not
2693s enough she needs more she needs a third
2694s phase and mod ghost comes on and goes
2696s I've got this idea for a third phase you
2698s know we've got these spiders in other
2700s parts of a grade she turns into one
2705s and I'm just sitting there like
2707s the vampire turns into a spider
2711s but what that's not what that's not what
2714s we wrote
2716s and so I had to go away this is like
2718s mid-developed I went away and uh
2721s I basically rewrote verzic story to the
2725s one that is presented in uh the night of
2728s a theater Quest so all of that only
2731s really came about because because
2733s someone came along and went
2735s spider that'd be cool
2738s and I hope it doesn't sound like I'm
2739s moaning about that because at the time
2741s it's probably very much like uh it was
2743s very much like oh God what am I gonna do
2745s but
2746s stuff like that is actually really one
2749s of the really good parts about game
2751s development that it really forces you to
2754s uh sometimes it really does force you to
2757s sometimes go back to the drawing board
2759s and like come up with ideas or even
2761s cooler than before like when when
2763s someone like mod ghost comes on and goes
2765s I want to turn it into a spider
2768s it was a really good opportunity to
2769s actually go back and go
2771s okay how can we make this work and the
2773s end result was something that was
2774s probably far faster period than the
2777s original story which was just she's just
2779s a boring old vampire he gave us the
2781s opportunity to sing really fun and
2782s creative
2785s yeah it's a very very cool uh like it's
2788s just a cool thing when I especially when
2790s we were sorting out a night at the
2791s theater and you were presenting that I
2792s was like that is cool when you explore a
2795s bit more of why that is it's amazing and
2797s that was another funny thing about it as
2799s well it's like uh it was all written
2802s back for theater of blood but we didn't
2803s really properly explore until three
2805s years later with night at the theater so
2807s it was just sat there and there's a lot
2808s of things like that where we always like
2811s to establish like backstory of
2812s characters even if it's not going to be
2814s using the piece of content we're making
2816s them for
2817s because
2818s chances are there'll be some update in
2820s the future that requires us to explore
2822s those characters more deeply and it
2823s ensures that things always stay really
2825s nice and consistent and it's always
2827s really fun going back to something that
2828s was made three years earlier like
2829s finally properly revealing it to people
2837s it's one of the things especially with
2839s the uh you know especially the quests
2841s that were storylines were revisit and
2843s it's fantastic we can go back and I
2845s suppose that they're actually got a lot
2847s more in common considering the first
2849s game update I was here for which was in
2852s 2020
2853s I believe but I found out spiders
2856s actually spawn vampires in Mauritania
2861s maybe they do have more in common than
2863s uh
2865s than we thought
2867s oh dear that was a yeah
2870s there's some bugs that are bad bugs that
2873s was a good one
2874s that was yeah for my first my first ever
2877s game update to have like a big bug
2879s happen and that was it we was all
2881s cracking up in the in the chat which was
2883s good
2884s um all right uh oh we've only got [ __ ] I
2887s suppose like technically
2889s five-ish minutes before we uh let's wrap
2892s up let's try and do the next you want to
2894s pick a question you just want to do next
2896s to it all right let's let's do this
2897s we'll do the next two because I did I
2899s did I did semi-promise earlier we talked
2901s a bit more about back porting so I feel
2902s it's only right we do uh the one after
2903s this one as well uh so we'll do these
2906s things and see where that takes us all
2908s right
2908s yes all right let's go we'll speed run
2910s this then all right the first of the two
2913s is is this uh is the world of old school
2916s actually going to step forward and
2918s progress storylines are progressing but
2921s they don't seem to matter in the grand
2922s scheme of things other than end game
2924s rewards quests seem to have no
2926s implications on the world as if they're
2928s all their own self-contained bubble
2931s I'm I'm insulted
2933s [Laughter]
2938s so
2940s I guess I guess also it depends what you
2943s mean which means what your definition of
