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1s foreign
3s hello everybody and welcome to this
7s week's very cool very special very POG
11s live stream
12s um this stream is dedicated to Old
14s School runescape's potential first new
16s skill sailing so as you all know we have
19s moved forward with sailing as our first
22s new skill to be pulled hopefully by Late
24s July and we're now getting into this
26s really cool and fun process called
29s refinement which is where we talk about
31s the nitty-gritty elements of the skills
34s sailing and we shape the design based on
37s your feedback and as an unexpected kind
41s of surprise we now have a sailing
43s navigation preview to share with you
45s today and we're joined by mod Kieran mod
49s Husky and modnin and modernin is from
52s our engine team which is super cool
53s hello guys how are you guys
57s fantastic
59s excited
61s awesome awesome
63s um did any of you watch Eurovision
66s oh you bet I did I was I went to one of
69s the shows last week not the final
71s but and then watched it we had a
73s Eurovision pie on Saturday I mean all my
76s friends we all brought a
77s and we picked we ruled countries and
79s then had to bring food relating to that
81s country uh which was oh
85s yeah I got Germany so I brought Curry
87s first and it was delicious
90s awesome um husky
94s husk necessarily a fan of Eurovision I'm
96s sure many members of chat I agree with
98s you
99s sounds like XP waste
103s so true um let us know in chat by the
106s way if you did tune into Eurovision uh
108s what you thought about it I'm very very
110s curious
111s um I was team Finland like I was like
115s all the way anyway
117s um
119s absolutely uh you're not here to listen
121s to Eurovision uh that fun was for last
125s weekend so let's get on with some
126s announcements before we go into a
129s sailing prototype demo for you
131s exclamation mark game update last week's
133s update saw the release of some much
134s anticipated updates from mobile and
136s steam offering you ground item
139s indicators and loop trackers so that's
142s super super a big deal for mobile and
145s you can read all about it in last week's
147s game update news posts exclamation mark
149s Discord if you want to join the new
151s skilled Discord more on that later
152s exclamation mark account so we've
155s actually released a jagex account survey
157s to get your feedback whether or not
159s you've given jagex accounts a try please
161s let us know your thoughts and
163s exclamation mark d t b h that's the new
167s blog that we published about our
169s progress on desert Treasure 2 and Bounty
171s Hunter including a really cool survey
174s more of your favorite
176s um all right so we have a sneak peek and
177s then we'll get into the demo shortly
180s um so next week or sorry this week you
182s can expect drumroll please
187s Thai Farm updates
190s we're super excited to um release these
194s from wholesome to nine
196s um very very soon it'll literally be in
198s this week's game update who is booing in
200s the chat Matt do not boo this this is a
202s very anticipated update okay I want to
206s see some pogs in chat for this um you're
208s gonna get some really really cool call
210s for Thai farm and most importantly the J
214s mods can now sleep peacefully knowing
216s that you guys will not be spamming us
217s with Thai farm when messages uh so yeah
222s look forward to that this week
225s it's good it's genuinely a meaningful
227s update that changes the uh overall now I
230s think getting wines of zamarack through
231s Skilling and not telegramming is a
233s viable method so exciting
237s all right enough with that guys we are
240s here for sailing we are here to create
242s the hype we are here to talk about
244s navigational mechanics so
246s um we've been waiting to talk to you
248s about this um the engine team has been
250s working on some very very cool stuff mod
252s nin is here on behalf of the whole of
254s the engine team and let's roll the tape
256s and get into some questions
259s foreign
262s joined by mod Elena to give you a first
265s look at our early exploration into
267s sailing Tech
269s as you hopefully know by now the old
272s school team is working on a brand new
274s skill and shaping it with the community
277s during refinement
279s sailing was taken forward as the first
282s skill we'd like to refine further so our
285s first step will be nailing down the
288s navigational mechanics of sailing
291s before we get started Please be aware
293s that this demo is purely a technical
295s showcase there are no gameplay mechanics
298s here and the art is far from final but
300s this video is intended to show you more
302s about the tech and challenge some of the
304s misconceptions players might have around
306s what is technically possible for us to
309s do so let's jump into it
312s boats are a familiar Concept in old
315s school they're all over the place once
318s you start looking from Tiny row boats to
320s freminic longboats to huge Merchant
323s vessels that travel continents
326s you've seen them you've boarded them
329s you've smuggled rum on them so
332s captaining them shouldn't feel out of
334s place as a skill you could master
336s sailing in Old School needs to feel well
339s integrated intuitive and familiar and
343s that's where our technical exploration
345s started
347s we already have boats we just need to
349s make them move
351s here you can see a small boat with a
354s body and a sail and a player stood
356s inside
357s that player is able to do regular
359s interactions while on the boat and see
361s other players doing activities on the
363s dock this player is also in control of
365s the boat and can use point-and-click
367s movement to Traverse the waters
369s please note this movement and control
371s scheme are not final but we're using it
373s here to demonstrate how a player can be
376s part of a moving entity
378s that boat's a little cramped though
381s let's give our guy a bigger vessel
384s this one's got quite a bit more room
386s maybe to carry a treasure chest or some
390s fishing supplies or enough space to
393s bring your pants
394s maybe this boat is a bit more durable or
398s can carry more cargo
400s the specifics of what utilities boats
403s will have is not decided yet but they
406s can contain interactable objects like
409s anywhere else in the game
411s we also think sailing could make for a
413s fun group activity we want to let you
416s invite your friends aboard so you can
417s sail the high seas together
419s on even larger ships you might need a
421s whole crew working together to man the
424s Cannons Hoist the sails keep look out
426s and steer safely through the waves we're
429s able to have groups of players aboard
430s boats which could open up lots of
433s gameplay opportunities for multiplayer
434s sailing cutting
437s what did you guys think we'd love to
440s hear your feedback in the comments below
442s or if you're watching this live tell us
445s in the chat
446s we'd once again like to say that this
449s video footage is purely a technical demo
452s the core gameplay details art rewards
456s basically everything that makes a skill
458s a skill is still to come
461s knowing how navigation works at its core
464s is really important as it feeds into all
467s the other aspects of the skill
470s we know how important it is to ensure
472s that navigation feels fun engaging and
476s intuitive across all devices so now that
479s you're able to visualize yourself on a
482s ship with your homies what kinds of
484s feedback do you want to send our way
487s foreign
492s that was super super cool
495s um what did you guys think
498s Park it's an absolute W I didn't want to
500s say another lies
505s it's worth emphasizing how early this is
507s um first thing like this is uh you know
510s a handful of days of effort I've got
512s into getting us to this stage but my God
514s there's this like for us I think we feel
517s like this is now
519s the possibilities are endless what do we
522s want to do with this and so on
524s essentially uh but gosh it's it's like
527s it is ridiculous and exciting to see
530s boats big boats moving with players on
533s them seeing other players on the shore
534s on the real map and everything
537s for us that was that was a huge
539s challenge to get there
541s to get that going
543s um and I think it's yeah we're buzzing
547s yeah yeah it's
549s it's um I'm happy to see like positivity
551s in the chat it's like important
554s for it to feel old school and I think
557s that demo kind of captures it like you
559s see that boat that looks like one of the
561s boats from Port sarim actually moving
563s through the water that's really cool
566s um The Players moving around on it like
569s it looks and feels like old school
571s it feels it looks like it plays like old
573s school so yeah it doesn't
578s it was really exciting when we saw that
580s for the first time like during the game
581s Jam when we're just like because back
583s when we were thinking about all these
585s skill pictures and we're talking with
586s Elena and I'm like actually we don't
588s know what's our Perfect World Vision and
590s I'm like oh yeah I'd love to be able to
591s see what's happening on the boat and
