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Originally posted by atheera

So when is this going to happen? Cuz 10:30 bst already passed right?

10.30am is when we last updated the page, we don't currently know exactly when the reboot will happen (only ASAP). The current status for this issue says "upcoming" which means it hasn't started yet. We will update with an ETA once we know it

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Originally posted by Dolphox

Exactly the type of messaging needed to inform people of the status page and clear up any confusion. Great job Jagex!

Perhaps this Game Status page could be reachable from the homepage in the future, rather than being an obscure news post. However, this is already a big improvement :)
Edit: Apparently I am blind because this is already a thing! According to the wayback machine, the Status page was added to the homepage somewhere in mid-June.

Like you've pointed out in your edit, it is accessible, but we'd like to signpost it better! Think the website could use a little love in general to improve ease of access to information for players.

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Originally posted by Mobile_Francis

Link? I have no idea wtf this is