2945s progression is so
2948s probably a little bit biased as may you
2950s may have gathered there by my response
2952s to that question but
2953s I do feel that our story lines there is
2956s Meaningful progression there and there
2957s is stuff that is impacting the world
2958s some of that is very small like you know
2960s changes to like
2962s like certain characters and stuff like
2964s that but some of that is you know
2966s significantly bigger like you complete
2968s song of The Elves and a whole new city
2970s has appeared and another city that was
2974s once full of mourners that they've now
2975s all gone and they're now starting to
2976s rebuild again like you know very those
2979s that feels to me like stuff that is
2981s impacting the game World in a very
2982s meaningful way
2984s um so if that is for the definition of
2987s progression I've politely disagree with
2990s the person asking this question that uh
2993s they're sort of self-containable they I
2995s do think they are having a meaningful
2996s impact on the wide world in that sense
2998s but if by progression we're sort of
3000s referring more to the fact that
3004s I guess like old school like this song
3006s is set in the same year and think more
3008s about how like RuneScape progressed and
3010s that it progressed to a new age and New
3012s Years where the gods came back and that
3013s sort of thing then
3016s no that's not that's not what we want to
3019s do uh part of old school is that it is
3022s old school we do add new content to old
3025s school we do it weekly but we add
3028s content in a way that is if it's done
3032s well the idea is that content feels like
3034s this content but would have but could
3035s have been present in in old school
3037s RuneScape as it was back then but while
3039s it's new it still feels old school and
3040s we take this sort of the same attitude
3041s to narrative that
3044s old school RuneScape is so important the
3045s world always feel familiar always feel
3047s like home that is for like foundation
3049s for old school is built on
3051s so progressing the storyline in a way
3053s that like it would move to a new age but
3054s Gods would come back but you know
3056s lumbridge blows up and that sort of
3058s thing like I'm not saying those are bad
3061s things to do like it's great that
3064s RuneScape did for him and the fact that
3066s we're really gonna do I think is
3067s actually really beneficial for both
3069s games because it really helps her like
3070s it means if you want that kind of thing
3072s you've got a RuneScape story and if you
3074s want them or also you've got the old
3075s school story we don't need to do it as
3077s well uh we can just you know stay in the
3080s fifth age and keep telling those stories
3082s about a world where the gods aren't
3083s present and like uh very much a focus on
3086s what what do the followers of the gods
3088s do when they don't have a God to
3089s actually tell them what to do if it's
3091s all about their own interpretations and
3092s stuff it's all it's all like that side
3094s of uh
3096s that sort of thing rather than uh like
3098s the direction RuneScape went in so if
3101s that's the definition of progress then
3103s then no that's not something we will
3105s ever do in Old School
3108s I think it's good that we distinguish
3110s ourselves to be honest like we're we're
3112s 10 years old this year Believe It or Not
3115s old school is will be 10. so like I feel
3118s like if we weren't to distinguish
3120s ourselves by now maybe we haven't done
3123s the right thing but I feel like you know
3125s we've done we have
3127s um all right so uh final question uh I'd
3130s like to ask about Quest back porting
3132s which was surveyed to high successes how
3134s is it planned to incorporate the quest
3136s into Old School having noted that the
3137s old school devs are trying to
3139s incorporate their own spin on the story
3142s yeah so
3145s we talked about this a bit early and I
3146s said we'd hopefully talk about more at
3148s the end we managed to fit it in so yeah
3150s to reiterate first of all what was said
3151s earlier
3152s um
3154s yeah the survey was a like show really
3157s positive results people very interested
3158s in the idea of back porting quests with
3160s some uh caveats uh for sort of caveats
3163s being uh thank the ones that we uh sort
3165s of already on board with uh that
3168s General consensus people didn't want to
3172s to backport quests from after 2011 uh
