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I'll retone this since mods on here won't let me post evidence of the topic of discussion. Need to rephrase this and say thank you to the couple of mods who have jumped in and allowed me to post proof and also answering questions. Idk why it took two posts being removed but we're here so whatever. Today a pmod was demodded because... well, "25m for off." First off, I've known this guy for a little over 8 years and that is just his humor. Second, I am not on some tirade trying to get him his crown back, I just cannot sit and let a friend's name be dragged through the dirt like it was today for essentially nothing. Meaning, he was trolling the troll. He was not and has not ever tried to get money from people to refrain from muting them, I think most of you thought that was odd to begin with. The person who posted the thread earlier today who was pming him and received that message harasses our friend's chat with 10-20 accounts, spamming racist remarks and slurs and telling people to kill themselves at least 50 times a day. There are 40-60 people from this friend's chat who can attest to this.

Jagex, you received dozens of reports from myself alone along with emails to tipoff, and tweets with photo evidence of this guy saying the worst things imaginable about people of color, people with depression, etc. Literally has a username that says RuneScape sucks, and a few others that I can't even write here uncensored. He shouldn't have even been allowed to be playing the game at the time of this incident.

So, today you effectively traded a pmod who has always done an incredible job for a racist, hate-spewing, angry child who got lucky and caught the man off guard. You have literally handed one of your own soldiers' heads on a platter to someone who not only doesn't even enjoy or play this game, but someone who logs in to see how many people he can piss off that day. He plays this game to ruin other peoples' experiences.

If that is the tone you'd like to set, so be it. We all know your customer support is nonexistent, or actually more of a joke. A bad one. You know that we are all loyal players, having been a member for nearly 18 years now myself. What do we have to do for you to spend a bit more time and attention on one of the simplest yet most important aspects of any game? A healthy, happy and friendly community. Our friend's chat belongs to one of the biggest YouTubers this game has, so we see new players or returning old school players regularly. They join our chat and have a 75% chance of seeing hate speech completely uncensored within the first hour.

Show us some respect for the decades of loyalty and DO SOMETHING instead of letting a single viral Reddit post of a screenshot of him saying THREE WORDS with zero context control your actions. You've let the spamming and hate speech go on for years and your response is always "uSe ThE rEpOrT aBuSe BuTtOn" as if that has ever done anything. Your players are people. Treat us like it.

Edit: It should also be known that this guy immediately deleted his post, his account, and has continued to spam our cc with the same + new accounts bragging about his success.

Received permission from one of the mods to post pics, so here is your evidence. I have probably 30 other screenshots on top of these.

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21 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Some people have already posted Mod Light's reply to the original thread where this was raised, but I see OP has no interest in taking her word on what happened and instead wants to question her care for the community or what she does during a 40 hour working week...

So I'll repeat pretty much what has already been said, with a bit more context.

When the thread was brought to our attention, our first assumption based off the little bit of evidence shown was maybe the account had been hacked, so definitely worth double checking. It was forwarded to the player support team for review.

Turns out the account wasn't hacked, and their crown wasn't removed because of what was posted in the original thread. Their PMod status was removed due to inappropriate chat logs.

That might seem unfair, as if we hadn't seen the original thread in question the player would likely still have their crown, but ultimately the removal was warranted and likely only a matter of time.

In regards to the issue you're having with your CC being spammed with racial slurs, the best thing to do is report them in-game and kick from your CC. That being said, if you'd like to send me a DM with the uncensored images you posted here I will be more than happy to look into this further for you.

21 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by OSRSgamerkid


Edit: You must have not read the whole thing. They constantly report the user, and ban him repeatedly from the chat. Nothing has been done on Jagex's end. Jagex always has a way of gaslighting, and I'm not sure if it's on a personal note, or directed down from the company, but that shit has got to stop. I'm not sure if has ever been implemented, but there isn't even a permanent ban feature that high ranking users can utilize.

I read through the whole thing, and many replies too.

You'll note that at the end of my comment I have said I'll happily look into it further if I can be given the uncensored images.

21 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by OSRSgamerkid

You completely glossed over and didn't explain why dozens of not hundreds of reports from multiple players in one of the largest content creator's own cc have completely gone ignored. There aren't any red flag systems out in place? Based on the fact that this whole incident was news to the jmods on Reddit, that's a pretty firm basis for an assumption that nothing has been done, and nothing would have been done without this whole incident blowing up on Reddit.

How about you address the fact that player support is non-existent for toxicity, racism, homophobia, and all other bigotry in the game? You actively work for and participate in a company that pays no mind, or invests no infrastructure into handling player harrasment. Instead they pay Lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars so they can still keep gambling addicts addicted to their game instead of others. The fact you even have to request the uncensored chats, and this hasn't ALREADY been handled speaks a lot louder than your words right now.

I usually try to be kind and understanding to Jmod's predicaments and their limited abilities, but you're on the wrong side right now spewing nonsense for the intent to save your company's face. If you're not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

I simply don't know enough to comment without being given more information, so I've asked for that so I can better understand what's going on.

I absolutely think our systems for taking action against toxicity, racism, homophobia and bigotry need improving. That being said, I also know reporting people in-game does work

This is why I want those screenshots. So I can figure out what is going on. For all I know these people were already muted long ago and it's new accounts being made every time. And if they weren't, it'll help me raise the question internally of why wasn't anything done.

21 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by Boosted-Cars

But I thought you just told OP to use the in-game report button? Wouldn't those be happily reviewed as well? Or is this yet another case of Jagex doesn't do anything until a reddit post gains traction because it definitely isn't the first and won't be the last.

In-game reports should be reviewed, that's why we always recommend that you use it as the first instance for reporting abuse.

For all I know, the previous reports could have already been reviewed, and those accounts had taken action against. Maybe the issue is that new accounts are being made to continue the harassment.

I asked for the screenshots so I can raise this further internally and find out what's actually going on.

21 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by satinthedark

Where would you like me to send them?

Just ping me a DM via here with imgur links please!

21 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by satinthedark

I flooded your inbox with the screenshots but I can upload them all to Imgur if you need me to. If you don’t mind having a conversation with me via discord chat or Reddit dms I would really like to share some of the missing nuance. I didn’t really want to make a post like this but we kinda ran out of options. My only objective here is to try and help find a long term solution so you guys don’t have to deal with one of these posts every couple months, and we won’t have to deal with spamming racists.

I'm not seeing anything in my DM's from you?

I'll send you a message now and if you can reply to that maybe it'll work. You might have to send me links rather than the screenshots for them to get through, I'm not entirely sure!

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