594s move around on the boat and control the
595s boat we were like how is this gonna work
597s are we gonna need like a
598s picture-in-picture kind of thing do we
599s need to talk about like we were talking
601s about wasd and or what if you we just
603s turned the player into the boat is that
605s simple and to me this was like the
607s perfect outcome this would be it working
610s as if like like if I could have had it
613s worked anyway this is how it would have
615s been and we were just like ha we don't
617s know if the text possible can we do it
618s and then oh engine team delivered during
621s game jam it looks really good from a
624s from a tech perspective and that's where
626s I'm most excited I think
627s all the disclaimers on the video about
629s Arts gameplay everything is just this is
632s just about the idea that players can be
634s on a boat doing stuff while the boat is
637s moving and that is actually really
639s exciting to me
640s yeah for sure I'm seeing some comments
642s in the chat about the the art style and
644s things like that like we have not
645s dedicated
647s um a significant amount of art resource
648s into this demo
650s um this was literally purely to show you
652s that it was technically possible because
654s there are a lot of misconceptions about
655s the skill and whether this would be
657s technically achievable and now that we
659s know that you can not only have you know
662s a boat in the open world moving it
664s around yourself you can also have people
666s on your boat which we'll talk about in a
668s bit more detail in the question so this
671s from a tech point of view I think is is
672s massive it really helps you to visualize
674s the skill and now hopefully players will
676s be able to give us a lot more feedback
679s um targeted feedback to be like can you
681s change this can this be fixed to work
684s this way Etc whereas before it was
686s really really difficult for people to
688s imagine themselves on a boat because the
691s kinds of stuff that you've done in game
692s already
694s um don't really involve you necessarily
696s being on a boat driving it yourself
698s navigating Etc so we are planning
700s publish a Blog uh sometime this week and
704s this q a is going to be focused on
705s asking some immediate questions so let's
708s begin uh mod nin can you talk us about
711s what the engine changes are and explain
713s the new tech
715s yeah so I guess first
718s let's let's like Define like what the
721s difference is between engine and content
724s um because people are always like ah
726s that needs engine work and we can't get
727s engine work we can't get engine work
729s um
730s so the the engine is basically a set of
733s like gameplay agnostic systems
737s um the game content that then gets built
739s on so
740s you know you need a model drawn to the
743s screen the engine will draw that model
744s to the screen doesn't care what it is or
746s the game needs some scripts to run the
748s engine doesn't care what those scripts
749s are but they'll make them run
751s um so anytime anytime someone's like oh
753s that needs engine work it basically what
755s it means is we need to go and like
756s change one of those systems or anything
758s in this case like add a new system
761s um
762s so yeah and and what this is is uh a way
767s for us to draw an area of the map that
771s exists like somewhere else in a place
772s that we've dubbed the boat dimension
775s um somewhere else in the game world so
777s we're basically like superimposing a map
779s that exists like off in the void over
783s where a boat should be in the real world
786s and that gives you this um this effect
789s where it looks like there's a bow in the
791s water
792s um
792s and
795s that's I think as a husky was saying
798s it's like that's kind of how you want
799s sailing to look you want sailing to look
801s like the boats that already exist except
803s they're moving and you can run your
805s little your player around on them
807s um
808s what what it would be like quite
810s disappointing is if we just like turned
812s your player model into a boat
815s um that would probably feel a bit Naf so
818s yeah going like the extra step getting
820s the system in place from the engine side
822s to be able to draw a full boat moving
824s across the ocean
826s um was
828s uh where we wanted to start exploring
831s very very cool I love the explanation of
833s a boat Dimension
836s um could you just kind of highlight what
838s consequence of this could have for the
840s rest of the game so does this Tech has
841s to have to be specific to sailing or
845s could you see it applying elsewhere in
847s the game potentially
849s uh yes I mean like I said the engine is
852s generally gameplay agnostic systems and
855s this is no exception this is just draw
857s an area
858s somewhere else
860s um some of the ideas we've had floating
862s around is you could have like a boss
864s fight that's on the back of a dragon
866s like you're standing on the back of a
867s dragon fighting something as that flies
869s around the entire game map
872s so you're like flying over Catherine
874s while you're on top of a dragon doing
876s some boss fight that could be super cool
879s um so yeah there's there's probably
881s quite a lot of things that we could do
882s with this um we could have proper like
883s moving scenery and like cool kind of
885s visual effects in in boss fights uh yeah
888s also
890s very very very cool
892s um and can I just clarify as well this
895s is still open world gaming so all of the
898s stuff to do with the boat Dimension
899s everything like that you are still
901s looking to make sailing an open world
903s skill
905s uh yeah do you want to take this one
907s husky
908s uh yeah absolutely I mean this is this
911s is literally on the game world we expect
913s you to see other ships like the fact
914s that someone was fishing and saw the
916s gameplay that was happening on the on
918s the on the boat is really exciting
921s um yeah absolutely no nothing for this
923s cause for instance and the whole
924s shipworld thing or boat world or
926s everyone to call it is just the idea
928s that we can have a collection of
929s entities scenery players like items on
933s the ground beef like something that is
935s transmitted to the game world and moving
937s as a single entity that is that is
939s literally all this is for a tech demo I
941s think I still see a lot of chatting like
943s oh like how how does this matter for
945s gaining XP and and what is this gonna
948s work and it's like well those are those
950s are great questions that we'll cover in
951s core gameplay which is like two weeks
953s from now right now we were bombarded
955s with a ton of player questions being
957s like why are you doing core gameplay
958s first and we don't know how we're gonna
960s navigate a ship at Sea and how that's
962s gonna feel so you're like yeah actually
964s let's let's do navigation First you're
965s right let's cover how we envision you
968s moving around at Sea and what that
970s impact to that sort of has on the player
972s and then let's move into core gameplay
975s things like how you gain XP from doing
977s the skill the actual activities you'll
979s be doing that kind of thing
981s um just a reminder to people that the
983s whole intention of the sailing design
985s isn't to say here is our full design of
989s sailing boom go read this novel
991s right we want to bring players along the
994s way get feedback as we're going along
996s and just sort of build up to this final
998s finished uh product and design which you
1001s guys will then vote upon uh at some
1003s point in the future
1005s so yeah
1007s I kind of hope that over the course of
1009s this journey anyone who's like well
1010s sailing isn't a scale and it's like well
1012s we haven't got to explaining how it can
1013s be a skill yet I think the core gameplay
1015s is probably the biggest part that will
1017s hopefully turn a lot of people
1019s um so yeah yeah we're we're laying down
1022s this like Foundation
1024s or how you even like do the basic
1027s interactions on the sea and then we can
1030s really get into the meat of the school
1032s awesome yeah I've seen some questions
1034s about collision and Chip customization
1036s we'll probably cover that in the later
1038s questions but just to let chat know like
1040s I've seen your questions don't worry
1042s we've got that in mind
1044s um right so Mont husky can you explain
1046s how players can expect to move their
1048s ship
1049s um I know that we saw on the demo but
1051s just having your explanation and
1053s expertise and as well can you clarify
1055s whether players will be able to freely
1057s walk around on their boats
1060s so when we were looking at the tech demo
1063s I think one of the gameplay decisions
1064s that mod nin had made was that you could
1066s just click on the water to move the ship
1068s and then you click on the on the ship to
1070s move on the ship and that raised a lot
1072s of questions for us and Dev where we
1074s were thinking how does that work in
1075s multiplayer do you have like an assigned
1077s person who can move it is that a little
1079s weird
1080s um what happens if I want to move to the
