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We have canoes that can be unlocked through woodcutting. Make them f2p. Dont see the point in adding a new service.

You could just make draynor and varrock agility rooftop courses f2p also. There is content in the game that can be utilised.

Thanks, as ever, for the suggestions! We'll be monitoring this post over the coming days and weeks for your ideas.

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Originally posted by Aaaromp

In RSC there was a tutorial island NPC that briefly mentioned and explained what and where the wilderness is. Always thought it was weird how he was left out of RS2's tutorial island. Probably would be beneficial to explain to players that there is a dangerous part of the map they can just walk into where they can lose their stuff.

Getting Around

Other games have a similar system but they typically provide some kind of consumable teleports, like tele tabs. I think a better way to tackle this instead of a one time system that you are seemingly arbitrarily locked out of at some point is to also introduce new players to some kind of teleports that they would eventually unlock or have access to later on, so that they are more familiarized with the game and how it works.

Teletabs is something we discussed internally too. Definitely food for thought!

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Originally posted by Righton12

Just dont end up like RS3 that has so much crap and junk the game is over saturated. Simplicity is key imo ease ppl in instead of drowning them

We want to do this as simply as possible - one of the reasons we're finding new players aren't staying as long as we'd like is the sheer volume of content overwhelming them, so we wouldn't want to make that worse with even more complexity!

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