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And not just on twitter please.

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For what it's worth there is a link to the 'Status' page on the homepage on the left-hand side, or you can use to check it quickly.

Though I'd hope to see us be able to 'modernise' the homepage a little at some point to better signpost these things. I think the Jagex Launcher would also allow us to signpost this kind of stuff there too so that you'd know exactly what's up before even logging in.

Edit: Hijacking to say that worlds should be back online now!

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Originally posted by FifaKillsMySoul

Or in game. They can send me a notification that Mod Bingo Bongo and Mod Sausage are doing a QA stream, just whip out a message saying the sysem update is for planned maintenance and will be down for x hours.

The UX for almost everything outside of the actual gameplay is absolutely dreadful and needs a massive improvement IMO. It was fine when it started as a little proof-of-concept, 'lets relaunch osrs for a bit and see what happens' but we're passed that now.

The in-game broadcast system isn't as flexible as I'd like it to be but this is something I'll raise and see if we're able to make it happen in future.

The hope is that maintenance of this nature isn't a long-term/repeating occurrence and is mostly setting the foundation for us to be able to upgrade hardware and address long-standing server issues, at which point we'd hope to see less maintenance like this!

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Originally posted by super-spreader69

Take Mod Bingo Bongo's name out your mouth

Hurt to see a good friend of mine and valuable colleague cop flame on this level, I can't lie :(

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Originally posted by wheresmyspacebar2

Emergency maintenance a day before scheduled maintenance, just after a game breaking abusable bug is made public after 'apparently' being hotfixed?

While it came to us on pretty short notice, IT and devs operate wholly separately. This is server maintenance to try and build a stronger foundation for hardware upgrades and isn't related to the bug you're talking about.

Apologies for the short notice in any case, but it's definitely not 'emergency' maintenance!

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Originally posted by Deathstar_TV

I feel like instead of “system update” you could just change the text to whatever was specified in the update. like “fixed and rolled back those who abused TOA during the reroll bug abuse, read here for more” type thing

There's actually a pretty strict characterlimit on in-game broadcasts, and in this case it literally is just server maintenance (unrelated to your suggested copy, in case it needs clarifying).

Worlds should be back up by now in any case!

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Originally posted by wheresmyspacebar2

Fair enough, is this maintenance replacing the usual 2 hour one we have tomorrow then?

2 hour maintenance on Wednesdays isn't routine, though it is somewhat frequent! We've had a whole bunch of updates go out without any significant downtime recently, just a fair few cases of longer downtime periods (which should hopefully reduce as we're able to start upgrading hardware to address server/IT issues)

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Originally posted by itwasprobablymelol

Could always integrate a twitter feed into the homepage in the meantime :)

This is something I'd be especially keen on, for us to post to and for the flexibility it allows us, Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to get stuff out quickly. Would be very happy to see us integrate a feed if it's something on the cards