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I know it’s kinda sad, but back in the day some of my greatest memory’s where cutting yews and saving up for gilded armour.

It’s been 15 years now, I’ve gone through so much. Whether I’m going through a rough time and just need to distract myself / work out a plan, or sometimes you just go through cycles you know. Sometimes you just stop playing and when your membership runs out and your trying to save money, the f2p varrock yews have always been there for me.

These are probably my darkest moments right now, and when your plate overflows all I can handle is logging in and clicking that Varrock yew tree.

What a game, what a beautiful game, these yews have seen so much, I just need them to get me through this one. To get me to through to those better days I’m trying to see ahead.

Thank the yews

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Seers Yews while blasting anything from the Meteora album was such cozy social skilling back in the day. Hoping when we start talking more about skilling we're able to re-capture some of that social vibe.

Mod Squid's 'Way of the Forester' Game Jam pitch did a fantastic job with this, and I saw Ayiza mentioning in Twitch chat on Thursday that it'd be nice for Shooting Stars to not punish people for sharing location and doing them together.

As much as I love GOTR and Giants' Foundry, would be nice to spend some time chipping away at some more low intensity methods where you're either benefiting or at least not being punished for being in a group. Even though GOTR/GF are fun to do with a whole bunch of people, can be hard to keep typing when it all gets going and you're either jumping in and out of altars or paying super close attention to the HUD.

Will let the Varrock yew know that you're grateful for it, hopefully before too long yew'll have some other woodcutting-y escapes!