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Went to spend my League Points now that it's available and i have about 300 points less in the main game than i earned on Leagues. Is this a bug?

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These points update periodically so that they don't overload a particular backend system (which was getting absolutely steamrolled for the first couple days of Leagues), it'll catch up over time or reach parity at the end of the League - just a safety precaution!

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Okay, thought that was the case but havent played leagues for over a week so i had expected them to be caught up! Ill just wait till they arrive :)

To clarify, it will require actually logging back into your leagues save before the league is over and either opening the interface to force-sync it or completing some more tasks, they're sent over in batches atm so they might be a couple hundred of out sync but we will be lowering this threshold over time to get it closer and closer.

We'll make sure to have comms about this so players don't lose points though.

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