1082s tile right on the edge of the ship and I
1083s actually miss clicking there my ship
1085s moved so from a gameplay perspective we
1088s would expect the player to navigate to
1090s The Wheel of the ship and then once
1092s they're sort of locked in with a wheel
1093s they're able to to move the ship to the
1096s coordinates at Sea and then other
1097s players some sort of do other stuff or
1099s if you want to go manipulate the sales
1101s or do other things you would leave that
1103s sort of navigation mode and then move
1105s over to that entity one thing that was
1107s really important for us when we were
1108s reading feedback and seeing like how
1110s players Imagine This Feeling old school
1111s and feeling like a skill was the idea
1113s that you're actually going and
1114s interacting with the things individually
1115s on the ship and not controlling them
1117s through an interface uh and that kind of
1119s thing so yeah it's still going to be
1121s point-and-click to move we're not really
1123s looking at anything like wasd or like
1125s interface to sort of navigate things and
1128s I think the only question that kind of
1129s has come up uh from sort of the Discord
1131s channels that we've been looking at is
1133s the idea of Perpetual momentum obviously
1135s if you're having to go back to the ship
1137s wheel every time you need to click is
1139s that going to get too tedious and we've
1141s just sort of said that Perpetual
1142s momentum is something we'd like to look
1144s forward uh to introducing as like a an
1146s upgrade space as you get a larger ship
1148s maybe you can install some sort of thing
1150s that can allow for Perpetual momentum
1152s that kind of thing but we don't know
1154s exactly the specifics of how that's
1155s going to work yet it's just something
1156s we're open to because as your ship gets
1158s larger and more complex
1160s um you will are probably going to want
1162s to have to do more things than just
1164s navigate it so yeah
1168s fantastic I love that explanation
1170s um so we've confirmed basically no um
1173s nothing other than point and click
1174s really there will be it's mainly
1176s point-and-click and then you navigate to
1178s your wheel
1179s um to make sure that you're kind of
1180s locked in so that you don't end up Miss
1182s clicking
1183s um Kieran I think we've already touched
1185s on this but could you kind of give us
1187s your view on why it was so important for
1189s the team to look at navigation and how
1192s important it is to the sailing skill
1194s well I think I think simply put
1198s it's very hard to go deeper into
1200s gameplay unless you know how players are
1202s even moving the bloody bow right how can
1205s you come up with all these other things
1206s until that's understood so it's a
1209s foundational piece like like uh lemon
1211s huskier said uh but also like it is one
1215s of the most common bits of skepticism
1218s and feedback we've seen from from
1221s players
1222s we can't imagine how bullets would work
1224s is it just gonna look a bit tacky you
1226s just get transmogged into a little robot
1228s or whatever
1229s well no it's the answer to that and this
1232s is this is the that proof that this is
1234s why we felt it was really important to
1236s look at this properly understand what is
1238s possible with our engine remember when
1241s we were talking about it when we were
1242s even looking at the three skills
1244s one of the big things we constantly
1246s mentioned when we come to refinement is
1247s we're going to the need to look at how
1249s do bullets work this this is that step
1252s essentially anything you can do on land
1254s you could do on a boat and it can move
1257s through the world in the real world and
1259s that to me means the possibilities
1261s gameplay wise really are endless yet it
1265s feels real it feels like it'll play
1267s quite like old school or you can click
1269s movement run around your ship it's not
1271s going to feel overly different which is
1273s awesome and so
1276s I think it's really good to get that
1277s sense of yes sailing is a part of this
1279s game it is part of this world and I love
1281s that clip of the the guy fishing on
1284s Canterbury Beach while somebody else
1286s goes past on their boat because that to
1289s me sets quite clearly like how
1292s properly part of old school this is it's
1295s part of the world you can be going doing
1297s something on your boat maybe you're
1298s fishing on sea or whatever or you're
1300s just training Sailing by some gameplay
1303s and you can see the other people on land
1305s fishing lobsters on Karam Japan or
1307s whatever it is that's great
1310s there's a lot still to work out right
1312s this is not to say this is done this is
1314s just that proof of concept to say we can
1316s do it like this brilliant now the
1319s shackles are off let's go and work out
1321s how the skill Works etc etc and
1325s we wanted to make sure like
1327s because we saw the feedback all the time
1328s like is sailing just gonna be like that
1330s section of um bon voyage which is a pain
1333s or is it gonna be like fishing trawler
1337s no it's much much better than that and
1340s feels much more like it's a genuine
1342s interaction you can do in game and it's
1345s not hidden behind an interface or
1346s whatever
1348s yeah it's really great to give players a
1350s visual that isn't what they've currently
1352s seen in game for sure and I'm really
1353s looking forward to the feedback
1355s um so please do keep letting us know
1357s what you think
1359s um can we talk about the tech again so
1362s um anyone can take this is it going to
1363s be possible just clarify that you will
1366s be able to have other people on your
1368s boat and are you already starting to
1370s think about the kinds of possibilities
1372s for group content on boats
1375s yeah
1376s hell yeah
1378s makes sense right it would be such a it
1380s would be such a missed opportunity if we
1383s as an MMO like like a big sandbox MMO
1386s added boats that you couldn't like sail
1389s around with other people especially
1390s given like how big the boats in the game
1392s are like the ones that you see is like
1395s I mean
1396s yeah get a crew together go sailing
1399s there were you there was a clip in the
1400s the demo that showed like four people
1403s running around a boat
1405s um and there was like you know it looks
1407s a little bit awkward because one of them
1408s runs upstairs and you know you can't see
1410s people upstairs in old school you can
1411s only see people who are on the same
1412s floor as you
1414s um but you know that's something we can
1415s fix
1416s um yeah absolutely
1419s oh Big W
1422s um and do you think at this stage other
1423s people might be able to help you steer
1426s the boat and influence the way that it
1428s moves or do you think that they're going
1430s to be passengers like what are your
1431s early thoughts on how other people might
1434s interact with the boat are they just
1436s gonna kind of I think what husky was
1438s saying kind of covers it really like I
1441s think the player who goes up to the big
1444s wheel or depends on the type of ship
1445s right but some entity on the boat will
1448s get control over the ship's movement
1451s um in terms of which direction it's
1453s going and so on that
1455s baby we'll have things like if you're in
1458s a group maybe you need to give
1459s permission to somebody else on your boat
1461s like who knows there's lots of little
1463s details like that but in theory somebody
1466s else on the book could go up to the
1467s wheel take over say I'm the captain now
1469s like you just did in the chat
1473s yeah but but we're also conscious of
1476s like multiplayer is awesome and when it
1478s comes to stuff like hey maybe in 2000
1481s and 2027 we had a raid that's see and
1485s you you have to go on with your team on
1487s the boat
1488s that might feel a little bit that that
1490s feels very suitable for multiplayer but
1492s do you want your core training stuff for
1494s sailing to be multiplayer I think
1496s probably not maybe as an option but we
1499s are conscious a lot of players like do
1501s like playing the game solo as well and
1503s we don't want to hide like best XP rates
1505s and so on behind playing with other
1507s people for example so that's all the
1509s stuff that's going to be thought about
1510s when we go into gameplay where does
1512s multiplayer Ships Come into it
1515s um what about NPC crew like that might
1517s well be a part of it but also I like
1520s what somebody else said in the chat like
1521s can I just play noobs to clear my ship
1523s who knows I totally right that could be
1525s part of the ecosystem and how we really
1527s love that
1528s proper MMO aspect of it so who knows
1531s yeah I'm just I'm imagining now just
1533s like a a raid where you like five boats
1538s come in that all have like four players
1540s on them and you've got this crazy 20
1541s person like raid out in the middle of
1543s the sea that'd be ridiculous but
1547s technically feasible so that's really
1549s awesome
1551s so let's just endless
1553s um okay let's talk about par thing so we
1555s haven't really touched on that as part
1557s of the demo could you guys explain how
