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Consider the impact of these changes on activities where managing your Run Energy is a means of skill-expression or warrants resource usage, such as Blast Furnace, the Great Olm or various God Wars Dungeon methods.

Ah yes, the skill of drinking a stamina potion. Wouldn't want to get rid of that classical gaming mechanic from 2007.

Not so much the skill of drinking a Stamina potion as much as it is the skill of clicking to path manually in order to conserve Energy during something like 3:0 Mage hand at Olm or the stamina-positive method GeChallengeM devised for Commander Zilyana etc.

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yo thats hooti lmao

his Gielinor Games prep routine is just running across this bridge for hours on end, it's not looking good for him

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Originally posted by FenixSoars

Honestly.. just remove run energy at this point. It's silly to try and actually balance player movement when you can constantly run by using an item.

I'm not sure I agree in all scenarios! Being able to free up an extra inventory space for an added switch or extra failsafe makes you feel more rewarded for clicking manually at something like Olm or GWD and helps improve your confidence with movement and manual-pathing more frequently imo. Agree in part that for something like questing or Blast Furnace it's sort of an 'added layer' but would argue that from a design perspective it makes Stamina Potions feel like a valuable Herblore unlock for Irons and a worthwhile added cost for Mains.

Comment is largely my perspective as a player fwiw, I'd be a little sad to see Run Energy just outright removed from the game because I think it removes a layer of learning/growth as a player in some spots, and still leaves Agility feeling relatively useless on the wider game :(

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Originally posted by Kresbot

Is the graceful changes, specifically the mark of grace increase, the reason it seems to have all gone dark regarding the varlamore course that was going to be the most amalayse per hour?

Not at all, these changes have been in the backlog for some time and something similar was initially floated in a 2022 Game Jam before that aspect of the Varlamore course had been designed. My understanding is that that Course should be making an appearance alongside Part Two.

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So basically we are going to be punished for having more switches now. Maybe you should think about adjusting the weights of certain gear? Just torva alone is 20kg.. full masori is another 20

Would be keen to hear from you how it feels in a beta world, a lot of endgame setups still don't quite hit the cap and it should be the case that the Regen rate improving so drastically offsets any increased drain.

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Originally posted by ShoddySalad

sooooooo you guys haven't tested any of this yourself?

We have, but when it's something as feel-reliant as this, we'd rather see how players feel about it first, hence the beta being there since it's extremely difficult to gauge something like this from just numbers in a table or on a graph

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It's not about what I 'think' players will feel. It's about what players logging in and trying the beta feel, considering all of the other parts that go into things like regenning energy on the ticks that you attack etc.

This is the second comment you've left which is crazy hostile (though the first got deleted it seems). Your previous comment said you were an experienced raider, it'd help the team out a lot if you could jump into a raid and try it out and report back on how it feels in practise.

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Without a change to agility becoming a f2p skill, making 1 agility max weight 126.87% worse without access to negative weight clothing is brutal.

In addition, while the attempt is making graceful less relevant, having weight matter more means graceful is going to be worn 24/7 anyway to keep weight low, regardless of its 30% bonus being removed.

Yeah this is a concern I'd had initially. I'll say that having run through some early questing wearing full sets of plate armour etc. it felt a little better on account of gaining so much energy back during dialogues etc., or that I still spent a good deal less time walking on account of the regen rate.

Fully appreciate the Graceful feedback too. All of these are fairly significant changes and might well be the case that specific numbers want more tuning, just want to let things breathe with the beta for a little while before knee-jerking based on the newspost at face value (since it's kind of hard to properly conceptualise all of the bits working together).

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Heads-up all, apologies for not being able to reply to a whole lot - have got a lot going on and wanting as many people as possible to try stuff out in the beta worlds.

Needless to say this is a 'first draft' and it's exactly what betas are for. I'll be looking to talk with the team tomorrow on a number of subjects so far (and will keep on the lookout for more), largely looking at:

  • Drain rate at higher weights feels extremely punishing, coming from all types of players. Particularly at 'middling' Agility levels.
  • Consider where these changes leave the Ring of Endurance, does it need changes?
  • Consider whether Graceful providing Weight Reduction is actually likely to reduce how 'ubiquitous' it is, especially in conjunction with how Drain Rate is scaling.
  • Consider whether Graceful's proposed 'no fail' effect might need reining in at some locations, particularly specific courses that are balanced around a reasonable fail rate (Ape Atoll, Werewolf) and stand to become extremely powerful otherwise (e.g. outperforming Sepulchre in some level ranges).
  • Investigate Stamina Potion behaviour ahead of an updated beta. Not convinced they're working as intended at the moment.
  • Consider Stamina Potions more widely, could they serve a better purpose with a different function in light of these changes?
  • Consider more widely our approach to item weights and whether or not we'd reasonably have the scope to re-adjust many of them, since it's a massive job and that time might be better spent improving the proposal in other ways.

There's more stuff I'd like to talk through in detail, but just wanting to leave this here for reference in case you feel anything's been missed!

Please keep leaving your feedback, trying activities out on the beta and filling in the survey - project like this isn't something we'd expect to knock out of the park on the first go-around and it's exactly why we have this feedback loop in the first place.

Cheers all!