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My simple question is this: why is Jagex so afraid to let players ACTUALLY contact them? You cant reach them on their forum, God knows I tried, their fmods shut me down, locking my threads where I just ask to talk to a Jmod, something ANY PLAYER should be able to do, they have no email address where a player can reach them, they have only that stupid chatbot, which I find extremely hypocritical of them, no phone number that can be used, I know because I hunted down their phone number and tried calling multiple times from my home in Ky, Usa, to their offices in Cambridge England.

Naturally like any other player who has wronged I look for where i might be able to catch a mod, even if it is off the Jagex site because Jagex gives no option AT their site, players are getting falsely banned, why does Jagex not want to just own it and say "ok, yeah, we do have a problem" and give a means to get it fixed? I fail to understand why that is SO MUCH to ask! This thread isnt to try to post my appeal here after my appeal was auto denied, although yes I was also false banned, I am asking a simple question, there is a simple answer, there is a simple fix for it, and yet Jagex wants to act like nothing is happening, even though they are basically doing the same thing as the Salem witch hunts, where people who werent witches were still drowned, burned at the stake, other otherwise killed.

You have false bans, auto denied appeals, and no customer service, no one to talk to, and all it says when a player gets a notice of a false ban is "MODERATOR COMMENT", how can a player appeal when its not known what caused the offense in the first place?! what you might have seen as an offense might not even be the case! was it due to an automated detection system that needs retuned, or even overhauled? Or just scrapped altogether? It doesnt damage a company to own its mistakes, and work to fix them, it shows GROWTH, and honesty. I had a manager once that, even on something trivial, if she was wrong about it, being a good christian woman, she owned it, admitted it, no one is perfect, no person and no company, perfection is not expected, just reasonability, why is that so much to ask?

The false bans, and blocking anyone from being able to correct them amounts to bearing false witness, and as such I pray to Jehovah every day that Jagex is punished, and while I wont raise a hand to any of the people there, not that I could, from "across the pond" as Ive heard it phrased, I do pray against them, and I have seen Him respond with ironic punishments against those that did wrong. I dont make this prayer for just me, but for everyone wronged, for everyone who put so much time and money into their accounts, did nothing wrong, and logged into the game to find out that all they worked for might be lost. Simple customer service, that is all that is asked for, and what players are denied. I wrote letters, 2 times and sent them from my home, trying again for the 3rd time, just to reach someone, sent to their Cambridge location, as their own terms and conditions say to, a player shouldnt have to go to those lengths, it should be easy to get someone in a chat, or in email, or on the phone to discuss the account, be able to clear up a matter in minutes.

I would love to see a class action suit brought against them, for the false bans and not being reachable, no customer service, companies both bigger and smaller have service reps to help out when there is a problem, to listen, ACTUALLY LISTEN and take steps to correct issues, Jagex owes it to each and every player to have the same, because it is the players that put in the time and money that pays their salaries.

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Hey there,

We do have a Player Support team, such as yours truly! We're more than happy to help players out, which is why anything we'll be able to help with or offer specific advice on will have a "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the relevant Support Centre page, or a link within the support page itself (for example, if you're having a client issue or need to ask us about a refund or transfer of a purchase).

When it comes to bans, the contact route for this IS our offence appeals system. When this is submitted, the ban is reviewed (manually!) and we will respond back with our final decision. There isn't anything further to be gained from submitting a ticket - all the information we can provide is sent to your in-game inbox.

Trying to contact our offices won't help with situations like this at all and we would kindly ask you not to do so - our reception team aren't going to be able to help with your account because they don't work with those systems.

I've had a look and the ban in question here appears to have been a temporary 48 hour ban over a year ago, and any lasting effect this had on your account's standing has since expired - this information is all available to you in your account settings.

-Jagex Support

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Originally posted by Karl_Havoc6969


I have a message from the Jagex team stating my offense was removed but my account is still banned. This was the only offense on my account and it was deemed the account holder (me) did not commit these actions. Is there a 24-48 hour time before the account is returned? Do you have any advice?

Thank you.