1560s you imagine pathing to work
1564s um
1565s there you go go for a husky
1568s okay uh so something that we said right
1570s from the get-go is that the sort of way
1573s that players move just isn't necessarily
1575s going to be appropriate for ships like
1577s imagine if your ship could just 180 you
1579s suddenly face the other way and turn
1581s back quickly right that
1583s I know that like realism video games
1586s don't necessarily go hand in hand and
1587s there used to be a line somewhere but
1588s that feels like something that would
1589s just feel really jarring right so we
1592s would want players to be able to sort of
1594s have their ship travel in an arc to get
1596s to a point like more slowly like like
1598s you might expect a ship to work uh in
1601s the real world uh so that's something
1603s that we're quite intent about but also
1605s the normal player pathing algorithm for
1608s those like who sort of know it you kind
1610s of just go in a straight line and then
1612s like they are going to move into finish
1613s off your getting to your destination
1615s usually which
1617s kind of would feel strange in a big Open
1621s Sea that didn't have many things to sort
1623s of like block and interact with you just
1624s always see ships doing that whereas in
1627s the open world that's kind of hidden
1629s right because you'll occasionally have
1630s to nap during a tree or a rock or a
1632s fence or a wall or around a corner it
1635s just it's kind of like sort of hidden
1637s behind the scenes with all that so we
1640s would very much like to have that more
1642s General sort of Arc to get there and
1644s slow sort of steering and I mean correct
1647s me if I'm wrong then but that's
1648s something that you guys an engine have
1650s been sort of backing from the start and
1652s saying yeah that's something that you
1653s guys would like to do and very possible
1656s yeah yeah it's basically just
1659s pathfinding with extra steps
1661s um it will be more complicated than
1663s layer path lining obviously but uh one
1667s thing that old school does really well
1668s is all the systems are fundamentally
1672s quite simple
1673s um and we'd keep it that way for the
1675s sailing path finding you know it would
1677s have a few extra steps
1680s very very I think
1682s um sorry because you go ahead
1685s you're gonna say the thing I was gonna
1687s say
1688s uh yeah I I was just gonna ask about
1690s um the lithium uh the Reddit submission
1693s basically I think the the user was
1695s called lithium potassium I do apologize
1696s I'm gonna double check the name because
1698s I was rushing around uh when I was was
1700s lithium potassium okay great we saw a
1702s really cool uh Reddit submission
1706s um by lithium potassium take a look at
1707s this
1709s this was their suggestion for
1710s pathfinding and I I wanted to ask a
1713s question just as a talking point like
1714s was this something that you were keen on
1716s taking further as inspiration
1721s absolutely
1723s the limitation that it has is
1727s the boat can only turn 45 degrees every
1731s Tech
1733s um and that just kind of
1736s is it's a very simple like change
1740s but it adds like a very kind of real
1742s effect where you now have this big
1744s turning Arc
1745s um we've been talking since the start of
1747s the skill is like boats can't turn like
1749s players that can't be the case it would
1751s look ridiculous
1753s um so
1755s yeah having that Arc maybe having like
1758s some amount of acceleration and
1759s deceleration so you don't just like kind
1762s of just start going at this consistent
1764s speed
1765s um
1766s all these kind of things I think would
1768s add a lot to the feel of
1770s sailing a boat
1773s awesome husky did you want to add even
1776s more so with the um I'm just gonna say
1778s even more so with the bigger boats I
1780s think like with a little robot like this
1782s actually I'd say you get away with it
1783s better but when you're on a massive like
1785s ports of rib style sale but it would
1788s look absurd if that just burns in the
1789s spot
1790s yeah for the um for the demo that that
1794s we put together uh we didn't change any
1797s of the pathing at all it's just using
1799s like normal pathing but what we did do
1801s was make the speed at which the boat
1803s like visually turns really slow
1806s um so even though that boat is kind of
1808s doing like a immediate diagonal or
1811s immediately changes directions because
1812s it rotates so slowly
1814s it kind of looks alright like without us
1816s even doing anything we didn't show it
1819s off in the in the demo uh without us
1821s really doing too much
1822s it did feel kind of all right and we'd
1825s go and do some extra steps like this and
1827s we you could get it to feel like pretty
1829s nice
1831s I think you've both said words that are
1833s a particular word that's really
1834s important which is feel
1836s so this is something that like while
1838s this grid that we're looking at is very
1840s very particular in exactly how it works
1842s what is really important is that it
1844s feels good once we're on a ship so we
1846s could start with implementing exactly
1848s this in the demo and then if it feels
1850s really bad we'll try and change it or do
1852s something else
1853s um it's something that's
1855s we can only really talk about on a
1857s theoretical level until we actually try
1859s and implement and I think that this is
1861s something that is probably going to get
1863s a lot of player feedback because uh
1866s assuming that this skill gets greenlit
1867s and moves on and we can have beta
1869s servers we get players to start testing
1870s give us feedback and all this stuff
1873s um we imagine that one of the biggest
1875s things we'll get is is less going to be
1877s about like hey I think this meta is very
1879s powerful for this particular level I
1882s think what we're probably going to get
1883s actually is hey like I think boats feel
1885s either really good but I could change it
1888s this way or hey even if they feel really
1890s bad but these are things that we changed
1892s because I think we are not releasing the
1894s skill unless navigating the ship at Sea
1896s feels good because that is that is the
1899s biggest most core part of this skill
1903s absolutely
1905s um Amen to that we really want it to
1906s feel intuitive
1908s um engaging and as husky said we're
1912s looking at a green light pole sort of
1914s around Late July if that then passes
1917s through we would then be working on a
1918s beta which uh we would then take your
1921s feedback about this kind of stuff so
1923s it's not absolutely set in stone we hope
1925s that the demo and the blog about
1928s navigational mechanics
1929s um this week will give you a bit more
1931s information
1932s um but this is still we'll still work
1934s for players on this like it has to feel
1936s right and we welcome constructive
1938s feedback on it
1940s um speaking of feel oh yeah sorry husky
1943s you go ahead
1944s I would say one thing that was shared I
1946s just saw it was it was like a player had
1948s said suggestion for a lunar spell that
1949s rotates your bow to 180 degrees so you
1951s just cast a spell and it looks like
1954s um and I don't know whether that
1956s specific idea is a good one or a bad one
1958s but the idea that we this isn't just
1961s Sailing In traditional old-school
1963s RuneScape right this isn't just sorry in
1965s like the traditional world this isn't
1966s like you know early 100th Century
1969s sailing where we have to live by
1970s everything that the real world does this
1973s is a fantasy MMO low fantasy albeit that
1976s has potential to have inspiration with
1978s magic potential to integrate with
1980s technologies that exist in in our
1982s current world you know Dwarven
1984s Technologies or fremitic Seer
1986s Technologies to be able to see weather
1987s stuff so the idea that we can sort of
1991s circumvent sort of expectations as you
1994s level up the skill upgrade your ship to
1996s get additional features is like a really
1998s cool thing that I think we haven't even
2000s explored fully right the idea that
2002s we ask how old school how sailing Works
2005s in old school RuneScape but the the next
2007s logical question is
2009s how does being an old school RuneScape
2011s directly impact some of the things that
2012s we can do with sailing like as the
2014s player progresses through the skill
2015s because I I remember seeing a really
2017s janky Reddit image that was like oh
2019s black dragon height sales and all this
2022s and I'm like well actually if you're
2023s sailing to fight a dragon you might want
2025s some sort of black dragon height sales
2027s that don't just get breeds on fire so I
2029s don't know I think that that sort of
2030s integration with the this sort of whole
2032s game world is just like a really
2034s exciting thing
2037s yeah
2039s I absolutely loved that
2041s um I really really love that
2043s um okay let's talk about camera controls
2045s I've seen it pop up a bit in chat um nin
2048s can you take this one so
2050s how do you imagine can I also combine
2052s this question with render distance
2053s because I've also seen that pop up um so
