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If you hop worlds inside artio cave the whole client freezes and it seems you don't actually hop or log out. Had to close the mobile client to xlog and when i managed to log back in I was dead for around 40m. :(

Tried again To make sure it wasn't just an odd occurance. It happens every time you try To world hop inside artio cave when not in combat. (Mobile)

Also in General world hopping on mobile is bad. Counted 5 seconds of Black screen when the account is already logged in and attackable in the wilderness. (tested with 2 devices, one account logged in already To see when the other account appears)

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3 months ago - /u/Jagex_Gecko - Direct link

Will pass this issue on, wonder if the world hop is having issues in PvP/dangerous areas specifically on mobile or something else is going on.

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