I can't know for certain without seeing the account - do you mind replying back with your in-game name so I can see what's happened? I can't unban the account if for any reason it's not supposed to have been, but if you received that inbox message and I can verify it should have been unbanned, I can double-check it went through successfully.

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Originally posted by SilversRayIeigh

I've been trying to recover my account which is locked from a hacking incident. I think they changed the email. There hasn't been any response from the appeals or any response at all no matter where i try to reach jagex staff from: discord, twitter, website, email. Like how can u guys pretend i haven't been paying for the game since 5-7 years?

If you're not receiving an appeal result, there's two likely causes:

  1. You're putting the wrong e-mail in the "E-mail" field when filling out the form after clicking "Contact Jagex support" - this needs to be the new e-mail you want registered (not necessarily the login e-mail, if you no longer have access to this).
  2. Your e-mail account is having issues receiving e-mails from us - we are aware of some users experiencing issues with Apple domains (icloud.com, me.com, mac.com) so if you're trying one of those, I'd recommend trying a different domain instead.
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Originally posted by jagexburnedme


mod beano, thank you for your entrance into this(i dont know if that comes off sarcastic, i DONT mean it to be, its hard to tell how things read online).

my RSN is woodturner1

i ask for just to be heard, let me be heard on the matter and compare my information to whatever you saw, because i know for a fact, i did not use any bots, i have used only the official clients for both my laptop and my phone, id love to know what made your system think i was breaking the rules, i understand if you dont want to risk revealing secret information, i dont want your secrets, i wouldnt know what to do with it! you could just ask me questions, ill answer them with 100 percent honesty, if i lie may Jehovah strike me dead! infact ill make that a prayer in the name of Jesus.

you took the time to visit my thread, all im asking is a little time, and you will see that im telling the truth, i never botted.

to get you started:

i recently read that some log in/out times can look like botting

look at the logs you have of logging in and out, every week day at 5 my time, 10am your time, that is when i logged out for a weekday bible study hour, im autistic and its the only way i can "go" to church, last time i tried i got sensory overload, around the time frame of the false ban i also had to log out for at least an hour earlier each night, my mom needed me, she was suffering a NASTY diverticulitis attack(all through christmas and for a month, she had to spend a month on flagyl and cipro, and go to the hospital for some IV antibiotics, barely eating and her blood sugar was dropping, do you have any diabetics in your family? if yes you know seconds count.

check your random event logs, i know the last one i did, the beekeeper, and i always did the genie(love those, more of those please!), and your logs might show i always right clicked on other events and clicked "dismissed" where a bot doesnt even have to respond to it, even evil bob just goes away.

look at my friends list, i added a player i was chatting with, bots dont do that(i think, im assuming bots dont do that), and if you have logs showing activity(ex mod mat k said you record EVERYTHING) you can see that while i was chatting in the mining guild, i didnt mine, i cant multitask very well, now if im killing blue dragons yeah i can talk while my character does his thing AS YOU DESIGNED AND PROGRAMMED, but something as quick as mining iron? no

i mentioned im autistic, i do things in patterns, my favorite spot(as in i cling to it) in the mining guild is 1 minimap click east to where there is ore at 12,3,6 and 7 oclock, and i always hit in THAT rotation, its like stimming to me, its all ME! ME ME ME ME ME ME! there are some autistics that even get fast at things, like one boy who microsoft thought was using a modded controller in call of duty, it wasnt, he just got extremely fast because he fixated on the game and shooting the guns.

the message when i was false banned said if i was banned again it would be permanent, for something i nevever even did! and since then i havent even played because i was afraid of losing all i worked for, can you see my side here? feel free to message me! we can discuss this here, or you can email me, use a throwaway address if you are worried about some bad-whatever being done(gmx doesnt require a cell number, and i use them for my email on my computer)

please help me to work this problem out, i cant play until my name is cleared for something i didnt even do.

I understand completely where you're coming from with all this, but plainly put, the ban has already been reviewed during your first appeal. We can't give specific evidence because this can put the integrity of our detection systems at risk, but the ban has been verified to be correct and we cannot assist any further with its removal.

The type of ban you received expires after a year - currently, it's not affecting your account's standing in any way. That's the only reassurance I can give here.

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