2055s how do you imagine camera controls uh
2058s render distance view working with
2061s sailing because obviously a ship is
2062s going to take up a bigger portion of
2064s your screen than
2065s um you perhaps would otherwise so if you
2067s can just talk us through that
2069s yeah so if we start with render distance
2072s um
2073s it's
2074s something that's obviously on on our
2078s minds
2079s um we have the steamer mobile clients
2081s they have an increased render distance
2082s at the moment
2084s um
2084s obviously everyone who's playing on
2086s moonlight
2087s hopefully you're using the GPU plugin
2089s and you're bumping the Reddit distance
2090s up because it makes the experience quite
2092s a lot better in Vanilla Java uh it's
2094s kind of capped to that very short render
2097s distance
2098s um that is obviously something that
2101s we're aware of and in that last example
2103s the boat that we used was kind of
2105s massive
2106s um and does take off quite a lot of the
2108s screen
2109s um so it's not something we've got an
2112s answer for like right now but it's
2114s something that we're very very aware of
2116s um as for the camera itself
2119s uh
2122s I guess when you're controlling the boat
2124s your camera is going to be centered on
2126s the boat
2127s and if you're controlling your player
2128s then your character will be centered on
2130s your player as you walk around the boat
2131s that's where we'd like to get to
2135s um
2136s the it gets kind of funny when you have
2138s when you're on a boat and your boat is
2140s actually rotating your camera's focused
2142s on your player uh so we'll have to
2145s figure that one out that gets a little
2147s bit confusing and disorienting but I
2150s imagine we can fix the camera to the
2151s boat rather than the world so that's not
2155s too much of an issue
2157s um and then one of the other discussions
2159s we were having was about
2161s um let's say you had a crow's nest in
2164s your ship and you wanted to send someone
2165s up there with a telescope so they could
2167s look out into the distance
2169s um
2169s that's probably something that we could
2172s we could manage to do
2175s um you know we could put we could put
2177s the camera like a little bit further
2179s down the world and kind of
2181s smoke a mirrors pass some engine
2183s limitations to make it feel like you're
2184s looking into the distance we could
2185s definitely do things like that
2187s um so yeah there's a lot of a lot of
2189s ideas floating around
2191s um yeah
2192s having to hear people's thoughts on that
2195s awesome very very good explanation
2198s um
2199s can I ask another question so um size of
2202s ships and the type of ship that we'd
2204s like to offer players
2206s um husky can you talk us through that
2207s and potentially explain how navigation
2210s might change based on what size your
2212s ship is and what type of ship it is
2214s maybe touch on customization as well if
2217s you can
2219s yeah so it was kind of skipped over in
2223s the demo if you noticed uh there was
2224s like a really small ship and then a
2226s large a slightly larger one than a
2228s massive one and right now for our uh
2230s navigation design we've sort of said
2232s we're gonna have three tiers of [ __ ]
2234s like sort of rough tiers of [ __ ] I could
2237s imagine maybe a a scale between them as
2240s you upgrade right that you know but
2241s let's just go with a free Seer system
2243s for now you have small ships large ships
2246s and colossal ships so small ships from a
2249s navigation perspective would be like
2251s your kind of smaller row boats maybe
2253s with like a sail it's supposed to be a
2255s very simple solo player based experience
2258s and I don't say solo as in you can't
2260s have your friends on I mean the
2262s complexity of navigating this specific
2264s ship is designed around one person being
2267s there
2268s uh a large ship would be a complex solo
2272s experience so still doable solo uh
2274s probably so if a small ship's maybe like
2277s four by three ish size a larger ship we
2279s kind of got pegged in the like six by
2281s ten ish size these are just all Park
2283s sizes to give an idea of scale uh and
2286s then our colossal ship is a complex
2287s group experience uh and again not saying
2290s solo players can't do it just this is
2292s how the complexity of operating this
2295s vessel uh is designed around being uh
2298s one thing that we've come up a lot
2299s Kieran touched on it was oh well if I
2301s need a group to have this large ship
2303s that I want to play solo well we're
2305s going to look into things like NPC
2306s crewmates like we love the idea of
2307s building and customizing it and like a
2309s sort of NPC crew to help you that kind
2311s of thing uh but the different ships
2313s cannot we all want to make them feel
2315s very different uh we can play around
2317s with ship speeds turning speed sort of
2320s render distance kind of to give them all
2321s a different feel uh but I think one of
2324s the biggest things that will change how
2325s they feel is that as you just sort of
2327s have a larger shape you'll be able to
2330s build and upgrade more facilities on
2332s your ship and your ship will be able to
2334s do more things so if a smaller vessel is
2338s you know maybe got like a small cannon
2341s or ballista or something up front in a
2342s sale or maybe an extra other thing on it
2345s you're not going to be doing much other
2347s than the navigation and maybe that a
2349s couple of other things but if a larger
2351s ship has like four or five or six
2353s different things you can interact with
2354s uh maybe some of those things that
2356s you're building and interacting are
2358s going to take some of that navigation
2359s burden off you so you can interact with
2361s more of the things on the ship and sort
2362s of scale that up to colossal so that's
2365s that's kind of how we're seeing this
2367s sort of progression cruise ships as you
2369s go along
2371s um
2372s I think that we definitely want players
2374s to be able to have more than one though
2376s I think that's such a such a fundamental
2378s part is we don't just want you to have
2379s oh you always have the biggest ship and
2381s it can always do the most stuff and this
2382s is the perfect ship for all the
2384s activities in game we want you to be
2386s able to have multiple different ships uh
2388s each one built for their each thing
2389s we've even played around with the idea
2391s that what if like your colossal ship
2393s could just have sort of your your your
2394s small ship sort of like attached to it
2397s at the side and then at certain points
2399s we need to go and explore Islands you
2400s just like anchor up and take your robot
2402s to the maybe the places that are more
2404s sort of uh
2406s tightly sort of like sorry what would
2408s say narrower places to navigate that
2410s kind of idea
2412s um and as far as uh like the different
2415s ships as well we were playing around the
2416s idea of different types of sea so maybe
2419s shallow C is ideal for having these
2421s small vessels uh just general open C is
2425s suited for large vessels and the deep
2427s sea is where you want to be using
2428s colossal vessels and we probably just
2430s have some sort of penalty for using a
2432s ship that isn't quite optimized for it
2435s it could be sort of like a movement
2436s speed penalty but there's also the idea
2439s that just having less things available
2441s especially on like a smaller ship could
2444s just be the penalty in itself right if
2445s you've got a really small uh single
2448s Cannon and a large sea creature suddenly
2451s comes up and your [ __ ] maybe doesn't
2453s have a lot of Health it's maybe that is
2455s the penalty but it's not gonna be able
2457s to be able to deal with that threat as
2458s opposed to a specific uh
2460s sir
2462s arbitrary movement penalty so we're
2464s these are all the things that we're
2465s talking about and a lot of these
2467s examples that I've given are just to
2468s give context to the situation and
2471s describe the differences especially in
2474s the different sizes of ships but from a
2476s navigation perspective and what we're
2477s refining right now that's kind of what
2479s we're pitching that we have three
2480s different tiers of ships three different
2482s types of c and just sort of have that
2484s complexity of uh controlling the ships
2487s and managing them increase as you uh as
2491s you sort of go up in size
2495s question from me it may not be designed
2498s yet but you imagine players would have
2500s one small ship one medium one large and
2503s then they just work on customizing and
2504s upgrading that one ship or are you
2507s thinking
2509s um they could have multiple versions of
2511s different sizes of ships and upgrade
2513s them depending on that's like a far out
2515s question it might not be but
2518s I don't think I would necessarily want
2520s to restrict them to one small one large
2522s one colossal unless there was a tech
2524s restriction meaning it had to be that
2526s way
2527s um we obviously haven't started doing
2529s things like mapping player variables to
2531s ships and how complex that gets but I'd
