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Originally posted by Leading_Math_4955

I get the idea but surely its just a case of having the mobs that also count to the tasks be the option for people who dont want to take on the boss? similar to hydras or hellhounds?

That's also the case here too - a handful of 2x2 Araxytes in multi if you get a task but don't fancy doing the boss itself, but I don't feel like the approach taken here has to be mutually exclusive with an alternative (might make for a neat Vbow task or barrage task if you're using alts to dance/stack)

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Originally posted by Phantomonium

Tanking venom until it hits 20 just so you can have a small damagea/accuracy boost sounds like it will never be worth it. Even if Arraxor has a mechanic that quickly stacks venom you would still just anti-venom making the special useless.

Think this is totally fine, it's mostly there as a thematic 'nice to have' spec but the weapon's not intended to be used as a Spec weapon and by the time you're realistically unlocking this then you'll likely have better options for SpecDPS (or maybe even def reduction)!

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Originally posted by 33_pyro

slug boss when

Honestly would love to see a continuation of the Temple Knights' storyline that culminates in something cool like this

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Originally posted by LieV2

Will the halberd, like others, have a str only option?

Will the boots remain without a requirement? I hope so!

Halberds as a weapon-class always have the Strength-only Aggressive option, this one's no different!

Boots currently have no requirement beyond owning them in the first place!

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Originally posted by Ketchupboi

The halberd looks really cool, would love for it to replace/surpass chally.

This shouldn't be the case, Chally is still a super strong SpecDPS finisher - they serve different purposes entirely, and I think the team might be hesitant to create a Spec stronger than Chally's because it is insanely strong.

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Originally posted by Enpera

Will the small ones also have a 92 slayer requirement?

Think the Slayer requirement extends to 'Araxytes', with Araxxor being an option. Similar to Kraken/Cave Kraken or Thermy/Smokies!

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Originally posted by Taylor1308

Make sure that the Noxious Halberd spec doesn't stack. I just know that someone on release is gonna self poison, spec, and fountain non-stop to get a 1 hit 1 kill on a boss somehow

Would be curious to see if this would even be particularly effective? To self-poison and get back to what you're fighting often enough with enough Poison Severity for the Spec to be worth using, you'd probably be better off just hitting the boss

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Originally posted by Shruikken

The level requirements really highlight how unbalanced high level content is in certain skills in regards to progression, especially for irons, for example antivenoms.

As the years go by it definitely starts to crop up more and more, expecting to have a lot more chats about Crafting/Herblore reqs following even just the early stages of this conversation so far (and the survey responses)

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Originally posted by cjjt8

Proposed requirements for halberd?

82 Attack and a can-do attitude!

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Originally posted by Ketchupboi

Will the Araxytes share any of the unique drops, similar to Cave Kraken dropping the Trident? Will they have a superior variant?

Nothing set in stone at this point around their drops, imagine it might be possible to give them a body part or two potentially. I don't think there are plans for a Superior Variant at this stage but it's something I'll put to the team!

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Originally posted by High_AspectRatio

I might be a bit confused but the small variants of those bosses are basically dead content because the bosses themselves are so easy, is that the plan for this boss?

Not the plan at all - would argue that regular Smoke Devils (for example) are far from dead content! Think with these being Venator bowable/barrageable (if you're able to stack them) they'd likely be a pretty appealing task irrespective of Araxxor as a boss, moreso than something like Hellhounds/Cave Kraken.

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Originally posted by Michigent420

This all looks awesome, I just hope it isn't HARD, like I cannot fathom a slayer boss as hard as dt2 bosses, awakened or regular.

Very conscious of the delicate balance needed for a Slayer boss, not expecting this to be at the intensity of something like Vardorvis, even if you're opting in for a tougher fight for faster kills.

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Originally posted by KevinRudd182

Jar being untradeable is a goated move, it’s insane that they were tradeable in the first place and one thing I wish was able to be changed tbh

We're really keen to see how people feel on this one in particular, I'm not sure that the team would be keen to revisit all of the pre-existing jars but it would definitely make way for a more 'makes sense' approach in the future if people are on-board!

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Originally posted by takingastandforme

I think the graphical design of the amulet of Rancor is a bit underwhelming, a little too discreet for something so powerful.

