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Originally posted by Fizzypoptarts

Any idea when the CA update will be live? Can we expect it soon or will it be post Christmas?

Hey, for now, I can see there's no set time this will all be delivered, but I can see that development has started on some of the smaller CA jobs. I don't believe the points-based system will be anytime soon but some of the other stuff listed in the CA blog seems likely to be before Xmas. Things can change, though so please don't take this as confirmation of a date.

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Originally posted by DivineInsanityReveng

Good amount of poll 77 stuff in this, promising to see. Personally that layout is really messy. A dotpoint or heading system to show each update is nicer, as some of the updates branch across multiple paragraphs, others are just in one.

Any chance we can hear on when these Quest XP buffs are going to come to? Its sort of created this conundrum where some our GIM team aren't sure if we should use up more resources to getting towards goal levels if the quest XP bump will just do it for us anyway, and then we can share those resources with teammates. Knowing if its a week away or 1 month+ will help us plan and decide if its worth waiting.

We'll take that on board as feedback, sorry that the layout wasn't ideal.
I've just asked the devs about this question regarding Quest XP buffs - I haven't got an exact time but I can confirm that these XP buffs should work retroactively, so hopefully no need to put off Questing with your GIM team :)

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Originally posted by Bo5man

Both the mysterious boss rewards and Revenant weapon adjustment poll questions will be live in-game today.

But in the Comment section of the updated blog about those rewards Ayiza mentioned the poll will be postponed to Monday 21st.

Thanks Bo5, I'll get that amended out. This newspost was written by someone else and at the time of writing this was correct. I didn't know that was in there, so I'll change it now. Thank you :)

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Originally posted by SadDaddy2001

Great, now give us bigger fairy ring hitboxes

Sincerely, mobile users

Hey! I totally know what you mean as this has come up a lot in player suggestions. I asked the devs on a call about this to explain more.

Mod Ash has kindly helped me with an explanation as there was a lot of technical stuff I wasn't familiar with.

A fairy ring is composed of many separate bits of scenery. We can't make them all act as click-zones, or you'd have loads of conflicting ones in each other's way. And we can't make the whole thing act as a single big piece of scenery as it'd interfere with other scenery and the blocking, potentially making things worse.

We've got another solution in mind for how to improve their usability, though... A dev has kindly worked on a project during this game jam which explored some potential visible changes to the fairy ring which should make it easier to use on mobile. :) I'd love to hear your thoughts on this to see if it resolves the issue especially on mobile. At the moment we think this type of change could go in unpolled because it would fall under accessibility changes and graphical changes to improve that

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Originally posted by rRMTmjrppnj78hFH

Both the mysterious boss rewards and Revenant weapon adjustment poll questions will be live in-game today


A message from Mod Ayiza:Hi all, I just wanted to jump in and say that we’ve decided to postpone the poll going live until Monday, November 21st. It’s clear that there’s a bunch of feedback we still need to address, and some changes we’d like to make. We hope to have an updated blog ready for you later this week. I’m aiming to have it ready for Thursday but we’ll see how that goes. Thanks everyone for your input so far!

So another lie? Nice.

Apologies! The person who wrote this newspost wrote that line earlier in the week when that was still the plan. Since then, the plan has changed. Ayiza is working on an updated blog now to share with you and will be on our livestream this week discussing your feedback and our changes.

It has been removed now and the poll has been delayed until we get more information and an updated blog to you :) <3

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Originally posted by RocuroniumRS

Any update on American server upgrade?

I assume you're talking about the maintenance we're doing on specific worlds like UK worlds and German ones? We're looking to do another round of server upgrades just before Christmas, then another round after Christmas. US Worlds will be included of course but I can't give a date on when US West/East will be worked on as this hasn't been confirmed. Hope this helps :)

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Originally posted by wet-fart-mp3

When will poison dynamite come out?

I'm delighted to confirm this will be next week! I'll try to include it in our livestreams as our "sneak peek of the week" segment! :D Is there anything in particular you need to know about it ahead of release?

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Originally posted by ricoro

Coin pouches removal when?

Hey there. Just asked the team, apparently this was discussed Monday whilst I was off. Coin pouches are still an effective tool for Player Support and Anti-Cheating to stop botting, however the team would be very open to investigating what more we can do to make it better for legitimate players. This could be through requirements locked behind diaries. Would this be something you think could be a decent compromise?

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Originally posted by CaptainHandsomeUK

Shame the Charlie the Tramp clue step changes weren't higher in the priority rankings, but this all seems pretty decent.

Working on it as quickly as we can, unfortunately I can't give you a date yet but everything on Poll 77 we're aiming to release before Xmas.

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Originally posted by Deep-Technician5378

Seems like a slim update again, especially considering the new quest and boss are seemingly delayed and a ways off, as well as any real update to CA. With any new info for the future not being shared for a little under a month from now, just seems like nothing new is coming. All of it is just being told to us as "soon".

I appreciate that and I'm really sorry for the uncertainty. It sucks when Studios sometimes aren't ready to share all the awesome stuff we're working on. I can't give you much news right now, but our Winter Summit is officially on the 10th December. We've got some exciting plans to share with you... So, if you can hold out for a little longer I think it'll be worth.

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Originally posted by DivineInsanityReveng

Thanks for the reply Light. We've all got our Quest capes actually, its moreso me not wanting to use up precious herblore supplies to finish off 99 only to have an update come out a few days after that would have handed me a large chunk of that :P Think i'm just gonna have to be super patient :P Thanks again

Ah, I misunderstood. I see what you mean now. I can't get you those details yet unfortunately. Best of luck with the grind and it's so nice to see you still playing GIM!

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Originally posted by OpalMoon0x

Hi Mod Light, do you know when the gotr changes from poll 77 are being added please?

Hey Opal! I don't have an exact date for this one, but the team has said they're aiming for everything in Poll 77 to be out before Christmas. I appreciate this doesn't help a lot. We've got the player survey guiding our decisions on which changes roll out first, so hopefully you filled that in? Pretty sure Essence Pouch repairs ranked highly on that survey.

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Originally posted by Gullible_Economy3295

Does anybody know when the new mobile layout will be released? We haven't had a mobile update in awhile.

This is something I'm working on. Would love to pick your brain on what kinds of questions you might have ahead of the blog so that I can sort that before it goes live. Hoping to get it live this month.

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Originally posted by Extreme_Mongoose6666

Anyone else wish for a simple changelog instead of having to comb through someones creative writing exercise to see what actually changed? The whole first section could be written as

Jar of darkness drop rate increased from 1/2500 to 1/200.
Sandwhich lady now has a chance of giving stale baguette at the rate of 1/64.
Torstol potion (unf) can be now used for Anti-venom+ potions.
Removed some foliage near the fairy rings near Tower of Life and Legends' Guild.
All 3 mining gloves can now be stored in POH Armour case.
Fish sack barrel can now be stored in POH magic wardrobe.

Am off sick today else I'd have been in the thread a little more but will look to include a summary/tldr in future. Honestly for the smaller updates it just feels a little lifeless to pop down 10 bulletpoints and call it a day and sometimes just enjoy throwing in flavour - but you're right that it might be a little distracting from the substance, will opt to combine with a summary in future!

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