2533s ideally like players to just have a
2536s number of ships and if they want five
2537s specific small ships go ahead if they
2540s want five sorry larger ships go ahead uh
2543s and that kind of thing we'd obviously
2544s expect that having at least one of each
2547s is probably a good idea to sort of
2549s enable you to navigate all the varieties
2553s of C more optimally but all of these are
2557s just like all of these are just ideas at
2559s this point right I think that
2561s one thing I've seen come up a lot with
2563s players is oh what do you think about
2565s this specific thing how do you feel
2566s about this type of content at Sea and
2568s the question is that we're going to sort
2570s of build that over time and we just want
2571s to give players the direction that we're
2573s heading in right now and how it relates
2575s to navigation so that we can get more
2577s specific and relevant feedback to sort
2580s of help have the community help us shape
2582s this skill into the skill that they the
2584s best skill that it can be and the skill
2586s that they want for the game
2588s well some fantastic explanation
2591s um right we've only got 15 minutes so
2592s I'll run through the next ones really
2594s quickly
2595s um how will players expect to get access
2598s to the Sea have we kind of designed that
2600s in mind
2603s just simply going to a port uh one thing
2606s we've talked about a lot with sailing is
2608s the idea of sort of revamping ports
2609s around the world making them a really
2611s like truly Social Hub uh in old school
2615s RuneScape for the sailing activity and
2616s having them dotted all around across the
2618s game we already have these ports but
2620s they might need additional features to
2621s sort of support sailing uh well one
2624s thing we have also thought about is that
2625s if you're going to an island and from a
2627s lower perspective it doesn't really make
2628s sense for there to be a port there it's
2629s an Undiscovered Island why would it just
2631s have this fully functional Port we can
2633s have these sort of like mirroring points
2634s where you could dock your ship and then
2636s go explore and then come back to it so
2638s you wouldn't necessarily be restricted
2640s to just ports but either it would be
2642s either ports or specific designated
2644s locations
2646s um we wouldn't want players to just sail
2647s freely and sort of drop off anywhere
2651s they want across the coast while it
2653s sounds it would sound nice it gets very
2656s complicated for dealing with things like
2657s restrictions and access to content one
2660s of the best examples is that players
2662s shouldn't have access to to randwin
2663s unless they've done underground pass in
2666s that Quest Series so
2669s one of the cleanest ways of doing that
2670s is having that sort of single access
2672s point or access points like work to
2674s Grass where we go cool have they done
2676s this Quest no right okay now they're
2677s getting kind of shot at by the guards
2679s and told to go away because they don't
2681s trust like strangers you know to their
2683s lands like that sort of thematic idea
2686s and then you're saying okay I can't dock
2688s there and if we just allowed you to sort
2690s of
2690s like say place your ship anywhere along
2693s the coast it would get really
2694s complicated in all the checks and all
2696s the tiles and oh can we dock here and
2698s that kind of thing so yeah ports are
2700s just like a necessity for us from a
2702s implementation perspective to make it uh
2705s easier to handle
2706s cool sorry for spamming you with
2708s questions
2709s um let's talk about Collision I've seen
2711s a couple of people asking about that um
2713s anyone can take this but can you explain
2715s the ramifications of
2717s having many players at Sea potentially
2719s colliding their boats and how that works
2721s on a technical or
2724s developmental level
2726s yeah I think
2728s uh wherever at the moment is it's just
2730s gonna kind of work how players Collide
2732s which is that they don't
2734s um when two boats intersect uh the boat
2737s that's not your boat will just kind of
2738s become a shadow on the water because
2740s otherwise
2742s gameplay wise that's just going to get
2743s really annoying you don't want like some
2746s I don't know some Clan gets together and
2748s just create like a blockade across like
2750s the entire ocean now you can't go
2753s anywhere like that doesn't make any
2755s sense Bridge
2761s um so yeah that's that's where our
2763s thoughts are at the moment
2765s um we there were some interesting
2766s discussions as well about
2768s um you know what if like could your boat
2771s crash into something
2774s um
2775s and then like your boat would be damaged
2777s or is your boat always going to like
2779s half find through whatever obstacles you
2782s send it through
2784s um so yeah that's all stuff we're
2786s thinking about but as for like player
2788s collision and maybe player Collision
2790s would turn on if there's like PVP boat
2792s areas maybe or maybe it wouldn't
2796s yeah we'd have to like experiment with
2798s that and and figure it out
2801s yeah I mean the whole idea can you
2803s imagine
2804s sorry husky
2806s I was just gonna say so can you imagine
2808s on launch day wherever we I don't know
2811s where the like level one sailing Hub
2813s would be at this point but you can you
2814s imagine everyone gets their first boat
2816s and the ships Collide and there's like a
2818s thousand players from one world it just
2820s it wouldn't work we have to we have to
2822s get it we have to get it right
2830s busy that's a lot of people you're on
2833s boats I didn't collided like it just
2835s doesn't it wouldn't really work would
2836s have to limit it in some capacity so it
2839s can maybe work like Lin says in specific
2843s activities like if we did a raid down
2846s the line with boats like hey that could
2847s have totally different rules on some of
2850s this stuff to what regular sailing
2852s training and gameplay looks like but uh
2854s yeah sorry
2857s no that's that's exactly what I was
2859s gonna say and even in the example of say
2862s PDP I know that that's a scary topic
2864s right now PPP boats at Sea uh
2867s that isn't something that we're ruling
2869s out but it is something that it depends
2871s on the entire content implementation
2873s right like there's probably like four or
2874s five different PVP ship ideas that we
2877s could pitch to The Community and uh like
2879s they like one or they like none of them
2880s and that kind of thing so it's not
2882s something we're ruling out but it
2883s absolutely feels like Collision should
2885s exist there right the idea that I'm
2886s ramming my ship into someone else we
2888s both take damage sounds really cool and
2890s yeah as you said like if a specific
2891s content implementations where we're
2894s specifically testing your navigation
2895s skills to not collide with things uh we
2899s should probably turn it on and do that
2900s kind of thing but even even when it
2901s comes to just scenery I'm not a big fan
2903s of I didn't quite get to my wheel in
2905s time in general navigation and now my
2907s sich like crashed into land is damaged
2909s it feels like that element of realism
2911s that just detracts from gameplay
2913s meaninglessly where it's like a simple
2915s mistake suddenly requires like a
2917s punishment on the player
2919s um yeah
2921s awesome it's awesome to hear your
2923s thoughts on that um so I've seen a
2926s couple of people talking making memes
2929s about feeling like ships might not be
2931s big enough to scale with the sea I'm
2933s hoping the demo helped with that um but
2935s curious to hear the panel here's
2937s thoughts on expanding the sea do we need
2940s the sea expanded to deal with maybe the
2942s influx of people that could be training
2944s sailing do you think that its size is
2946s good right now
2948s so it comes down to Content density at C
2952s and that's something we already surveyed
2954s players on where we said hey would you
2955s like just very thinly spread content to
2957s see or would you like more fully
2959s developed areas and we could just leave
2960s areas to be expanded upon later and
2962s players were saying yeah we want more
2963s densely packed areas of actual content
2966s and the idea there's like an early game
2968s sea area like a few of those dotted
2970s around and some more mid-game series and
2971s this part's dedicated to this content so
2974s in terms of expanding to see if we have
2976s this sort of densely pack see it's
2977s already quite a large job to do the
2979s existing C let alone expanding uh there
2982s probably does still need to be some
2983s growth uh particularly say fossil island
2986s is right up against the very Eastern Sea
2988s and Zaya is like five tiles off the edge
2991s of the western sea so we probably want
2992s to expand it a bit more to allow you to
2994s sail around those and make it feel more
2996s more immersive
2998s um but as far as like C scale in general
3000s uh the Prototype itself was you know
3003s obviously just showing hey you're here's
3005s different sizes of ship and hey cool
3007s look here's multiplayer on a ship and
