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As title. I've been on Twitter since early December. I've submitted 10+ appeals. Finally last night I found the exact minute my account was created (thanks to a SS). I obviously don't have access to the email adress to see transactions l. I don't know what else to do?? I've provided clear adress of where account was created. The first person on my friends list. Again, exact date of creation. Internet provider.

Last night, a human finally "thoroughly" reviewed it and no luck. Despite me providing the above, I'd say almost concrete evidence.

I really am blown away about have, i wouldn't say useless but unhelpful the Jagex team over on Twitter have been. They literally copy and paste a generic answer from a word document and reply to my posts.

Can anyone provide any ideas? I feel like I just need to have a conversation with a human Jagex support that will actually take a second to listen and realise my situation, but I doubt that could ever happen.

Idk how much I can post here without obviously risking my accounts integrity.

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27 days ago - /u/JagexBeano - Direct link

Hey there,

I'm sorry this has been such a long-winded process for you - honestly, we don't intend it to be, but we do have to ensure we're completely certain before we apply an e-mail to an account, and that can be very difficult to do so when there's information on the account that's not included in the appeal.

I'm sure you've had a look here already, but we have a support centre page on denied recovery appeals which can provide a bit more information on what exactly we need.

Other things to consider are stuff like transaction IDs - while you might have used a different e-mail for the login e-mail, you might still have entered your main e-mail when making purchases, so maybe see if you have any old transaction e-mails for this account?

I also wasn't quite sure exactly what your issue was with the e-mail account itself - whether it's been deleted, or you've just lost access. It might be a good idea to get in touch directly with Outlook's support - you might have linked your main e-mail as a recovery e-mail that you can use to recover the actual e-mail account itself.

While I do understand it's frustrating, unless we get a strong appeal that matches our criteria, we simply cannot assist with the recovery outside of this.

-Jagex Support

25 days ago - /u/JagexBeano - Direct link

Originally posted by The-Tired-One

I think it'll work if I get a family member to appeal for my account back from my childhood computer ? (I'm unable to access it as I've moved countries). Surely that'll work??? On top of all the information I've applied

If we told users exactly what information was right or wrong in their appeal, that wouldn't be secure - it would potentially allow any user to brute force their way into an account through trial and error. Imagine for example the recovery question "What colour was your childhood bedroom?" - a user submits four appeals with "red", "orange", "yellow", "green" and all come back with specific feedback that the answer is wrong. Suddenly on their next appeal with the answer "blue", they no longer get told it's wrong - boom, they know they've cracked that answer and can focus on the next one.

If the character was made on your childhood device, then having a strong connection link to the character is something we recommend when submitting appeals. While I obviously can't recommend providing someone else information that would potentially be able to recover your account, it's up to you if you feel you have someone you can trust to submit an appeal on your behalf and request your e-mail to be registered - doing this would be entirely at your own risk.

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