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Originally posted by GodBjorn

Nooooooooooo. I was looking forward to a new Leagues so much :(. I really thought it'd be soon considering it was going to be a re run of Leagues 2 most likely.

Unfortunately, our leagues architecture mean we can't simply re-enable a previous one, as it would still take a bunch of dev-time to do, but we'd need to make tweaks to any previous Leagues anyway. We'd also like to make sure everything is aligned with the new content released since a League.

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Originally posted by AshCan10

What's the big deal with leagues for jagex...? Can we not just have a rerun of the older ones at the very least..

Right now, our league's architecture is not such that we can simply re-enable a previous League, it'd still take a chunk of dev effort for us to do but we do feel we'd need to make tweaks to previous leagues anyway.

There's tons of new content, we feel this should be represented in League tasks, Relics. Especially for Trailblazer, for example, it'd be right for us to include Zeah and make sure the new content is tied into the area system appropriately. That said, we've not decided on the next League yet.

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Originally posted by Shisnu

Yup, really feeling like FSW was this years "league". Utter bullshit if you ask me.

Honestly, if we didn't do FSW, there wouldn't have been a League. It wasn't one or the other. FSW was relatively cheap dev effort to do.

It really comes down to primarily focusing on main game content and wanting to properly deliver against criticism that we've not had enough permanent content additions.

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