3008s whatnot but I think players would have
3011s seen like that really large ship really
3013s close to land and go oh my God that
3014s feels really strange and people look at
3016s well there's crandor really close to to
3019s land here and I wouldn't fit a large
3021s ship there and we're just gonna have to
3023s be very clever about what we denote as
3025s being shallow sea open C and DC right
3028s we're gonna have to make sure that
3030s players are using the appropriate sized
3032s uh vessels for the area provided and
3035s that would help to alleviate some of the
3037s C scale problems because
3038s the truth is that Gillen or is already
3041s not very well put to scale look at the
3044s size of mountains compared to houses
3045s compared to players compared to the
3048s ships even at Port and you go
3050s actually that just isn't
3052s that just isn't the scale and I don't
3054s think the game ever really tried to
3055s right it tried to just create this fun
3058s game world to sort of play in and that's
3060s something that we're just going to
3062s continue on with with sailing
3065s awesome fantastic
3068s um right in our last few minutes
3070s um sorry husky I'm gonna put you on the
3071s spot again
3073s um how do you imagine wins and currents
3075s influencing navigation
3079s these are things that have come up quite
3081s a lot in the the Discord where we've
3083s been talking with players and there's
3084s definitely been a a sentiment that we
3087s don't just want to have wind be
3088s something that is a negative but I want
3090s to be able to like use my sales
3092s effectively to use wind as a positive
3095s and this kind of thing and it is a
3097s question of do we include these
3099s mechanics and do we go with uh sort of
3102s this part of realism and sailing to me
3104s the both of these make what is
3107s fundamentally sort of navigation to see
3110s interesting the idea that I have to drop
3112s my sales or put up my sales based on the
3114s Wind maybe there's slight uh movement
3116s penalties for not doing it correctly or
3118s like following a current helps you be
3119s faster or provide some other benefit
3122s um these are things that we are
3123s definitely looking to explore uh wind
3126s we've got as being
3128s I'm more sort of dynamic you need to
3130s react to it it's affecting everyone in
3132s the area at the same time and those that
3134s can utilize it correctly will get a
3136s benefit from it and currents are just
3139s this static thing in the game world
3140s where you know you're going to this era
3142s you've discovered a current and you can
3144s manipulate that current or like to
3146s indirect or so you can you know to go in
3148s the current if you're going this
3149s direction or to avoid it if you're going
3151s the other direction
3153s um but when it comes to game design
3154s while it's something oh my god I've got
3156s to deal with wind and current and what a
3158s strong wind is going against the current
3160s and I can't deal with it
3162s um we would definitely not want to
3163s overload these mechanics just from
3165s trying to stick to good game design
3167s early if you're in shallows or like sort
3170s of near like land we're probably just
3173s going to have wind and no current and
3175s even then the wind is probably going to
3176s be quite small to get players used to it
3177s as a coming into the skill and then when
3179s they move to open C maybe the wind is
3181s getting a bit more and uh currents are
3184s now a thing or you're maybe dealing with
3186s them in isolation or we don't have high
3187s wind with strong currents but when you
3190s get to the deep sea now we've got like
3192s everything sort of coming together and
3194s while that might sound like it's getting
3196s like a lot to deal with in deep sea and
3198s deep sea might just become frustrating
3199s the thing that we would emphasize is
3201s that a colossal ship has more facilities
3203s to be able to deal with things right
3205s you're not a small robot in deep sea
3208s necessarily struggling to deal with both
3210s wind and current and not having options
3212s a colossal ship would have more options
3214s potentially for you know like magically
3217s Enchanted sails that react to the wind
3219s or something or
3221s um or at least like partially react to
3223s the wind or hey like I've got this
3226s really massive like ship with a
3227s reinforced Hull that like and you could
3230s just think of like ways that sailing
3232s could could really just have things to
3234s help you deal with it I think one of the
3235s things that we've played around like how
3237s does magic play into it right if you
3239s just magically Enchanted something can
3240s it help lessen a mechanic or circumvent
3242s a mechanic and is that if that's part of
3244s the skills progression that just feels
3246s really good to be yes I reach this
3248s breakpoint and now 82 sailing now I've
3251s unlocked this thing that makes my life a
3253s bit easier to help deal with the other
3255s thing means I can focus on other things
3257s to see so I think that
3259s um all of these sort of ideas
3261s culminating uh to me like sailing as a
3264s skill like it it provides so much room
3267s in terms of like unlocks and uh things
3270s you can progressively feel like as
3271s you're training the skill either your
3273s player is getting better at dealing with
3275s it or your ship itself you're helping to
3278s uh like sort of improve is getting
3280s better at dealing with it
3283s awesome I think from this conversation
3285s it's so clear that this is so much more
3287s than what sailing was originally
3289s proposed to be back way back when and I
3292s do want to make it clear to the the
3293s comments in chat like this isn't just
3295s what sailing is this is just the
3298s navigational mechanics of serving we
3300s still have four game plan system Loops
3302s reward space skill integration area
3305s integration law that is all still to
3307s come and that's what we're going to
3310s build on
3311s um this this navigational mechanics
3313s discussion is is before kind of
3315s foundation that we're building upon so
3317s this isn't the entirety of the skill
3319s this is just kind of where it begins
3322s um and I just want to stress that like
3324s if you do have um comments like
3327s constructive criticism we are all for it
3329s we want to hear it we want to want to
3331s hear what you have to say
3333s um but make sure you that you let us
3334s know what um what constructive feedback
3337s that is that we can change it we can
3340s um build upon it and make it even better
3342s and improve for you
3345s um right with only a few minutes left to
3347s go yeah I want to touch on that a little
3349s bit because there's still a lot of like
3351s sentiment around hey sailing isn't a
3353s skill I think that's something that
3355s people still go this all looks really
3357s good I'm enjoying what you're seeing out
3359s there is content
3361s but it's not a skill and that was one of
3363s the reasons why we wanted core gameplay
3366s to come first initially when we'd had a
3367s look at it right because being a skill
3370s involves having like a good core
3372s gameplay Loop and progression systems it
3374s ties into rewards and we were very eager
3376s to sort of nip that in the bud and sort
3379s of just say hey here is how sailing can
3382s be a skill and this is what it makes our
3384s skill and to really make that convincing
3386s case but player feedback was we want to
3389s we just can't understand how being on
3392s the ship at Sea is going to work we
3393s can't understand what that is are you a
3395s ship is it wasd is it instanced all of
3399s these kind of things we were like right
3400s we have two problems that we need to
3402s solve to convince people that this is
3406s truly going to be an amazing piece of
3407s content to sort of you know we know
3409s there's already a ton of people who love
3410s sailing but there are people who are
3412s skeptical and that's where we said well
3414s it's okay to be skeptical allow us to
3416s bring you along the journey and to
3417s explain it so we have to do it piecemeal
3420s though we cannot drop massive amounts of
3423s exposition and gameplay and all of these
3427s details because then it'll just get lost
3428s so we've done navigation there's going
3431s to be a Blog with a ton more information
3432s coming out tomorrow and some other uh
3434s cool assets that are accompanying that
3436s but give us a chance to get into core
3439s gameplay and rewards if you're still
3440s skeptical about sailing being a skill
3442s because that is the moment where we
3444s impact that so yeah I understand what
3447s players might not think it's a skill
3448s right now that is fine but I think that
3452s I would just ask people to
3454s with us on this journey so keep your
3456s mind open and if at the end of
3458s refinement you're still not convinced
3459s it's a skill
3461s like let us know like what would it take
3463s to what would it take to make you feel
3464s like it's a skill like that's that is
3466s really valuable feedback and information
3467s but it's something that we need we're
3470s we're going to get to that's what we're