3176s because that's when the storyline
3177s started to move towards the gods
3178s returning we sort of like feeds into
3179s answer a previous question uh that's not
3181s the direction you want to take old
3182s school in so any back ports would be
3184s limited up to quests released uh prior
3187s to uh
3189s so like 20 2011 and earlier
3193s um and that we only backpot
3197s the good ones this sort of basically
3198s what the survey was saying don't
3200s backpack bad ones it's not like yes no
3202s we won't we won't back for bad ones and
3205s the quests that we asked about in that
3206s survey were sort of like specifically
3208s chosen based on that that they were sort
3209s of like what we felt were good quests
3212s that felt old school that didn't
3215s progress a story in a way that would you
3217s know move towards like God's returning
3219s or that sort of thing
3221s um and that didn't uh I don't think this
3223s is important bit as well that sort of
3224s like feeds into this question it's just
3226s here but didn't interfere or construct
3228s with our own narrative plans uh so again
3231s retro mentioned earlier that's why we
3233s asked about while Gothic sleeps we feel
3235s we can do work or fixed sleeps with a
3237s few minor changes and it would fit
3238s really nicely with our own plans for
3240s marjorat we didn't ask about template
3242s senderston we didn't ask about tale of a
3244s musbar we didn't ask out ritual of a
3245s major because none of those free would
3247s fit with what we are doing ourselves
3249s well of course as soon as secrets to the
3251s north some small elements of his quests
3253s may still appear in other different ways
3256s um
3256s so yeah when it comes to blackporting
3259s we'd like to do it in a way that it
3261s complements and adds to the quests that
3264s we're currently working on rather than
3266s just uh let's backbot all the quests and
3268s let's not ever make any new old-school
3269s quests uh so that's sort of the the aim
3272s with it uh that was something back when
3274s we asked about it and obviously it was a
3275s very early days it was uh last year when
3277s we sent that survey around and uh we did
3280s mention I think of the News Post at the
3282s time that
3283s that was sort of like pretty much day
3284s one it's a bit different to anything
3286s we've done before I normally wait a bit
3287s until later in the process but
3289s what we're swimming like that we feel
3291s like there's no point even starting to
3293s explore this if people aren't interested
3295s so we asked those questions very early
3296s on it we've fully owned the expectation
3298s but it's not something to be explored in
3299s 2022
3301s we're not in 2022 anymore so I'm hoping
3304s that uh soon we can start talking about
3306s this again a bit more and hopefully have
3307s some uh some more concrete stuff to
3310s share nothing today uh
3312s as well we are into 2023 it's still
3314s January so we'll take a little bit of
3316s time but yeah it's already something
3318s that we've had a few conversations about
3319s uh internally about what the next steps
3322s are now that we are into 2023 I'm sort
3324s of planning some of that long-term stuff
3325s and hopefully we'll be able to share
3327s more soon
3329s awesome stuff all right well thank you
3332s very much Ed uh man I always love these
3334s streams it's just super cozy Vibes and
3336s lore which is an amazing combo
3339s um all right we will uh just before we
3342s wrap up we'll just show some
3344s ugc or some play correct content uh so
3346s if we can head over to there on spear
3350s all right the first one uh is a birthday
3353s cake from Cook's assistant IRL from Mr
3356s Colin Sawyer which I mean I'm surprised
3359s if he isn't in chat so
3361s happy birthday Colin and that was
3366s nice can you
3369s you cannot especially that looks well
3371s nice I'm not gonna lie I'm very jealous
3373s there's any left it probably isn't can
3375s we have some sent to the office
3377s yes please or another one you know I'm
3379s not gonna I'm not gonna complain about
3381s more cake so
3384s um all right the next one we have is uh
3386s called frog toes uh this is a escaper
3389s tattoo artist tattoo designs with old
3391s school and frogs combined which look
3393s great
3397s look at that they all look amazing I
3400s think I'd have
3402s probably number six he was like a he
3406s looks like a fine fellow
3411s maybe this is who the Assassin is Maybe
3415s it's a frog in Disguise
3417s and now we have one of the frogs yet
