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Hey guys, so the secret to the mask of rebirth (the egirl headgear) has been cracked, much to the efforts of the community!

No long text here, just solution! You've been warned of spoilers!

  1. You'll need a camulet, spade, and bucket of water.
  2. Get the four MvP items from Akkha, Ba-Ba, Kephri, and Zebak.
  3. Use your camulet on the Bank Camel, then choose these three options in order:

    -So, what do you make of all this?

    -I swear, I'm only here to deal with the Devourer's corruption!

    -It seems to be important to you.

  4. Now to use the items!

    -Big banana: Use on Awowogei on Ape Atoll

    -Eldritch ashes: Use on the High Priest in Sophanem

    -Fang: With the spade and fang, go to the small island where you obtained the Lily of the Elid

    during the quest Beneath Cursed Sands.

    -Scarab dung: Use a bucket of water on it. Surprise! You have a dawn scarab egg!

  5. Bring that dawn scarab egg to the High Priest of Scabaras, who you freed during the quest.

  6. Return to the Bank Camel and use your camulet on him. Now pick the option "I believe I understand now."

  7. With the ancient key, run through a raid and enter the secret room.

  8. Search the strange chest for the egirl helm mask of rebirth!

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about 1 year ago - /u/JagexHusky - Direct link

Grats! UwU

This was a fun thing to work on :)

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