3472s trying to overcome and sort of make you
3475s believe because we definitely see it as
3477s a skill internally we absolutely see
3479s that sailing is content worthy of being
3481s a skill we just
3483s but it's the problem is it's all in our
3485s heads internally and what we've shared
3486s in Eternal columns we just need to get
3488s that out to you guys as the players so
3490s yeah uh hopefully that kind of addresses
3493s that because I didn't want to just leave
3494s that as a
3495s but it was such a prevalent thing I
3497s guess to chat from him
3501s absolutely
3503s um yeah I don't want to come across as
3505s dismissive to anyone when they when they
3507s give feedback and I I don't want to make
3509s them feel as though their feedback isn't
3511s valued
3512s um so if you aren't a fan yet absolutely
3516s fine I would urge you guys to join the
3518s Discord and and send us your feedback
3520s and just explain to us what we can do to
3523s improve the skill if if you're not a fan
3525s at the moment I hope that the demo there
3527s approves a lot of people's
3529s misconceptions perhaps wrong maybe have
3531s a second look at the skill
3534s um but let us know what you like let us
3535s know what you don't like
3537s um we'll spam the Discord Link at the
3538s end of the stream I think you can get it
3540s with exclamation mark Discord
3542s um but yeah the whole point of this new
3544s process is to shape it with you
3547s um to get people that may not be on
3549s board no pun intended on board and I did
3553s see a comment about Shamanism as well we
3555s did say in a blog post that we were
3557s going to be looking at refining
3559s Shamanism no matter the outcome of
3561s sailing
3562s um so that shouldn't be a concern at
3564s this stage but we're focusing on
3566s refining sailing because of the fact
3568s that this is the skill we've chosen to
3570s move forward from the skill pictures
3572s stage so
3573s um thank you so much chat
3575s um I think we are ready to round off the
3578s stream
3579s um thank you to our wonderful panel
3581s Kieran husky nin if any final thoughts
3583s before we close off the Stream
3586s just make sure to read the blog tomorrow
3588s uh we've tried to cover as much
3591s information about navigation as we can
3593s through this format but the primary
3595s focus of this stream was to highlight
3596s this really amazing Tech demo that was
3599s done by the engine team uh so there
3601s should be a lot more about navigational
3603s mechanics coming up over the next few
3605s days so please keep changing please keep
3607s in tune for that if you watch the stream
3609s you still don't even have all the
3611s information about navigation and that
3612s just sort of hopefully reinforces what I
3614s was saying by we've got a lot to cover
3618s what you're saying is as an amazing
3621s foundation and the next stuff that comes
3623s up in the next couple of weeks will be
3626s well all right now how does your
3627s character actually gain XP how does your
3629s character get better at sailing what do
3631s you do to train sailing what do you do
3633s when you're out at Sea and and so on all
3635s this gameplay stuff that will really
3638s deliver on the this is the skill element
3640s I think will be coming then
3643s um but first we had to work out how do
3646s you move around the ocean and all these
3648s basic fundamentals that you don't have
3651s to do on land because walking's already
3653s there right we're kind of going to
3654s establish this basic framework and I
3657s think it's incredible to have what we've
3659s got
3661s um and you'll see the video again I
3663s believe and if you haven't there's the
3665s YouTube link in the chat as well but
3666s like that it's the very early prototype
3669s of what this could be who knows what
3672s water might look like who knows what the
3673s boats themselves might look like all
3675s this stuff is to come and it's super
3677s exciting because this is the start of
3679s that Journey really
3681s yeah
3683s I agree with everything said I think um
3685s I think sailing as a skill is like
3688s it sounds quite simple and hopefully we
3691s can get it to play in quite a simple way
3693s but as you know everything that husky
3695s was talking about there's a lot of depth
3697s for us to explore there which is really
3699s really cool
3702s absolutely
3705s awesome all right we will round off
3707s we'll say goodbye with a
3708s um the MP4 that we showed at the
3711s beginning the demo make sure to give it
3713s a like And subscribe on our YouTube
3714s channel if you want to if you're feeling
3716s generous
3717s um and the final words for me is just
3718s that we would like to thank you so far
3720s for your feedback
3722s um even getting to this place hasn't
3723s been possible without all of your
3725s feedback
3726s um we really enjoy engaging with you
3728s um shaping the skill with you
3731s um and we're genuinely excited for
3732s what's to come so thank you so so much
3735s um thank you to all the positivity as
3737s well in chat we see it we appreciate it
3739s it makes all the hard work worth it
3742s um and when the blog releases I'm aiming
3744s for tomorrow it may be Wednesday not
3746s sure yet but when that blog releases
3748s please do let us know what you think
3749s about it
3751s um we are open to making changes
3753s um so yeah please do send your love and
3755s constructive feedback
3758s um and yeah I I heard someone burfing
3761s but I think that was someone behind the
3763s scenes
3764s yeah
3765s really threw me off I'm sorry
3768s um
3775s play the clip
3779s hail I'm modnin joined by mod Elena to
3783s give you a first look at our early
3785s exploration into sailing Tech
3787s as you hopefully know by now the old
3790s school team is working on a brand new
3793s skill and shaping it with the community
3795s during refinement
3798s sailing was taken forward as the first
3801s skill we'd like to refine further so our
3804s first step will be nailing down the
3806s navigational mechanics of sailing
3809s before we get started Please be aware
3812s that this demo is purely a technical
3814s showcase there are no gameplay mechanics
3816s here and the art is far from final but
3819s this video is intended to show you more
3821s about the tech and challenge some of the
3823s misconceptions players might have around
3825s what is technically possible for us to
3827s do so let's jump into it
3831s boats are a familiar Concept in old
3833s school they're all over the place once
3836s you start looking from Tiny row boats to
3839s freminic longboats to huge Merchant
3842s vessels that travel continents
3845s you've seen them you've boarded them
3847s you've smuggled rum on them so
3850s captaining them shouldn't feel out of
3852s place as a skill you could master
3855s sailing in Old School needs to feel well
3858s integrated intuitive and familiar and
3862s that's where our technical exploration
3864s started
3865s we already have boats we just need to
3868s make them move
3870s here you can see a small boat with the
3872s body and a sail and a player stood
3874s inside
3875s that player is able to do regular
3877s interactions while on the boat and see
3879s other players doing activities on the
3881s dock this player is also in control of
3884s the boat and can use point-and-click
3886s movement to Traverse the waters
3888s please note this movement and control
3889s scheme are not final but we're using it
3892s here to demonstrate how a player can be
3894s part of a moving entity
3897s that boats a little cramped though
3899s let's give our guy a bigger vessel
3902s this one's got quite a bit more room
3905s maybe to carry a treasure chest or some
3908s fishing supplies or enough space to
3911s bring your pants
3913s maybe this boat is a bit more durable or
3916s can carry more cargo
3919s the specifics of what utilities boats
3921s will have is not decided yet but they
3925s can contain interactable objects like
3927s anywhere else in the game
3930s we also think sailing could make for a
3932s fun group activity we want to let you
3934s invite your friends aboard so you can
3936s sail the high seas together
3938s on even larger ships you might need a
3940s whole crew working together to man the
3942s Cannons Hoist the sails keep look out
3944s and steer safely through the waves we're
3947s able to have groups of players aboard
3949s boats which could open up lots of
3951s gameplay opportunities for multiplayer
3953s sailing content
3955s what did you guys think we'd love to
3958s hear your feedback in the comments below
3960s or if you're watching this live tell us
3964s in the chat
3965s we'd once again like to say that this
3967s video footage is purely a technical demo
3971s the core gameplay details art rewards
3974s basically everything that makes a skill
3976s a skill is still to come
3979s knowing how navigation works at its core
3982s is really important as it feeds into all
3986s the other aspects of the skill
3988s we know how important it is to ensure
3991s that navigation feels fun engaging and
3994s intuitive across all devices so now that
3998s you're able to visualize yourself on a
4000s ship with your homies what kinds of
4002s feedback do you want to send our way
4005s foreign