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Just switched to Jagex account and decided to make a stand alone email for my jagex account. Switched over no problem, received emails no problem, went to adjust authenticator and now I am not receiving ANY emails from Jagex. I can login to my email just fine, added jagex to contact list. Can login to my account until it asks to send a code or pin and now I receive nothing. Wish I would have never switched at this point. Am I screwed out of nearly 20 years of gameplay? (microsoft domain in case you are wondering - never had issues before with first email, same domain).

Just to add an update, I also tried resetting my password to see if the password reset email would come through like it did earlier and even that did not send to my email.

I believe the issue is something on Jagex side is not sending to microsoft accounts as I've seen in other posts with similar issue. Will update if Jagex resolves this.. until then I have 0 ways of logging in.

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This was an issue with your email provider, not us. Presumably because you just created the account, but I don't know that. I can see some emails were received, including the password reset email you opened several times.

If you wait a while and try again so things can calm down you should receive emails as expected on the new email. There are no current service wide issues with any email provider, and if there are we try to work with them to resolve it.

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Originally posted by Aprilia_rs

You are correct sir. I waited and tried again (although mysteriously my entire jagex launcher was uninstalled from my macbook wth?) and I re-installed it- logged in and received a code - so if you are having this problem, do not panic if you made a new email with Jagex Launcher, your emails will come through in time. Thanks for the quick response Mod Lyon.

Also if you can, please close the ticket out on my account if you haven't already? Thank you sir.

Glad to hear its sorted.

Also if you can, please close the ticket out on my account if you haven't already? Thank you sir.

I'm a developer, not Customer Support. I can't do this.

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Originally posted by BethanyHiggins1

Is your customer support hiring by chance

You can see current vacancies on our website: https://www.jagex.com/en-GB/careers

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