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I personally don't want to have the attitude of "giving up" with respect to creating this type of content - but it isn't lost on us that it's proven very difficult and similar scenarios do arise. There is an audience of people who do want this kinda stuff and we do owe it to them to try find a solution.

Here's one totally different kind of proposal we've had some discussions on but nothing concrete yet...

We create High Value Wilderness Worlds

  • As an initial note... this could be an update to or in addition to the high risk worlds.
  • There is only a small number of these worlds. Exact number TBD but let's say 1 per region max for now.
  • On these worlds, wilderness content provides strong loot - perhaps even stronger than currently.
  • It would reasonably want to be less on other worlds at this stage alongside that.
  • Whilst being super strong, this is limited to a handful of worlds, meaning the participation in PvP is basically a necessity - the audience is focused on far fewer worlds, rather than 100s.
  • These worlds would haver rules that make 'no pvp' escapes harder - these are the escapes bots do best. Escaping would then likely always involve tanking a player or fighting back.
  • This means the content definitely doesn't appeal to non pvpers, but that is fine, that's not the audience.

So in theory to me this sounds OK - it does open up the other prospect we had issues with in the past... of clans (perhaps legit, perhaps more nefarious) of locking worlds down, charigng for protection etc. My hope is with there only being a small number of worlds, the incentive is for clans to fight one another instead. How that plays out in practice is hard to know.

This is all a bit rough but hopefully you get the gist - PvP design isn't my personal forte either but it's something I've been mulling over.

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Originally posted by Racteal

So would the bonus rules for these worlds be something like a longer logout timer while in the wildy? I am curious what kind of meta shift it would make if you couldn’t log out/world hop while in a pvp zone at all

Not 100% sure as it stands. The goal of the rules would be an attempt to counter trivial escapes. Things bots can be good at with faster reaction times and such. So logouts would be one for sure.