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Wow who f**ked the uv’s on that lava texture. Yikes.

Bold of you to think OSRS has access to UV mapping. Honestly, this is probably the best that can be done with the tools.

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Why change it if it's not gonna turn out good then? Aside from a badly designed question in a webite survey there was 0 communication and 0 feedback taken.

Now we've got a black dragon with lava wings. Somehow it glows a different shade of orange at the bottom where it doesnt actually have any lava. Head shape changed for no reason making it less unique and the body's main color makes it too dark for the area if you play on low brightness.

Giving constructive criticism is only possible if the art team actually seeks it

Art is very subjective and it's particularly hard to please everyone. Finding a compromise on this is harder than you might think.

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How about no underglow? It's kind of jarring, unless there's an update in the works that allows us to put spinning rims on lava dragons and drift them through the streets of Varrock while blasting hardstyle remixes of Sea Shanty and Flute Salad on adamant subwoofers.

I would gather that is an accessibility thing, to allow people to actually see the dragons.
Need for Speed Dragonride, now that is fire.

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