We went back and forth on the concept a lot here - it's partly why it's depicted on top of a Torva platebody. We're worried that something 'too intricate' gets swallowed up by Torva/Bandos, but something 'too discrete' is barely noticeable on top of either of them. Keen to hear if anybody else has thoughts on the visuals for the amulet!

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Originally posted by NoCurrencies

To clarify, will the boss actually require completion of NATT to fight? Or will only PiP be required to access Morytania?

Only Morytania access! Nobody's going to get in your way on entry, we're not sure anybody particularly wants to hang around the entry to that Spider Nest and determine who can/can't go in.

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Originally posted by Personalberet49

Is he going to be classified as a spider or will his tasks be something more specific?

Which masters will have him available and at what weighting?

Looks awesome!

Classified as an Araxyte, a new Slayer task. Unsure which masters will have them available, would wager Konar, Nieve/Steve and Duradel are safe bets, couldn't comment on the Weighting of the tasks at this stage because I'm not sure it's been determined!

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Originally posted by You_rc2

Some feedback.

Slayer bosses are not fun to try to get. Atleast make the weight 9+. Looking at gargoyles being 6. More turael skipping!!

Hally is another slash weapon. Under SRA/Scythe, on par with Blade, stronger than zombie axe. Is that really necessary? Cant really venom duke/vard so i believe its a bit underwhelming.

Necklace should require torture to make. Keep the economy up. Dt2 rings, masori, torva have all been successful in keeping the prior items up in price. If 98 crafting is a concern maybe bring the zentye crafting levels down a bit or just the torture.

Boots/pots seem fine.

Jar is a good change.

Appreciate you writing these up!

I don't think weighting has been determined yet but think the team are aware of concerns about weightings for other boss tasks being a tad low, might be a good case for Araxytes to be a little higher.

I'm not sure that it's necessary but also think it's hard to assign a 'power level' to the extra range offered by a Halberd and whether or not people find neat alternative use-cases - gives us an opportunity to explore that particular space without breaking the game necessarily.

Amulet will for sure be a major topic of discussion for us, but I don't think Torture is holding the price of Zenytes up all that much? Feels to me like even if Torture didn't exist, Anguish would be the price that it's at and likely wouldn't shift the value too much. Agree with the other concerns around Crafting req though, just a little more 50/50 on the economic argument specifically (even if requiring Torture isn't a bad idea in its own right).

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Originally posted by AssassinAragorn

The superior variant is just Araxxor, you have to do the boss then and there.

Having it drop the consumable uniques could be a really good touch though.

Think you could for sure argue the first point, at the same time Smoke Devils, Abyssal Demons, Gargoyles, Hydra all have boss variants and have a Superior of their own though.

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Originally posted by 4WheelBicycle

Would you be able to kill regular spiders or Venenatis on these tasks as well?

No, they're spiders, not araxytes!

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Originally posted by Richybabes

So just to clarify, are Araxyte distinctly not a spider for the sake of tasks? As in, you cannot use spider tasks to do this boss?

The post refers to "spider webs" for Aranea Boots. Does this mean those boots therefore wouldn't work against Araxyte?

That is correct. Araxytes are a close relative of the spiders we're used to seeing, whose webs share similar properties, but are different for the purposes of a Slayer task, for example.

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Originally posted by 2q2RS

"Not backport"

Will you try to make it as similar as possible, or totally different?

Since I loved the Araxxor fight in RS3! I'd love to see a very similar encounter.

Extremely different, since RS's version of Araxxor doesn't really line up with what makes for an enjoyable Slayer boss specifically. Same species, different encounter!

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Originally posted by TalkingChiggin

Goblin, with all due respect, nobody gives a f**k about the sub-species justification. It's a spider. Another goddamn spider. Come on dude, Jagex can imagine better than this-- we've all seen it.

It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek fwiw, I didn't think it would throw anybody off of the fact that it still looks an awful lot like a spider...

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Originally posted by Remarkable-Health678

Do we see it being an unlockable task, or would it be part of the default list? Apologies if I missed this on the blog.

Undecided at this stage! I think it'd make sense as being a part of the default list similar to other tasks with a boss alternative, especially since I anticipate the non-boss Araxytes will make for a pretty good task in their own right

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Originally posted by AssassinAragorn

Oh no, I was joking that when you get a superior while fighting Araxytes, it's just Araxxor suddenly spawning and you have to do the boss fight suddenly.

I agree that a superior makes a lot of sense to add here.

Oh! That's twisted but I like the way you think