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Originally posted by FINALAVENUE

Thanks for the update. There was also a server outage yesterday, albeit significantly smaller in duration

I understand that these are due to external data centers, but what are your plans to mitigate/minimize the risk of these outages occurring in the future?

The section about 'login systems' is aimed to cover what was going on yesterday. Looks like the peoplpe responsible think they've identified the cause and are expecting stability for login servers, unless something unforeseen happens (like an RKO outta nowhere).

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Originally posted by Kikooky

The in-game link leads to a "something went wrong" error. I love the troll :P

Works for me? Anybody else running into the same issue?

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Originally posted by qwertjuiop

But when compensation?

'Discussions are ongoing regarding 'Making Good', as previously announced.' is all we've got at the moment I'm afraid, but as soon as we have something to commit to we'll update the newspost and push socials to drive people there.

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Originally posted by Madlock2

So yesterday's update will come today?

(Also the transparency on these situations is very appreciated, we all appreciate the extra work you had to do to fix the situation)

Yesterday's uupdate will be merged in with next week's update: see here.

Meaning next week's update is a bit of a bumper issue - but I've included an expandable changelog this time around following the feedback from people after last week's post.

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Originally posted by TurnoverResident_

Says they’re discussing it on the post, which probably means they haven’t discussed it at all. There’s probably what like a few realistic options lol, either a days membership or membership of some kind or GP or something.

We have discussed it within teams, but decisions like this also need passing up the chain and take a little extra time as a result.

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Originally posted by lushbom

Am I missing something or was there literally no new information provided in this post? Seems like another rehash of what we already knew.

Like it says in italics at the top of the post, it's a place for us to collate outgoing communications, since our ability to post news onto the main site was also impacted with the issues. Moving forward we can update this document with any extra developments and we'll be sure to make people aware whenever changes are made.

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Originally posted by Fine_Mark6834

Would love a DMM date!

I'd love a date full stop, not sure if DMM is the best date setting though...

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Originally posted by nutty1122

why were where no J-mods names on the bottom like normal? seems like a normal statement the team would want to put out.

Would imagine because a huge chunk of the effort made to resolve these issues are by Jagex's IT team, who don't necessarily sit on one specific product or another - meaning the responsibility and credit for resolution falls on an even wider set of people than just the OSRS team.

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Hey everyone, here to share a quick update before the weekend (post has been updated):

Following recent server outages which caused disruption when attempting log-in from certain regions, we've been working closely with our system administrators to ensure all players are now able to log back into the game as normal.

The team has made some minor adjustments to our authentication services to ensure that further reports of disruption when logging in have been rectified. Game stability over the last 48 hours looks promising, and we will continue to monitor stability over the weekend to ensure that things are fully back to normal and to fix them promptly if anything more happens.

Before the weekend, we would like to let you know that we are still in the process of reviewing our make good options for players. Next week, we'll set out and communicate our plan for this as we're still working out some of the technical and delivery details to make this happen.

We'd like to thank you for your patience as we work on bringing the servers back to normal. We look forward to sharing further details on our make good plan with you next week!