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How did they turn an Agility “project rebalance” into giving unnoticeable exp increases and not change anything else? The biggest problem plaguing the game for new players is run energy and they have the opportunity to do something about it and they don’t touch it. Is there an agility skill gatekeeeper working at Jagex, whose sole purpose is to keep the skill unbearable for eternity? If you aren’t going to move the needle on training the skill, can you at least give the damn skill a logical purpose that affects run energy drain and recharge? We aren’t asking for much!

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As others have said, we were never going to bin doing run energy improvements - merely that we couldnt fit it in immediately as it will take more time & likely want a beta to make sure we're getting it right.

We've noted the weight of feedback though, we know it is what people want so we will change plans. We'll do what we can to prioritise it and bring it forward - we're working out where it can fit as I write this. It won't necessarily release at the same time as the other changes but shouldn't be far away either. Full confirmation on this & other tweaks will come in the next blog update.

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Thanks for the update! I’m always blown away by how levelheaded and chill your team is in the face of the band of absolutely screeching baboons this community is sometimes.

For me honestly I'm pretty immune to it, I just try and see through the emotion and what's really going on, what's annoying people, what do they actually want to change and why?

I mean to me this example is easy, it's already something we want to do, it's just about when and how!