3420s being tattooed onto someone so uh good
3423s job I mean to go from I suppose concept
3426s to on someone's skin that quickly is
3429s quite impressive so
3431s nice nice
3435s um all right what have we got next we've
3436s got three more uh the next one we have a
3438s play created uh an old school RuneScape
3440s version of the board game wrist based on
3442s the Lord of the Rings Edition
3444s that is really cool
3449s that is really cool have they got the
3451s map down to a t as well oh here we go
3455s I actually haven't seen any of these
3457s before we went into Stream So This is
3460s this is fantastic
3463s all right they might have to come and
3465s visit the office so we can get a game of
3467s old school risks down that'd be great
3470s not if my Dash works over time that's
3472s very rude no yeah not if much works over
3476s time definitely not
3478s uh okay the next one uh oh that was
3481s there was a double the uh final one is
3484s old school RuneScape rugs with various
3486s capes so we've got the quest Point Cape
3488s uh Slayer magic herb law uh and
3492s seems to be more that I'm missing on
3494s here no no there's just a double up
3497s question
3498s but they all look amazing that's what
3500s we're trying to say they look amazing
3504s I'd have one what one would you have Ed
3508s well can we have it might be uh some uh
3512s potential development on a new skill at
3514s some point soon uh maybe maybe we have
3516s one for that
3518s oh maybe maybe I'd like to see what that
3521s looks like oh okay okay I like I like
3524s where you went there I like where you
3525s went there
3527s um all right that is it for the player
3529s created content so uh thank you everyone
3531s and keep making cool RuneScape stuff
3533s because we always love to see it and we
3535s always love to share it
3537s um so I'm just going to quickly go
3538s through the announcements before we wrap
3539s up and say goodbye uh because I know
3541s monster has to get going and so do we uh
3543s so exclamation mark game update this
3545s week's update saw some tweaks to Secrets
3547s of the north alongside some new quests
3549s to speedrunning uh so see how fast you
3552s can clear below Ice Mountain and Temple
3554s of the eye and in beta there's x marks
3557s the spot and the kingdom divided uh so
3559s check out all that and some weirdness in
3562s uh this week's News Post uh exclamation
3564s mark o s n o s o t n uh the marjorat
3569s storyline continues unravel the secrets
3571s of the north and take on another worldly
3573s boss in this brand new Master Quest
3575s check out all that under that command
3577s exclamation whole uh exclamation mark
3579s poll 78 the first of 2023's quality of
3583s life polls is here with poll 78. check
3585s out the news post to see what we have in
3587s store as well as a survey to let us know
3588s what changes you'd like for us to
3590s prioritize which will be updated just
3593s after this stream so give me five
3595s minutes and that will all be sorted uh
3597s with some feedback from you guys and
3599s finally exclamation mark account with
3601s the recent blog we uh uploaded today
3604s we've got an update on jagex accounts
3606s included info on the first of the closed
3609s betas coming soon so you can learn about
3611s our plans for jagex accounts in that
3613s News Post including a very handy FAQ so
3617s check that out before sending your
3618s questions over with all that I think
3621s it's a wrap uh Ed any final words
3627s is this where you were hoping I would uh
3629s spoil some big piece of law
3632s um maybe the floor is yours
3635s I don't think so just that um to
3638s reiterate I think we'll mention of the
3639s starch we are now working on desert
3641s treasure two and uh really excited to uh
3643s over coming months uh start sharing more
3646s about that
3647s excellent stuff all right thank you very
3650s much Ed again I always enjoy these uh
3652s cozy shrooms with you so hopefully we
3654s can do some more in the future I'm sure
3657s we'll find a good excuse
3659s yes of course always always
3661s uh with that being said yeah thank you
3663s to uh mods Ed uh mod spear behind the
3666s scenes all the mods that set things up
3668s whether you're in just watching you're
3670s moderating the chat all the script set
3672s up everything uh to do the stream uh
3675s I've been your host matani and thank you
3677s all for watching and we will see you
3679s next time
3681s bye
3683s [Music]

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